Do Wine Kits Have an Expiration Date | How Long Do Wine Kits Last (Shelf Life) »

the wine kits have an expiration date

like most food based products wine kits

have an expiration date which can be

found on the box packaging in reality

wine kids don't really expire in the way

we know from food products they simply

just lose some of their properties over

time your wine kit Mike slowly oxidate

which can be quite damaging to the

properties of your wine once you finally

make it the overall guideline among home

winemakers is to use the kit within a

year or slightly longer to make sure

that its properties are as good as when

you purchased it if you store your wine

kids properly they may very well last

quite a bit longer than the

manufacturer's expiration date

generally speaking blankets will usually

last for a long time often between 12

and 20 months as we have said before

over time wine kits will lose some of

their properties but will rarely have

health risk even if you use them after

expiration dates storing wine kits

properly will extend their shelf life

substantially as we are going to show

you in this video there are several

aspects to take into account when

properly storing your wine proper

storage of wine kits to make sure your

wine kit doesn't go bad if you don't

plan to use it in the foreseeable future

you have to make sure you are storing it

correctly how can we do that the two

main factors that will have an impact on

your kits expiration date are

temperature and light like with most

alcohols keep it away from direct

sunlight and preferably any light in

general think of it the same way as

storing finished wine you want to keep

it away from light and at the proper

temperature keep it stored below room

temperature if possible but not too cold

sounds simple right these easy to follow

tips will certainly keep your kids in

better condition and consequently make

them last longer tip a good rule of

thumb is to store it at the same

temperature as the wine should be stored

at this will give it the best conditions

to last for a long time

so do they have a shelf life there is no

definite answer when it comes to wine

kits there honestly isn't any real

answer when it comes to the exact

expiration dates all we can do is make a

guideline from various experiences but

we do know that storing them properly

will definitely help them last the

longest even if you have a big hunch

that your wine kit might have expired

there isn't any problem in using it

anyway you can quite easily taste or

smell if the wine kit has lost its

properties and then simply throw it away

the more experience you have the easier

will be for you to tell however if you

don't want to waste time using a wine

get you think has expired

and buying a new one might be the best

solution we hope you could find this

video helpful Cheers