What causes Endometrial thickness? - Dr.Smitha Sha


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endometrium is the inner layer of the

uterus normally the thickness of

endometrium starts increasing after the

menstruation it starts from four

millimeter and it reaches up to ten

millimeters every month a woman gets her

menstrual cycle this inner layer is shed

of called menstruation the importance of

thickness of this endometrium or the

inner layer of the uterus is in all the

age groups in the younger age group if

there is too much of thickness and she

bleeds heavily she's got abnormal

uterine bleeding but after the age of 45

if she has heavy bleeding and the inner

layer is very thick we sometimes

recommend curating that is cleaning of

the uterus and subjecting this layer to

pathology testing to rule out hormonal

changes or hyperplasia which is a

precancerous condition if we have to

consider a postmenopausal woman who has

stopped menstruating then the importance

of endometrial thickness is like this if

the endometrial thickness is less than

four millimeter this patient is very

unlikely to have cancer of the

endometrium in future if the thickness

is above six millimeter we keep her

under observation if this the patient

has an endometrial thickness of more

than ten millimeter we have to subject

this patient to DNC and further

histopathological examination to rule

out whether she has hyperplasia that is

a precancerous condition or whether she

is already going towards malignancy or

developing cancer