How to Clean Washing Machine Filter Samsung

good morning everybody today I'm gonna

show you how to clean the filter on your

Samsung front loader to prevent those

nasty smells first of all you're always

gonna want to keep the door open as much

as possible that prevents mold to build

up inside the drum filter itself is

located on the lower left side of most

of the washers

I don't behind this little tab it even

says right on there please clean the

filter every once every two months first

of all you pop this open then you'll

have a hose and the actual filter right

there the hose pops off and you want to

drain this first so you don't get water

all over the floor

it's a good idea to put down some paper

towels or old towels just to catch any

extra I usually grab a plastic cup undo

the cap here

and then drain off into the cup

what's nice about this is once the cup

gets full you can lift up this hose and

it stops so you can pour the cup off and

just keep training and probably taking

three or four cupfuls

once you're draining off all the water

we're going to replug the hole then

you're gonna place it right up back up

over the hook there next you're gonna

want to take your filter out by turning

this counterclockwise there may be a

little extra residual water in there so

just be aware pull that filter out as

you can see it's pretty nasty so you're

gonna want to clean this off really well

before you reinstall it

okay the clean filter is gonna look

something like that

then you're gonna want to clean out

everything in there so take a paper

towel and go ahead and clean it out

once you're happy with how clean

everything is simply reinsert the filter

turn it counterclockwise

you should stop just like that

you close the flap and you're all done

one more thing is you can run your

washer arm pure cycle that helps clean

everything out as well please comment

below if this helped you out and