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today we are going to learn about the

Eiffel Tower

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learn about the Eiffel Tower we are

gonna have such a fun time learning

about this amazing structure the Eiffel

Tower is one of the most famous

structures in the entire world the

entire world

it is made out of iron and is 1050 feet

tall that's absolutely massive and it's

made out of iron this is huge

here's a picture of the base of the

Eiffel Tower and look how tiny the

people look they look like little baby

and this is just the base of this

incredibly huge iron tower look I do

they look they look like little baby

ants this is such a huge structure

alright so where is the Eiffel Tower the

Eiffel Tower is right here in the

country of France which is in the

continent of Europe here is the French

flag the flag of the country of France

you can see that the flag has three

vertical stripes a blue stripe a white

stripe and a red stripe now you might be

wondering where in France is the Eiffel


well the Eiffel Tower is in Paris the

capital of France


here is the city of Paris at night do

you see the Eiffel Tower yeah there it

is right there it's kind of hard to miss

it's so huge the Eiffel Tower remember

is 1050 feet tall and it looks like it's

lit up that's because it is

it's incredible there are over 20,000

light bulbs on the Eiffel Tower

over 20,000 light bulbs so people can

see the Eiffel Tower at night all right

so what's the history behind the Eiffel

Tower why did they build it and why does

it look the way it does why do they call

it the Eiffel Tower what's what's the

story here the Eiffel Tower was built to

be the entrance for the 1889 World's

Fair here's a poster they put up in

France telling people about how the

Eiffel Tower was gonna be featured in

the 1889 World's Fair so many people

were excited because the entire world

was looking at Paris that day because it

was the World's Fair was a huge deal the

Eiffel Tower was named after Gustave


his company designed and built the

Eiffel Tower so they'll tower yeah

Eiffel Tower so Eiffel was an actual man

Gustave Eiffel and he's the one that

designed and built the Eiffel Tower him

and his company so they started building

it in 1887 they needed a lot of iron a

lot of metal and they just kind of

heaped it in the beginning and they

started building the foundation this is

a picture of what it looked like right

at the start these guys have a lot of

work and then they finished the base how

cool is that they're doing such a great

job that much but so good to finish the

base and then they just kept working and

working and working

then they started building the middle

section of the Eiffel Tower

careful we don't want to fall is

starting to get really high up really

really really high up now here is a

picture of the last stage of building

the Eiffel Tower when they were building

the very very top of the tower which is


the cupola and then after a lot of hard

work in 1889 the Eiffel Tower was

completed in time for the World's Fair

are you ready for a full tower fat I

know this video has been full of facts

but we're gonna share one it's really

really really really interesting did you

know every seven years the Eiffel Tower

has to be repainted literally they have

to paint the Eiffel Tower every seven

years and here's a real picture of a guy

in the 1950s painting the Eiffel Tower

by hand kid new boy look how high up

this guy is he doesn't even look scared

he's just like that I'm really high up

and I'm painting I'm paint

the Eiffel Tower this is what I do this

is what I do and he seems to be pretty

happy a parent's amazing has to be

painted every seven years now what color

do you think they paint the eiffel tower

here's a picture of the Eiffel Tower

what color do you think they paint it


that's a good question

the Eiffel Tower is actually painted

brown and there are three shades of

brown they use with the darkest shade of

brown on the bottom and the lightest on

the top the Eiffel Tower is painted

brown so there you have it the Eiffel

Tower an amazing Brown iron structure

that was built for the 1889 World's Fair

and is one of the most famous symbols of

France bringing in millions of visitors

every year who want to see this

incredible structure thanks for watching

this video on the Eiffel Tower we hope

that you enjoyed yourself and learned a

lot of brand-new things


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