Android Flashlight Hidden Trick


on Android phones you can use the camera

flash on your phone as a flashlight the

option to do so is a stock feature on

the Android operating systems however

this feature didn't start out that way

you have to go through a few menus and

some taps to open the flashlight it's

not too hard but if you need a quicker

way to open the flashlight then in this

video I will show you how to turn on

flashlight on Android phones by shake

your device only install shake

flashlight and camera from the Google

Play Store

it's a free app that lets you shake a

device to turn on the flashlight

when you open the app it will ask for

permission to access the photos and

camera on your device this is because

the app also supports a shake gesture

for quickly opening the camera if you're

not interested in using the particular

feature you can deny the app these

permissions go to the flashlight tab and

turn the shake flashlights switch on

lock your device and give it a small

shake you can turn the flashlight off

just as quickly - quick chopping motions

will toggle it off on Android you can

turn the flashlight on from the

notification shade there is a quick

access tile for it but you have to

expand a quick access bar to view it

that's quite a few taps it's useful in

all sorts of scenarios when you need to

be able to turn a flashlight on quickly

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