It's Florida State Fair Time!!! 2020!

first decipher corn dog corn dog corn

dog nugget right there big bites of that

holy moly device yeah it's cold today

though it's so it's so windy that's

what's making it cold like it I think is

like 67 degrees out here and for some

people that's not gold that is freezing

yeah bring out your jackets three

jackets actually an exact it with your

jacket my check is in the car I'm so

dumb I don't like I can handle this a

mommy can handle it I'm handling it

these are warming up crystals gonna have

some potatoes surprise or something

that's what she always starts off yeah I

have to go look for some we need to find

something new

cuz this year but I think there's like

um some kind of Sunday that's new that

later today

yeah some kind of burger thing that's

new - yeah buy some new food look around

the arm fair cuz there's some new I


what's like shows I think it's an in

show this too clouded because I need

that Sun that come up it's freezing

check out the size of crystals ribbon

fries I'm always amazed by how big it is

like how many potatoes is that did you

see how many they chopped up for that

well they didn't chop up that you drill

it and like it spits them up anyway I

think it's like 2 or 3 potatoes right

there did you

that means there's too much salt on it

guys just a love song like so much song

I mean every time I get I put like I I

shrivel up ever tell you anything that

crystal puts on I'm like oh I'm

shriveling up I'm a peanut now thanks

for that this is the first time I've

seen you eat ketchup with them though

like usually you even just saw in the

river fries you don't think so little

ones oh thanks thanks a lot

I didn't but you can get your home corn

dog if you want one I already know what

I'm gonna get next I know my next food

item is gonna be it's actually something

I've had in the past maybe you guys can

guess what it is I mean you're gonna see

in like two seconds anyway I'll just

tell you what it is I'm gonna get the

giant mozzarella stick yes yeah we did I

eat it last year for the first time that

thing is huge imagine a corndog but it

is a mozzarella stick

yes yeah so it's just like exactly like

a corndog but much larger a little bit

bigger actually than the corn dogs it's

just filled with gooey gooey delicious

mozzarella cheese

so once Chris will finish with this I

think we look at that and then we're

gonna go look for some of the shows here

it is in all its glory guys

that's not a corndog yes I am so ready

your cravings or some gooey cheesy

goodness no okay so what's a monster

realistic usually the outsides like

really hard right crispy this without

chance that come up ready thicker bread

it's good though I like it I couldn't

eat that one I remembered I got it after

this way more I don't know I don't know

what we're gonna do you know what I'm

gonna happen we might eat more we might

see some shows you guys just sticking

around you gonna see it too all right

now it's show time so this show is

called big air and Expo go so it's two

different shows in one so if you see

back over there there's a pogo stick

apparently you can do some crazy tricks

on those so they're gonna that's like

part of the show and then they have like

these trampolines to allow them to dunk

so do some crazy basketball dunks yeah

hopefully they do some dunks with the

pogo sticks that would be really extreme


oh look at this very very smelly good

thing this smells amazing so it is a

deep-fried strawberry lemon-aid

shortcake oh it's something that

supposed to be new this year there's a

lemon wedge only the living lads Angela

one more try it too because it's like

the whole point of it so these the

deep-fried part I think I said they're

doughnuts or doughnuts or something oh

he's got lots of cinnamon on it yeah I

dig into the zone I have to know you

guys team poco or cheese big air good I

was too big airs dumps right it was

crazy hey old photos were pretty cool

and I I was like um butter came in there

as well with the whip cream a bigger

salary oh really yeah oh really

yellowish on in the butter I love linen

so my oh no it's not your good it's

pretty good

they don't have too good a little don't

offer guys it's a psycho how did the

stop at a really sweet budget I'm sorry

okay I see any thinks about the

strawberry it's a fresh stronger oh

that's good it's a little tart but what

do you think about the butter team right

see there's no butter there's normal

buttercream oh is it okay a little weird

for juice that was clean see cream

cheese butter it's like the kind of

you'd find like a red velvet cake yeah I

knew it look like different from the


crystal has decided to get a dessert as

well hers is not a strawberry shortcake

no I don't know it does smell really

good you know if you look at it for my

ear and those like it has caramel in it

but it does it doesn't have caramel

yeah so you can actually get it with

coconut or without this is a new candy

apple apparently this year caramel with


that's like crystals go chew candy apple

I really like the the blue ones I like

to call it cotton candy flavor but

technically it's blueberry flavor is

this better than that one because I know

you like cotton candy flavor - okay oh

so okay so I know blueberry is not your

favorite like it is mine

but caramels your favorite is this first

or a second compared to that okay so

camera always has number one check this

out guys it looks like a lion and it

appears like it's made out of old tires

so they recycle tires to make this

awesome lion yes it looks so cool like

it looks so real honestly look at its

face if I get right here you look at its

face right there it's really cool you

can see its teeth in there yeah it's

kind of missing a couple teeth I think

someone like punch this mm but anyway

it's here because it's part of the

Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit well

let's go inside look at the exhibits

this statue of Captain America is super

needs syrup here we have Iron Man

busting out of his shoulder it feels

like a some kind of wound over there

stored where you put it old flashes his

hand did what did she did boom Crystal's

favorite Aquaman the Hulk is busting out

of the chest right there

yeah there's like it says that I'm here

a history of superheroes I don't know

all these superheroes I'm sure somebody

knows more I don't know more there's

Hellboy right there oh it actually says

their names yeah right here it says the

Red Skull who is this guy he looks

familiar this one right here I don't

know who it is

that one looks familiar too no idea I

didn't see Batman what Supergirl wait

this is really cool look at the size of

those giant lobster claws oh my gosh

that thing is huge okay

so it's really hard to give you guys

like a size reference but my hand is

probably the same size as that one so

that one is like three times my hand I

mean we have to believe it right or do

we not believe it I don't know right now

here is a Megalodon tooth was this a

fish Foster oh man those those like

hands right there those calls and that's

how much meat was in those so much meat

check this out guys we were just walking

through the Midway you know looking at

the ride looking at the carnival games

and we came across this so this is made

for kids I believe I mean it's only kids

playing it and it's called construction

zone what they what the kids do is if

you look down there to kid that you're

playing it they get inside the crane and

they control the arm and the bucket that

scoops but there's no real point to it

you privilege your scoop and then let it


scoop it up let it out if you notice

though there are some rocks in there so

I'm like rocks are larger than the other


they could totally make a game out of

this people like 30 seconds yeah scoop

up as many rocks as you can of the big

ones and it can get so many in a certain

amount time you win a prize I think I

just thought have a great carnival game

idea guys what do you think cuz that

would be really fun

all right looks for some I got it

first of all for Surya so in this game

what do you do is get flies and balls in

a rope any directions are like

tic-tac-toe but five in a row and as

soon as you get five in a row you have

to say two in a row so it just keeps

going there's a lotta people played

right now guys so we're just trying to

oh I got to neuro all right

it's auroria ball four so nobody can win

no wonders no there's no possible way

anybody can win just yet but now someone

could have one key that's five balls

we're gonna play a couple games all

right so Christian has to say well I

have the other oh I thought you want me

to yell it Bri come on Chris

oh this isn't going so well guys already

nobody's won all right let's go again

starting over come on you can't gotta be

quick to throw it to because he says it

really fast

come on



it's time for more food guys

oh yeah and there's crystals friend

that's one of our friends that we saved

from the fair oh yes

who knows what this is curse on those

other days we had one of these last year

and it was delicious personally has some

kind of dip here I'm not sure that is

okay yeah so it's getting late

we're about to head home but before we

do that you know we had to eat some more

we probably ought to go find some kettle

corn maybe some kind of candy

yeah I know I felt it a second ago it's

actually not warm at all almost is it is

it nice and talked to you like you like

it and crystal has a mango tea here yeah

that's kind of a different I like it

actually though we had what we had

earlier a watermelon strawberry or

something like that

yeah that was good tea really guys I

think we're gonna start heading home

here in a little bit so I think this is

a great place to end the vlog about to

say that you guys say crystals stuffing

your face but I wasn't gonna say with my

leg I'm gonna say you stuff in your face

I'm pregnant get a corn dog because

we're literally right here yeah yeah I

would help you as much as I can but I

got save some room for the corn dog corn

dogs come over to pork legs you know I

think they do you guys let us know what

you think

well guys we hope you enjoyed this video

of us at the Florida State Fair

we're probably gonna come back hopefully

the next time we come it's not freezing

oh my gosh it was so cold today it's

actually starting to cool down again

because earlier they got warmer yeah now

the Sun is trying to go down so we gotta

hurry up and eat this Oh what was it

weapon oh I can't believe you just

wasted it do not eat this no this table

is disgusting do not eat that that's why

you don't wave your food around Chris

well guys hope you enjoy this video like

every you just wait for that I'm sad now

now I have to get a corndog

thanks for watching everyone bye guys