How to find the End Portal in Minecraft (PC/XBOX/PS4/MCPE)

what's up everyone welcome back to

another minecraft video today's video is

simply a tutorial on how to find the end

portal and get to the end in survival


I have already released a video showing

you how to make a portal in creative

mode but this video is for people who

want to find the real end portal in

their survival game in recent months a

lot of new people have started playing

minecraft and I'm sure many of them are

not entirely sure on how to find the end

portal legitimately which is why I'm

making this video before I start with

how to find the portal itself I'm going

to show you what you need to do first

before you can look for the Borton so to

find the portal at all you need an item

called an eye of ender this is the item

which must be placed into the end portal

of frame blocks in order to activate it

they are also used to guide you towards

the end portal because when they are

thrown by the player they fly off in the

direction that the closest end portal is

located in so before you can actually

start looking for the end portal you

must have plenty of these available

there's no specific amount required for

you to find the end portal but you will

need up to 12 to activate the portal

once you've found it because there are

12 potential empty spaces on the portal

with each portal blocked having a 1 in

10 chance of actually being filled in

already with an eye of ender and on top

of the 12 that I would recommend having

for when you get to the end portal I

would suggest that you have at least 20

more to find the portal in the first

place since they do run out and you will

need quite a lot of them to find the end

portal now moving on to how to craft the

eyes vendor and the pearls and blaze

powder are the two items that can be

combined to create a single eye of ender

in order to acquire the ender pearls you

must kill ender men for the small chance

that an ender pearl is dropped and the

men will only drop a single ender pearl

at a time and blaze powder is made from

blaze rods which are dropped by blazes

in nether fortresses which can obviously

be found in the nether to locate the

blazes you need to search the nether

fortress to find blaze spawner x' or

juicy blazes around the nether fortress

in general and once again blazes don't

always drop blaze rods but there's a

high chance that they will so you will

need to kill quite a few blazes in order

to get plenty of

blaze rods so that you can make the

blaze powder what you have a minimum of

30 eyes Evander go to the spawn point on

your mycroft world the easiest way to

locate a stronghold is by going to the

initial point on your world which you

spawned in on and starting there now

once you're at the spawn point you can

begin tracking down the end portal I

would recommend bringing a boat with you

as well in case you have to cross any

ocean to reach a stronghold don't forget

you're gonna be following the direction

of the eyes so you don't know what

direction you'll be going in so bring

your boat means if you have to cover any

water you could do it much more easily

and once you're at the spawn point you

can go ahead and throw your first eye of

ender you will notice that it travels in

a specific direction in the air you'll

have to look up to see the directional

it travels in is the direction of the

closest end portal once you know the

rough direction follow it for a few

hundred blocks before you throw another

right don't throw too many eyes too

often or else you may run out before you

even reach the stronghold and I must

also mention at this point that

sometimes when you throw an eye of ender

it will drop back down on the floor and

sometimes they will disappear so if you

can always pick them back up


eventually after maybe ten minutes or so

the direction of the aya vendor will

change this means that you're getting

much closer to the stronghold so at this

point you're going to want to follow the

new direction of the eye vendor and

throw the eyes more often as you get

closer the aim is to find the specific

point on the ground that the eyes are

pointing towards eventually you will get

to the point where the eyes are no

longer in the sky and instead travel

towards the ground at this point you're

going to want to build up by five or six

blocks using dirt or something cheap and

throw a final ayah pendant now you'll

need to watch carefully at this point

and watch the point that it travels due

on the ground

the point that it hits on the ground is

the point that you must take down on now

that you know the specific block dig

down at this point and you will fall

directly into the stronghold in which

the end portal can be found you need to

be careful at this point because there

will be hostile mobs and lava

potentially so when you're digging down

I wouldn't recommend digging straight

down with one block you should use the

two block method where you stand in

between two blocks which are both being

mined down and once you fall into the

stronghold which you will if you used

this method correctly it's just the case

of searching the stronghold to find the

end portal I also need to mention the

eyes don't direct you to the end portal

they direct you to the stronghold that

the EM portal is stored in and once you

find the end portal you should have at

least twelve eyes of ender left and as

you can see the portal that we found in

this case has no eyes already fought in

it which means we would need 12 to

activate it so just go ahead activate

the portal and you're ready to go and

kill the Ender Dragon


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