Visit Shipwreck Cove, Yacht and Flopper Pond Location - Fortnite Battle Royale

hello everybody I'm in the little wood

also known as Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight so

this challenge requires us to go to

three pretty far off locations from one

another thank God it's not all during

the same match so this one makes us go

to flop a pond the shipwreck Cove and

also the yachts because obviously the

yacht is miaow sources little base and

of course this week on meiosis is

challenges so firstly flopper pond is

right about here if you're not familiar

with it just yet you should be because

we've gone here for a lot of different

challenges but you are looking over here

if you go a little bit north east of

Halle hedges I guess like south east of

sweaty sands you're looking right about

there on the big map you're looking

within the top left corner of c-5 that's

where you can find that location

next one is gonna be the yachts and I

think actually if I hit are to return to

my character I was a lot closer to the

yacht yes I was there we go as well

making our way over to the yacht by the

way thank you very much to everybody

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if you'd like Cheers right here we go

then so we've got the yacht basically by

now most people will have visited it and

seen it if you haven't it's right the

way up in the top right corner at the

map there's not too much else to say on

that front and then the final one is

gonna be all the way down the same side

of the map actually we're going down

basically to this Cove right here right

the way down south of a retail roam and

this is actually a point of interest

that I wasn't aware of just yet and it's

actually really cool it's bit of a

disaster site but I hadn't seen it

before so when I did a little googling

of like landmark names and locations to

try and figure it out this one was a bit

of a surprise because I think whenever

I've gone down to that corner of the map

I've only ever gone as far as like the

vault or whatever it's covering acted at

the moment which we all thought was

gonna do something at the end of the

last season but apparently not it feels

like that's actually gonna be something

that might pertain to the long-running

story for chapter 2 as a whole which

would be pretty interesting to see what

goes down there and here it is here we

go shipwreck Cove so basically every

boat that comes in here doesn't stand a


bless it on the map this is where you're

looking so where my camera icon is right

now you're looking in the bottom left

corner of h7 so you base it coming

directly south of retail row you're

going past these two snowy mountains and

you're looking right down

this coves right about here and that is

where you can find it if you didn't find

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challenge videos drop I think I've still

got the Deadpool ones to put out today

as well so have a lot looking at that

one we're gonna be looking for some

bridges and other than that have a great

day and I'll see you all next time

Am I