How To Clean Your Dishwasher Filter

some people think dishwashers do all the

work but in order for them to clean your

dishes sometimes you need to clean them

so if you're noticing a nasty smell when

you open your dishwasher or when you're

seeing food particles that are ending up

where they shouldn't be at the end of a

wash cycle it might be time to clean

your filter now not every dishwasher has

a filter but most modern ones do easiest

way to find out is just look inside for

the sticker with the model name type

that into Google hit search chances are

you're gonna find the owners manual that

explains not only if it has a filter but

how to clean them the first thing you do

is slide out the rack and if it's in

your way you can just lift it up and get

it out of there we're looking at a

KitchenAid dishwasher right here and

this is fairly typical it's gonna differ

a little bit from model to model and

from brand to brand but the the process

is pretty much the same across the board

first thing we're gonna do is remove

this upper assembly here the fine mesh

filter I'm gonna turn it

counterclockwise just a little bit and

it lifts straight out and oh look at

that that is pretty gross now we're

gonna remove the coarse filter and again

you see a lot of gunk on there then if

you want to you can just sort of route

around in the sump down here and make

sure there is no solids bones or

anything like that so this next step is

pretty simple you're just gonna take him

over to the sink and give him a scrub

and like cleaning pretty much anything

else the best method here is hot soapy

water all right now we're ready to put

everything back and we're just gonna do

it in reverse order so first you're

gonna take the coarse mesh filter slide

that into place then we're gonna put the

fine mesh filter in you want it to turn

it until it locks into place and then

you can just give the spray arm a quick

spin to make sure that it's not being

blocked so as you can see cleaning the

filter on your dishwasher is about as

easy as it gets if you're noticing any

problems with your dishwasher

performance this should be the first

thing you try