#1101 Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum- Jordan The Lion Travel Vlog (8/12/19)


well good morning my friends your old

pal jor in the line and if you watched

yesterday you know that yesterday we

were here at the Eisenhower Presidential

Library and today we are checking out

the library in the museum itself days

before the lion begins now yeah

yesterday we checked out the boyhood

home in the final resting place but

today we're gonna dive into his history

his memorabilia and his presidency let's

go and this of course is where his final

resting place is here you can see the

Eisenhower Center sign right off in the

distance you can also see his boyhood

home that we checked out yesterday so if

you didn't see yesterday's vlog go watch

it they didn't really say but I wonder

if all these trees that are out here

were on the grounds or if some of them

were on the grounds or if they've

replanted them after they laid out the

whole design of the place because his

family has lived here for well they had

the house since the late 1890s well

let's explore the library first what do

you say

in here they have a great bust of

Eisenhower look at his little emblem

that's interesting

this is kind of funny they have

something here called the Eisenhower

tree and they say that this used to be

out at the 17th hole of Augusta the golf

club and Eisenhower used to hit it so

often that he petitioned or like he he

mentioned that he would like he thought

they should move the tree here and give

him the tree in 1956 he wanted to cut it

down and eventually they had a storm

that damaged the tree in it looks like

it was in 2014 and so they went ahead

and honored his request by moving a

section of the tree here here they have

a cardboard cutout of hike you can see

him right there

this is a really nice building though

and this is kind of interesting because

you can tell how the museum or the

library used to be laid out before they

switched it all over so people that have

been there before will go hey that's the

version I knew and people that are

seeing this for the first time they'll

get to see the new museum now this case

is all gifts that were given to

President Eisenhower this is a yellow

onyx desk set with an Egyptian motif

that's pretty cool that is really nice

and that's presented to President

Eisenhower as well marble and mahogany

desk set and the lighter oh this is cool

this is a glass rod replica of the

Eisenhower home made in 1999 it's the

home that we toured yesterday take a

look at that well there was not much of

anything in there they only had

literally a few little displays they

said that's worth going in there to

check out some of the marble which yeah

it kind of was but now we're going over

to the museum I want to know how many of

you trees were here when Dwight lived

here and then here's the statue of

President Eisenhower that we saw also

yesterday but we'll look at it again

my mom and I both kind of have this goal

to see all the presidential libraries

which is kind of funny

and a way for me because I hate politics

but I used to always have a real

interest in the presidency so I do still

want to see all the libraries yep now

open here's a great painting of Dwight's

war hero history and then him being

supreme command for Europe then his

presidency yeah he was doing that in

between being a war hero on being

president Wow let's check it out here's

an old picture of downtown Abilene I

drove through it yesterday on our way

here so you can see some of it this is

the proudest thing I can claim is that I

am from Abilene bank there they are out

at the old family home when we were at

there's a family photo his father David

there with the mustache and his mother

and then all six boys Dwight's father

worked at the creamery and he was the

head of the iceboxes making sure

everything stayed cold I'll take a look

at this this cool desk

then that is an embroidered chair back

cover and his mother made and that

schoolbook belonged to Dwight's brother

Edward but this one belonged to Dwight

and as you can tell and there's his

mother Ida Dodd Wyatt was a pretty good

football player there's a picture of him

kicking the ball and there's his

letterman sweater from West Point the

military academy he was a star football

player at West Point and then this is

showing that Dwight the Eisenhower was

commissioned as second lieutenant

upon graduating from West Point in 1915

then you can see here it says President

Wilson signed each Commission I did not

receive it until a year later

so if you saw my blog yesterday I

mentioned that his family was not

wealthy at all so you're probably

wondering how did he get into West Point

well it says right here that he did it

through an exam offered by his US

senator and that's a picture of Ike on

his way to West Point stopping off to

visit some friends along the way

oh wow is that the family car so this is

a 1914 electric car that was owned by

Mamie Dowd her family that was President

Eisenhower's wife and it says the Dwight

would drive this occasionally to Mimi's

mother's house it was an electric car

from 1914 you can see the Roush and

Lange foot stepped down and they said

that her father was really into new

technology so he was interested in the

electric car in the automobiles and they

did have a little bit of money so you

can see that they had the door

monogrammed right there with the d4 Daud


now these are Dwight and mamie's

clothing and it says that Dwight was

sent to Georgia to train new officers

and she had to stay back in Texas while

she was pregnant

now this in this little box that is a

piece of their wedding cake and that was

mamie's engagement ring then it also

says that these orange earrings are the

earrings that Mamie was wearing the

night that she met Dwight that was

Mimi's wedding dress right there with

that brooch in the dead center now that

is a picture of the Eisenhower's first

son Dowd who was buried with them here

that's his christening Cup and they said

that they nicknamed him at the age of

three a key on this card it says that he

was exposed to scarlet fever and died in



let's take a look and see what's inside

here sorry about the weird video marks

that's the shuttering on this what the

light that they're using in here

that's a 48 start American flag for one

thing right there and then it says Ike

served as an observer during the 1919

transcontinental motor convoy and that's

what that's from I tested the

suitability of army vehicles over an

unpaved Road and that was his Montana

peak campaign hat and then that is a

cigarette case that someone gave to Ike

and they said that even though he was a

firm and tough commander he was

extremely likeable and inscription says

World War one tank surrounded by a

laurel wreath and the message to Colonel

Ike a friend indeed so you can see that

that wreath is engraved in there I mean

next to it is a Christmas menu before

Camp Meade and I believe that Dwight D

Eisenhower is the one that named the

presidential retreat Camp David after

one of his grandkids says that Ike and

Mamie were extremely dedicated to his

career and so he would take any

opportunity that was offered to him

anything that he could learn from and I

said that she was extremely social and

that helped a lot that helped a lot of

people warm up to them as a couple in

here it shows the route that they would

have taken for that convoy that he was a

part of so they would have went all the

way across the country with it testing

that terrain then here talks about the

death of a Kia said in December of 1920

Hickey fell seriously ill scarlet fever

and no antibiotics little could be done

he was quarantined in the hospital Ike

and Mamie could only watch and wait the

scarlet fever became meningitis and here

you can see that they when year later

had another son John

and here they're talking about the

period between 1922 and 27 when they

were the Eisenhower's as a family were

in camp Gaylord Panama and then Fort

Leavenworth Kansas and here you can see

Mimi's quote huge cockroaches would jump

at you from the top of doors those

things I wasn't used to now they called

his timing Panama graduate school

because he was with this guy

general Fox Connor and Isis an expert in

military history Connor brought his

personal library to Panama he assigned

to books to read reignited excellent of

history while they would be patrolling

on horseback

I can Connor discuss the books in depth

says I I just I considered Connors

mentorship a sort of graduate school and

military affairs and the humanities here

we have Dwight and Mimi's passport and

then right next to it we have her French

driver's license then it says this Bell

was one of the souvenirs that Mamie

purchased in Panama during the Ike's

time in Panama and then that sword or

that saber was actually Ike's West Point

saber now they're showing this

typewriter because they're mentioning

here that Mike's first War Department

assignment must develop developing a

plan for American industry in case of

war and then he ended up catching the

attention of Douglas MacArthur and it

says soon Ike was MacArthur's special

assistant drafting almost everything he

said are signed

mother says this is a collection or a

few items from the original silver

sterling silver set that Dwight Mamie

first purchased and then that is a desk

set for Mike's desk when he was working

for a General MacArthur and this is ice

private pilot's license


Estel tape in here says this was the

teletype announcing did Pearl Harbor

been attacked


Dwight's big case right there with his

name on it

colonel DeeDee Eisenhower World War two

take a look at all the weaponry


and this these are all uniforms from the

Army Kors wasp various different

branches and of course during the war

effort he had Rosie the Riveter

and down here you can see ration lists

in this purple uniform was mamie's

American women's voluntary service

uniform since she was one of three

hundred and twenty five thousand women

that donated their time to help support

the war effort and then this hat and

uniform belonged to young John

Eisenhower when he went to West Point

yeah there you can see a pack of Lucky

Strike cigarettes and they're saying

that those were all distributed to the

Troops and that that wouldn't ashtray

has an inscription under it this says

this ash Bowl was used by the

commander-in-chief of the Allied forces

in North Africa general DD Eisenhower

and his headquarters in Algeria 1943

what do we have here so this is really

cool this is the d-day planning table

and chairs


of course the weight didn't make that

decision completely on his own he had

advisors but when it came down to it

they were told that that the weather

could be bad and that maybe they would

want to rethink it but it was up to him

to decide whether or not to do it and he

decided let's do it in the morning let's

go for it and it was successful but it

was the largest military attack of all

time they said and here you'll see us as

for security reasons no pictures of Ike

and his staff seated around this table

were taken during World War two then it

also says here that this was a No then

almost 150 year old table and that's

where they planned every single detail

of the d-day invasion and it's aftermath

all the scenarios were discussed debated

and decided and here were as advisors

now this window is from the retreat that

Eisenhower would stay in from 42 to 44


then the Telegraph cottage and there we

see his top-secret Supreme Commander


then here was a map of the Normandy

coast and then this is dedicated to the

paratroopers that went on the ground

that day some of their uniforms their

weaponry for the parish ripping into the

beaches look at the helmet

here's what I'd whites uniforms


then his map case with maps of France in



and then that cigarette case was a gift

from General de Gaulle now here we're

about to see one of Eisenhower staff

cars when he was general they said there

are very few pictures of him with his

staff car but here's one right here what

the car we're about to see

now here's Dwight's leather portfolio

after he had was out of the military

then Truman needed him to come back and

be his general of the army chief of

staff so he did but he didn't really

enjoy it because he felt the bureaucracy

was getting the way of things getting

done but then he was given a doctor I'm

a law degree and you can see there's his

hood from receiving that and he got that

degree from Columbia

so Columbia gave him this statue of

their mascot at his farewell speech to

the University because he not only

received his law degree there like an

honorary degree but he elite year later

became the university's president go


now this room is all dedicated to Mamie

you can see all of her fashion her

clothing her handbags or purses

and then also her China here


take a look at that


that's showing one of her Easter parties

at the White House including the Easter

Egg Roll they invite people to go out

and participate in

and here you see some more of her gowns


and that is heart of the Year award from

the American Heart Association to mrs.

Dwight Eisenhower 1960 then here's

Dwight running for president you can see

all the I like Ike memorabilia in there

they say that to this day is one of the

most memorable phrases for any

politician or any campaign there's been


look ahead neighbor even like a bracelet

look at that a rhinestone bracelet

Eisenhower cigarettes ashtray

I like Ike stockings he was not expected

to win that they said Robert Taft was

supposed to win that or at least

everyone thought so because he had not

only the amount of votes that you needed

to secure the nomination but he also had

three extra votes and Eisenhower's charm

would everyone at that convention and

Dwight won the nomination

and here is one of Dwight's Bibles with

his name embroidered on it where they

are at the White House and there's one

of Dwight's inauguration metals in there

Dwight and Mimi's hat jacket clothing

everything the inauguration here we have

a few items from Dwight's presidency

you've got a giant globe and on the

bottom it has his name on there and one

of his chairs know one of the podiums

this is quite a museum I mean he really

really had a lot of history

to his presidency and his life here you

can see the nuclear dilemma but he had

to deal with basically at this time

would have been right in the depths of

the Cold War but down here they have a

book on radiation sterilization of food

put out by the government operation


those are Atoms for Peace speech draft

when he gave that speech that's what

that is right there and then that pen

right there was what he signed the atoms

were a piece bill with the Communists

expansion the hair in this case is kind

of interesting they have a document a

letter from Nikita Khrushchev to

Eisenhower letter accompany the lunar

sphere pendant it's also in this case

and it says it explains that that the

original lunar 2 penance had landed on

the moon on September 14th 1959 the day

before Eisenhower Eisenhower and

Khrushchev met in the Oval Office

so that's the pendant they're talking

about those two pendants

it's a piece of the moon I propose to

use whatever authority exists in the

Office of the President to end

segregation in the District of Columbia

including the federal government and any

segregation in the Armed Forces yeah he

was the one that enforced the Brown

versus Board of Education decision then

here you've got the school disagree ssin


showing the way it was laid out in 1961

and then how much of it was segregated

at the time by law then here this whole

wall shows how Eisenhower made new

opportunities with jobs education cars

homes television how the world changed

during his administration is showing new

advancements in technology using these

kind of things for school

boy would he be shocked at what we're

doing with you guys now you can do

everything on this thing now now this

section is showing how before his

administration 55% of Americans owned

their own homes and during his

administration at the end in 1960 it was

up to 62% so it raised seven percent it

was the American dream but how many

people owned their own cars and of

course you can't forget TV said in

nineteen fifty nine percent of Americans

had a television in their household by

1960 87 percent Wow

now this shows how people were using

their leisure you can see these are the

kind of televisions people would have

watched the presidential address on and

then we have the beginning of the

Governor's Award Emmy says this

miniature Emmy set was awarded to

Eisenhower in 1955 the honorary Emmy is

now called the Governor's Award

Ike is the only precedent to be given an

Emmy Award and there's a little york

transistor radio and says this was from

his Gettysburg home

and this little thing

not sure what that is

for his transatlantic cable paperweight

okay there's his golf clubs and golf bag

is a presidential phone and his portable

record player right there

and this is showing him filming his

farewell to the nation and this is the

teleprompter roll that was

showing the farewell address as he was

reading it

then this shows after his presidency he

became a writer writing three books

right here and also became a pretty

accomplished landscape painter and spent

a lot of his days painting major

and that was a painting he did of his

boyhood home and this is showing his


and right here they have the flag from

his funeral cage and what as well as a

showcasing man in the final round of the

21 gun salute and his burial Wow then

this shows their burial place and it

says the 10 years after Dwight died in

1969 Mamie would pass away in her sleep

in 1979 she be recovering from a stroke

at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

her funeral is held at Fort Myers

Virginia President Carter and his wife

along with many dignitaries attended the

service and then the family brought her


aboard Air Force One and brought them to

Kansas she was laid to rest and reunited

with Ike and her little son Iggy and his

legacy lives on well this was a pretty

cool experience I highly recommend the

Eisenhower Presidential Library there's

a lot to see you can definitely spend a

day here and we'll leave it here with

his quote said the world will soon be


you wrote your task with boldness and

hope and the joy of challenge in your

hearts and with dedication of freedom

and human dignity for this is the only

route to peace with justice good luck

then I for one believe in you

Dwight the Eisenhower this is really

neat on the way out I looked up and saw

if they have a painting of the family

here on the grounds back when it was a

farm and right there is where that

painting would have been actually taking

place right here on the side of this

house so at the time that you guys are

seeing this we're actually just a day

passed when the shootings in El Paso and

in Dayton happened so in Northern

California three shootings three mass

shootings so you'll see here that the

flag is at half-mast I assume that's

what that must be for real shame the

area that they have the shooting in

Dayton was where my sister used to hang

out when she was in college so I don't

necessarily think it's a war memorial

what I think it is I think it tells the

history of the family here let's go read

it to this homestead divine providence

brought David Jacob Eisenhower and itis

Stover Eisenhower they lived in Apia D

and Christian service brought sons into

the world and taught them the ways of

the righteousness of charity to all men

and reverence to God then the next one

says six Eisenhower sons grew to manhood

giving honor to their parents to God

into the cardinal principles of our free

society their names were Arthur

Edgar Newton Dwight David Roy Jacob Earl

Dewey and Milton Stover Eisenhower and

this one says

the men and women of our armed forces

walk amid dangers and many gave their

lives for freedom by dedicated duty to

their beloved nation they've preserved

our god-given rights a national honor

and the freedom won by our forefathers

then as we move down we have two more

that says sustained by faith and the

cherished ideals of true democracy each

American works in his daily tasks at

plow or Forge or machine or desk knowing

this nation will forever stand one and

indivisible in devotion to the cause of

Liberty for all mankind from the modest

home built on these acres came one

destined to lead in battle the mightiest

array of fighting forces ever to wage

war in freedom's cause the victory

secured as president he led the effort

to ensure continuing peace for all the


well Lionhearts I hope you all enjoyed

getting to check out the presidential

library of the great Dwight D Eisenhower

if you're ever in Abilene Kansas it's

definitely worth a stop have a great

night everyone and good bye