The Eastern Hemisphere

if you went into your backyard and

started digging you would eventually go

all the way through the world and end up

at the other side the other side of the

world from us is called the eastern

hemisphere and there's a lot to learn

about that half of the world the first

continent we're talking about today is

Asia a lot of people live in Asia in

fact over half of the people in the

world live there there are a lot of

different countries in Asia like China

India Japan Indonesia Russia and more

because of how big a is there's a lot of

stuff to see there including the highest

place on earth Mount Everest and the

lowest place on land the Dead Sea if you

look here on the map you'll see that

Europe and Asia are in fact one giant

continent some scientists think that

they shouldn't be separated and the

continent should be called Eurasia

there's discussion on both sides of what

we should call that continent for now

we'll just call them Europe and Asia

Europe is one of the smallest continents

in the world but it has a lot of people

living there too it has the second

largest number of people in the world

Europe has been a major center for art

government and technology for hundreds

of years

in fact it was European explorers who

first discovered the new world where we

live there are a lot of countries in

Europe you've probably heard of like

France and England as well as some that

are less known like Luxembourg south of

Europe you'll find the great continent

of Africa where there is everything from

huge modern cities to the wild african

savannah in

Savannah you'll find a lot of the

animals Africa is famous for like Lions

giraffes and zebras another very

interesting thing about Africa is that

there are small villages there that

haven't changed in hundreds of years so

if you visited them it'd almost be like

stepping back in time

the last continent in the eastern

hemisphere is called Australia you've

probably heard about some of the cool

things you can find there Australia has

some animals that you won't find

anywhere else in the world like the

kangaroo or the koala or if you like

your animals a little scarier you can

find the black funnel web spider also

living in Australia most of the people

who live there live on the coasts and

cities like Sydney the centre of the

continent is really flat one of the

flattest places on earth and is called

the outback