The Forest | HOW TO FIND THE MODERN AXE | Updated Location

the modern axe is the single most

important item you're gonna need in this

game I'm gonna show you how to find it

in no time flat

assuming they're starting a brand new

game your plane is going to crash at one

of these locations on the map and in

this tutorial what we're looking for is

the main cannibal camp

it is located southeast of the map now

if you're new to the game this can be

kind of a tricky place to find unless

your plane has crashed right next to it

it makes it a little bit more difficult

to find because with most of the items

in the game you can use the north-facing

mountain to navigate your way to of

would be item so instead we're gonna

look for the cliff plains and luckily

our plane has crashed right on top of it

now off in the distance as you can see

let's get to a clearing you can see the

North facing mountain off to the left

right up there and we're already on the

east side of the map so once you

navigate your way and you see the North

facing Mountain we're also on the right

side of the butthole you're going to

want to find these little cliff planes

right here they're really easy to find

especially if you're running towards the

North facing mountain and you find the

lake that splits the island in two you

want to follow that lake to the right

and you cannot miss these planes now

once you've found these planes all you

want to do is you want to navigate east

and you should run right into the main

cannibal camp so let's do that then we

are the plains cannibal right over there

North facing Mountain

let's run east and here we are the main

cannibal village now once you make it to

the main cannibal village what we're

looking for is a cave entrance with

stacks of skulls you can't miss it it's

a beautiful thing if I must say so

myself so let's go ahead let's get down

in the cave and I'll show you what it go

from there

I also want to point out an easy way to

find this cave is to just die this is

the cave that you spawn in after you get

down and captured by the cannibals so if

you're having trouble finding this area

jump off a cliff or have a cannibal

smack you in the [ __ ] mouth and

you'll spawn right in this location I'm

going to turn up the cave brightness so

it's easier for you to navigate through

this cave okay and here we go there's

really only one way to go after the

update there's a giant cave mouth you

want to go ahead and make your way down

there now you are gonna run into a

couple cannibals so you are gonna have

to fight let's make our way down you can

either climb down this rope or jump

I usually just jump and you just want to

keep pushing straight down you'll hear

the little bastards giggling there's one

nice touch

okay make quick work of him now you're

gonna come to a crossroads you can

either go right or left and you're gonna

see this little barricade right here you

want a bear left on this trail and keep

moving down you're gonna find a wood

path and an opening you want to follow

that wood path and you want to kick the

[ __ ] out of anything in your way hello

sir eat [ __ ] okay

now that you're in the cave opening you

want to turn left and you're gonna

notice a little hanging Lantern and a

rope you want to go down that rope and

voila once you hit the bottom of the

rope you're pretty much there there's a

little room a little hidden nook and the

modern axe is sitting right on top of a

box and there you have it easy-peasy now

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