How To Find The G-Spot On A Woman | Find the G-Spot | Where Is The G-Spot

I'm Ben Buckingham and I'm about to teach you how to find the g-spot and

I'll teach you this by using this rubber mold of a vagina. g-spot is the most

sensitive area inside of her vagina and this is the area that gives her the

vaginal orgasms during sexual intercourse you can also make her orgasm

with g-spot stimulation with your fingers

now the g-spot itself is around that big so it's about one inch long and one inch

wide the exact shape does vary from woman to woman sometimes a bit more

circular sometimes a bit squarer but it's around about the same size every

time furthermore the location of the g-spot inside the woman's vagina is in

the exact same position for every woman now when you put your fingers inside her

the g-spot will feel like any other part of her vagina until a woman is sexually

aroused when she becomes sexually aroused blood flows into the g-spot area

the area kind of swells up a little bit and feels just a little bit uneven a

little bit veiny and essentially it's like a softer version of a wall nutshell

to find her g-spot you can insert your middle finger inside of her vagina up to

the second knuckle and then Bend upwards here towards her stomach if you have

very short fingers you might have to stick it all the way in but as you curl

up inside her you'll feel this little rough area the skins a lot rougher here

so the g-spot is always about that far inside her about two inches and it's up

just behind her stomach heater's behind her clitoris this is the area that

generally needs stimulation for a woman to orgasm during sexual intercourse so

because most men don't notice most women don't get to orgasm during sexual

intercourse see my other videos here to learn sex positions to hit her g-spot

during sex how to stroke her g-spot in order to maximize her chances of giving

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