How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

want to ensure you'll be able to find

your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch if it's

ever lost or stolen we're here to help

you out I'm Jessica from tuck boomers

comm in this video I'll be showing you

how to setup and use Find My iPhone on

your iOS device now let's get started

I'll start by showing you how to set up

Find My iPhone then move into how to use

it to track your device if you have

another iOS device or can borrow one

from a friend you can track your iPhone

from the Find My iPhone app if you don't

have an iOS device available to you you

can still track your device from your

computer's web browser skip ahead to the

time listed on your screen to see those


to begin setting up Find My iPhone open

your iOS settings

at the top of your screen tap your name

top iCloud

scroll down and select find my iPhone

tap the switch at the top to enable Find

My iPhone

then tap the switch labeled send last

location if you want your device's

location to be automatically sent to

Apple when the device's battery level is

low this way you'll be able to see the

device's last-known location if it runs

out of power

to use the Find My iPhone app tap find

iPhone on your iOS homescreen

then enter your email address and

password to sign into your account

tap the name of the device you want to


now you'll be able to see your device's

location on a map tap the blue dot

representing your device to access more


at the bottom of your screen you'll see

options to play the sound to help you

find your device put your device in lost

mode to prevent others from using it or

accessing data stored on it or erase all

the data on the device if you tap the

car icon the Maps app will open giving

you directions to the devices location

you can also track your Apple devices on

your computers web browser if you don't

have your iOS device with you to do this

go to slash find

sign into your Apple ID with your email

address and password


click on a dot on the map to see the

device's name

then click the eye icon to the right to

access more options

you'll see the same options as are

available on the Find My iPhone app play

a sound loss mode and erase device

that's everything you need to know to

enable and use Find My iPhone on your

iOS devices

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