Flesh-Eating Bacteria Treatment - The Nebraska Medical Center

problem is we've got this very invasive


teria that is multiplying rapidly and

also produces toxins that inflamed and

damaged the tissues this not only

damages the tissues but it impairs the

immune system when hyperbaric oxygen

therapy does number one is to is to

force oxygen into areas that are not

getting adequate oxygen because of the

tissue damage because the swelling and

the toxicity of that area so we're

forcing oxygen in that couldn't

otherwise get there and this basically

revives the immune system locally there

where the white blood cells can start

doing their job it acts synergistically

with the antibiotic so in other words

the antibiotics work better because of

the oxygen and so the the chemical

reactions that need to occur occur in a

in a proper fashion and the immune

system factors that play in with the

antibiotics are able to do what they're

supposed to do

it is a scary disease it's very rapid

and as you said you can lose limbs as

well as your life people become

overwhelmed with the infection and often

die of sepsis

the treatment of necrotizing

itís or flesh-eating bacteria is

surgical but also antibiotics and then

the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the

third prong that helps to suppress and

heal that infection

there's no doubt that hyperbaric oxygen

can make a tremendous difference in

these cases and I think in her case in

particular she had just an absolutely

marvelous rapid turnaround where she

went from being very sick and having a

terrible infection to having good

looking tissue within a couple of days

the treatments about two hours and we do

that twice a day in these emergency

cases like the necrotizing fasciitis

people are put in a chamber it's like a

clear plastic tube and because it's

clear we're able to have them watch TV

through the tube and so they've got

something to do besides just lay there

quietly and the oxygen just does the

trick it the oxygen is not topical it's

not absorbed through the skin it has to

be breathed in and so that's why the

whole body has to go into the chamber

and they hyper oxygenate the blood and

that blood gets to the the affected