The Very First Dairy Queen / Where Soft Serve Ice Cream Began

welcome everyone Adam ah woo here coming

to you from Joliet Illinois don't call

it Joliette if you do so you'll be fined

five dollars and it goes down on your

record as a misdemeanor a very unusual

law in this state but when I was

researching kind of pronounced the town

that was the first thing that came up

you be the judge whether it is legit or

not but I am not here to talk about

unusual pronunciations of towns I am

here to talk about soft-serve ice cream

and the company that brought it to

fruition you may have heard of them

Dairy Queen they started here but

there's also a weird backstory to that

as well it is a little bit of a

discrepancy and quite a controversial

subject on where it actually originated

I'm gonna get to the bottom of this join


shall you at the crossroads of Ottawa

Street Ohio Street and Chicago Street is

a building that once housed the Dairy

Queen named for the first time just to

give a little frame of reference that's

what it looked like way back then and

this is what it looks like now

pretty much the same only difference

really is the coloration and the signage

whoa all right buddy

just checking out the old Dairy Queen it

has been designated a local landmark

looks as if the building was built the

same year the town was founded but of

course Dairy Queen didn't take over the

property until 1940 not only that sign

but also another informative plaque

right down there on the ground in front

of the entrance on this site and in this

building the world's first DQ store

opened on June 22nd of 1940 soft-serve

ice cream was unknown before its

invention in the next town over in 1938

by John Grandpa McCullough he passed

away in 1963 and his son helped with the

creation of soft-serve Alex

McCullough they convinced friend and

customer Sherwood nicknamed Sherm Noble

to offer the product in his ice cream

store in the next town over which I will

be visiting after this the new treat was

extremely popular and Noble and the

McCullough's went on to open the first

Dairy Queen store right here

it's a confusing tale but at least we

know where the first Dairy Queen was

right under those rooms in fact I was

just talking for a little bit with a guy

that lives upstairs he came out and was

telling me some information about the

place the entire building is exactly the

same as it was in 1940 as far as the

brickwork and the structure is concerned

if you reference back to that old photo

that you can find online the carvings up

there are still the same as well as some

metal latches you can see these metal

latches embedded in the brick those

metal latches held lights there were

lights clamped on

by that latch there and a latch right

there check it out there's the lights

and the brackets I asked him if he knew

what this metal protrusion was sticking

out of the side he said he wasn't 100%

sure there's only one there there's not

another one over there I was thinking

and maybe he was to hold a sign but

there's only one just welded in into the

wall he also mentioned that down here

this is all completely original even

that little beam there in the middle

except on this side you'll notice has

been patched up a few years ago someone

drove a car right through there and they

had to replace that little section

looking at it from this perspective it'd

be pretty cool if the company or maybe

just a person in general it was very

creative painted a whole mural on the

side of that wall there's plenty of

space there it's like stepping back into

a time portal the moldings are all still

original just painted over other than

that though

everything's old-school even the

electricity that's smushed into the

wooden roof I bet that wooden roof is

probably probably been there for many

many decades as well

pretty fascinating stuff just imagine if

you will think of what it must have been

like for the first time to experience

soft-serve ice cream walking through

that door this is some pretty cool

history when it comes to food product

right through that door

indoors is now an insurance office but

take a look at the roof

right up there the design work still

remains one other thing I just noticed

see the little circular round items

above the sign there's two there and

then there's another round item there

followed by a metal plate and there they

are one two


the third followed by the metal plate

still there while this is fascinating

enough on its own I'm gonna go to two

more spots to tie into the subject

matter so say goodbye the location

number one as we go a little further

down the rabbit hole

I wonder if all this traffic knows what

they're passing by

probably not

what if a police officer knows what he

just passed by

without VAM when I said next town over I

guess I should have mentioned it's about

45 miles to the next destination and if

you're wondering I flew into Chicago

this morning rented a car and cruising

around the Midwest for about the next

seven eight nine or ten days hey guys

wondering if you could help me I'm

looking for the original spot where soft

surf originated I figured since you guys

provide the milk you'd know any ideas

now I'm on my own huh

know how all right I'll just keep

looking take care fellas catch you later

found this article written in 1973 by

Chernobyl before he passed away talking

about how two years before the first

Dairy Queen in 1938 they needed to test

out the idea of the soft-serve so they

didn't add his store located at 255

Southwest Avenue in Kankakee which would

have placed that on the backside of this

train station across the railroad tracks

the funny thing is look what sits here

currently in this parking lot

nice it's kind of interesting however

after scouring the internet I couldn't

find much information other than that

article pinpointing the location in this

building right here however there's no

photos there's no historical

documentation of it heck even the

original Dairy Queen that opened in 1940

just recently had a plaque put there so

I wonder if they will ever desi make

this place as the first let me rephrase


maybe not the birth of DQ but at least

the start of the soft-serve phenomenon

if this structure was built back in 1938

then this is the spot the article goes

on to state that they gave out

all-you-can-eat for just ten cents

within two hours 1,600 servings had been

dished out oh yes they were on to

something but as I stand here now maybe

the building was here you can see the

foundation with the numbers over there

don't precisely match up it's very

confusing safe to say there was another

facade where this parking lot is and if

you look at the numbers on the door we

got two five three on the far right

which should make this door two five

five with two five seven be here or with

two five five be there so it was

basically somewhere in here could that

would be 255 we're looking for 255 this

has been this has been replaced it's a

different store front but I'm almost

confident this building was here in 38

are you guys thinking it's a serious

conundrum nonetheless on this block with

the inspiration and the propelling

motion of delicious creamy goodness

which started the company and to make

things even more confusing if you want a

little taste test you have to go about

3/4 of a mile down this road to the

oldest operating and first franchisee

got the old school logo old school

building and even as you exit the

drive-through there's even a there's

even an ice-cream cone

you only have two options drive-through

her sit outdoors the inside is

specifically the restaurant there's no

seating indoors

that's good my idea was to enjoy a

little at the site of the first

franchise but the employees here they

weren't too confident

in this being the vers franchise they

say it's over on another road there's

another one in town older than this one

so now I'm going to have to have two of

these it's very confusing but at least

it's delicious

cold this one's located on the corner of

West Station Street and South Wall


the Mystery Continues and now about a

mile away

on the corner of maple and Country Club

Drive it's like I've entered the

twilight zone you could throw a rock

granny get the throw it very very hard

but you can throw a rock and hit two

identical-looking buildings

dudududududududu not only the vintage

road sign but also the vintage sign on

the building itself it's a little

different than the other one also

nowhere to eat indoors

it's a walk-up so you have to sit

outside here as well to eat your ice

cream that's gonna do it for today my

adventure into Dairy Queen full or let

me know what you think leave a comment

down below and tell me which one you

think is the original according to your

opinion while I

got to come


see you in the next video

a vlog

is over