How to Apply for Food Stamps (Instructions for All 50 States!)

wondering how to apply for food stamps

you're not alone if you've never applied

for food stamps before the process can

be overwhelming and confusing but don't

worry we'll show you what you need to do

I'm Nicole from low-income relief comm

where we helped millions of people save

money and get free stuff so first of all

what is food stamps food stamps is also

called the Supplemental Nutrition

Assistance Program and it's a federal

program that the United States runs to

help people purchase food when they

can't do it on their own

you will receive the money on an EBT

card which operates very similar to a

debit card but it can only be used to

make qualifying food purchases for more

information on but you can buy with the

food stamps card be sure to check out

our other video seven surprising things

you can buy with food stamps so who

qualifies for food stamps you should

apply for food stamps if you are

low-income and having a hard time

purchasing food on your own or having a

hard time meeting your other bills this

program serves people who meet certain

income and research requirements

sometimes you may be surprised just how

high those income limits are so in my

experience it's always worth looking

into because as long as you're honest on

your application the worst they can do

is say no you will be asked for a lot of

information when you fill out your food

stamps application if you gather all of

the information that you're going to

need before you begin the process it

shouldn't take more than about 30

minutes to complete the application so

before you get started make sure you

watch this so that you know what you

need to find you will need information

about your household members including

their social security numbers income and

assets you will be asked about any

vehicles real estate stocks or other

assets that are owned by any member of

your household you will also be asked

about your household expenses such as

housing and utilities if you have a

disability you may be able to

more food stamps every month if you can

prove that you have certain medical

expenses gather any evidence you have of

expenses such as dentures eyeglasses

prescriptions vitamins and

transportation to your medical

appointments you may also be able to

receive more food stamps if you can

prove that you have unusually high

utility bills or other major expenses

that's because your food stamps

allotment is determined by deducting

your expenses from your income if you

can prove that you have higher than

usual expenses you may be able to

receive extra food stamps every month

once you've gathered all the information

that you need you're prepared to fill

out the application you can choose to do

this in person at your local welfare

office but the easiest way that I found

to apply for food stamps is to do it

online this is where it gets complicated

because even though the food stamp

program is available throughout the

United States and it's authorized to the

federal level it is administered by your

local state which means that every state

has its own application website it's

some criteria and rules and application

sometimes the applications are 2 pages

sometimes they're 26 pages it really

just depends on where you are but

fortunately we have a list of all of

those state application websites and the

information you need at low income

relief com after you complete your

application you should receive your food

stamp card and first disbursement within

the next 30 days in some cases if you're

very low-income have very few resources

or you're in an emergency situation you

may be able to expedite that process and

receive it within 7 days on an ongoing

monthly basis you'll receive your food

stamp money on the same day every month

now some states disperse them on the

first time dispersant based on your case

number or the last first letter of your

last name or your application date but

we have all that information for you at

low income relief comm as well thank you

for watching this video I hope it's been

helpful to you if you do apply for and

receive food stamps make sure you head

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