How to use Google maps App to go to Eiffel tower for example


okay so today i'm gonna explain for you

if you want to use the google maps to

go to a specific place how to use it

so first you go to the google maps app

press note okay for example i want to go


either tower i write here

ether tower

and i press on it

here you can see if the tower okay you


direction uh icon here you press a note

okay so you will have several choices to


first you can use the car and it will

take 23 minutes

and then you can use trains and bus take

40 minutes

and you can go walking or you can go by

hot stop

or you can go by bicycle or if you are

traveling to

another city or another country you can

use the airplane mode

okay so for me i might i will use the


here you can see that this the first

choice it will take 39 minutes

and the second will take 45 minutes at

first we have five minutes of walking

and then we will use the train arrow

arbi and then a metro six

and then after that we have walking nine

minutes i'm gonna

use this he will show me in the map

my trajectory so i'm here

on the blue circle and after that

i should take the blue line which is the


from banu to down ferris road as you can


i will after after 40 minutes

uh i will arrive to e4 tower

what's very important in this


that it gives you the exact timing for

the trains and the metro

so you can see here and you can also see

in which stations you are going to stop

and you can add it in your calendar

here if i'm traveling in my city

let's say we want to go to another city


want to go to toulouse

okay so as we said we press direction

and then he will give us another choice

so here we can as you can see we can use

the airplane

we should here go and see how many

flights do we have and

how to do it okay for example if when i

go with bicycle

he also gives us the trajectory and you

will see how it can go

okay so we are cutting france from

the north to the south and even if i

want to

hike go hiking it will take six days

and if i want to go by car it could take

six hours

and eight minutes and he will give

us the best trajectory fastest

and the less traffic so

here is how to use the

google maps thank you thanks for


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