Dui checkpoint fairfield ca

hey what's up guys what's up what's up

see if anybody's tuning in we're out

here in fairfield california

they're doing a dui driver's license



out here and uh i'm out here auditing


i'm gonna check them out guys make sure

they're doing their jobs all right

so bear with me bear with me guys let me

know if you guys can hear me

let me know if you guys can hear me

what's up guys i see your messages

what's up what's up


all right we're out here in fairfield

guys fairfield california

i did a little audit earlier on a stop a

little cop watch

and uh a cop wanted to flash his light

in my eyes

right as a stop it was ending it was a

wasn't a bad stop at all

so then coming home trying to leave

fairfield to go home down more to the

bay area

i saw this and uh so here i am

so i see all you guys i see your guys's

comments let me know if you guys can

hear me

somebody click one if you can hear me

that driver's license dui checkpoint

there is no such thing as a driver's

license checkpoint

chicago what's up shy town chirac in the


there you go i see all the ones guys i

see them thank you

now i know you guys can hear me

so you give me some time and i'm gonna

go down in front of these guys and hold

up a sign letting them know that police

are ahead

what's up new york i see you in new york


driver's license check playing yeah

that's crazy right

driver's license checkpoint come on man

the the supreme court did not rule on a

driver's license checkpoint guys

they ruled that dui checkpoints were a

violation of the constitution but they

were going to allow it

in the interest of saving lives the

driver's license ain't helping save

nobody's life

auditing chicago

let's go check these guys out over here


this is on north texas street guys this

is north texas street right in front of

the gateway inn

fairfield north texas street in


in front of the wendy's that's where i'm

standing at right now

yes sir

it looks like the cops like being on

camera they're smiling about it and


got guys violating anybody's rights


come on man you guys violate people's

rights every night

he's lying yeah you do checking for a

driver's license is violating people's


no very aware of the cases no court


yup yup keep watching my videos guys

i will be popping up live periodically

i promise you guys that like i said i'm

getting more active with this

we're out here guys we are out here to

the to the max

yeah this is this is [ __ ] giggly cop

right here

he likes to giggle

lexington what's up lexington i see you


sorry guys i'm not looking at all your

guys's comments

i'm trying to watch these guys too make

sure everything's good

i guess we could hop up in here there's

no reason we can't go in here i guess

les schwab customer parking only

violators will be told

it doesn't say nothing about me i'm not


it's walking through

thanks guys i see some of your comments

thanks for the love i appreciate you


you know i do this for you guys i do

this for us all these people here are

pulled over probably for no reason

what's up how you doing probably for no



these are these are money pirates right

here guys

pirates with the badge

but i think i've already checked

fairfield so much that they know better

than to even try to say anything to me

oh here comes one of them we'll see

no don't hang out in the middle

i don't need your directives bud thank

you take off

take off go back to work on you're

dismissed i'll hang out wherever i want

back and forth

in the middle left right upside down

360's i haven't been

in the way of anybody do pedestrians

have the right of way let me ask you a


it depends if pedestrians have it right


pedestrians don't have the right away

what's your name batch number

don't worry about it it's your policy to

tell me your name and badge number

see this is a piece of trash cop right

here guys that's what i call them

straight pieces of [ __ ]

they love me out here guys

he said pedestrians don't have the right

away and for me not to be in the middle

like i said i'll walk wherever the [ __ ]

i want to walk

[ __ ] clowns and there's nothing you

can do that's the that's the part they


they hate when you're trying to do

something and there's nothing they can

do about it

abs absolutely nothing you can do about


these guys are straight [ __ ] clowns

and now he's telling this dude he can't

park here look at this [ __ ] guy

so now they got me pumped up i was being


i was being calm i was being collective

and now you guys weren't

[ __ ] with me

[ __ ] cops [ __ ] these cops

watch what happens guys 10 minutes give

me 10 minutes 15 minutes i'm going down

two blocks i'ma hold the sign up that

says police ahead

10 minutes

trying to tell me where to walk and [ __ ]

thanks i didn't know chicago

thank you guys thank you thank you thank

you i appreciate you guys

so yeah that's the thing too is i try to

protect the citizens guys that are out

here getting pulled over

i'm here for them but i'm not trying to

get them on cameras

you know as little as possible

sam ho what's up with san jose i see you

yep let them know guys this is uh north

texas street

fairfield right in front of the wendy's

let's swap tires and the hotels the

check and go

that's where we're at guys this guy said

don't be in the middle

hey guys i hate to do this somebody did

ask me for my cash app link

and so i did link it if you go to my

channel on the about

um any donations are greatly appreciated

and i'm not asking for them i could care


you guys donate or not but i am trying

to get out to more cities

i want to get out to more states um i

want to go

the whole country with this i want to

get across the whole country with this


so anything helps i promise you guys


i'm not trying to get you bus um i'm

just trying to get these [ __ ] cops


all so

this guy said don't walk in the middle

get this [ __ ] plate number for this

car right here

what's up pam

tc you call me pam tulare county just

call me pam i don't know why

what's up tulare county how you doing


yep dui checkpoint guys

so uh

we got officers giving directives that

don't need to give directives

what's your name and badge number what's

your name and badge now i ain't gonna

keep going i'm gonna stand right here

what's your name and badge number

and your policy to give it to me don't

keep going i'm not going

no how about that no no

car needs to pull in i'll get out of his

way other than that i'm standing right

here don't tell me to keep going

let me give you a spelling lesson today



[ __ ] guys why would they even

act like that's what i don't understand

it's the easy one name it badge number

this is my name and badge number thank


it's that simple it's not hard just to

name it badge number

and you got this guy this looks like mr

right here's cousin

i wonder if he knows him i'm gonna ask


i will ask him if he wants me to say it

in spanish next time

oh man

yeah i love what i do guys i love doing

this uh

believe it or not i do have an actual

career that i that i do but i get to

this as much as possible

trying to prioritize this and i'm

actually trying to branch out on my own

right now

um and stop working i want to stop being

an employee guys i want to take this

to the next level i mean besides just

being on the street cop watching or

doing audits

there's got to be something we can do

that takes us to the next level and i'll

probably do it behind the scenes

with a lot of my other auditors that are

out here in california i'm trying to

link up with

and i mean really make a a thing out of

this you know maybe we can make an

auditing uh

the police um uh

actual like corporation that does that

you know get a bill pass get funding to

do it

why not we need it right

especially when you got clowns like this

that tell me to keep going

and then can't do [ __ ] when i don't keep

going no

can't do nothing want to wait for this

other car to pull in right here guys

let's wait for this other car to pull in

we're going to go ahead and get out of

the way

this car let them let them have their


and look they got the tow truck on call

right there guys

i wonder how that feels this guy's

sitting here taking people's cars he

probably loves it he's getting paid

every time

every time let's go ahead and check out

this generator guys

we got an officer pulling in here you're

gonna hit me

wow that's pretty close huh

i'd say that's real close

that was interesting guys i guess this

guy just felt the need to park really

really [ __ ] close to me

proving a point or something or are you

proving a point or something

pulling right up to me like that or

park the bike two feet from me but damn

you might trust you but i don't trust


if you want to get technical the owners

have to trespass me and you can't

to trespass people oh is that right

how come nobody else said that and you

have to trespass me first

said i'm on a closed business so i need

to move on

no signs up nothing that says i can't

come in here

and then you got this [ __ ] prick this

is crazy

let's go let's go talk with this guy

i'm at a closed business so i need to

move on that's crazy has to be posted

this guy right here is a [ __ ] tyrant

right here

straight tyrant guys they've given us

permission to trespass people yeah

[ __ ] right they gave you permission

to use this area they didn't tell you

you could trespass nobody

this guy's a clown

all right guys let's check uh let's

check all the signs here

let's go look at all the signs i don't

see any no trespassing signs

the owners gave them business i i doubt


or gave them business excuse me i know

they gave them business because look

they're letting them do this [ __ ]

but the owners gave them permission yeah


all right no sign here

yeah we do know the laws don't apply to


that [ __ ] piece of [ __ ] he pulled his

bike two feet from me

it's that guy right there guys he's

another tyrant

piece of trash his name is like gayle or

gaylor or

gaylord or something like that

oh it's not my fault man

hey hey gaylor it's not my fault you

wear women's clothes after work bro it's

not my fault don't be mad at me

i didn't make you do it

oh boy

yeah there ain't no signs up so

i'm gonna stay for a bit i'm gonna give


gaylord some clowns i'm gonna cap on him

i do want to go back and check out the


what i was trying to do earlier is i was

trying to count

the um people that they were stopping

because they have to do it randomly


they don't get to just pick as the car

goes by it has to be every

car every other car every three cars so

on and so forth so i want to see the way

they're doing it

um seem to be on this guy

what are they on this guy so hard for

[ __ ] cops


he doesn't know what to do now look at

him he's got no clue

[ __ ] clown

i didn't think i was going to get any

action here tonight guys to be honest

i thought they were just going to leave

me alone and let me do my thing

i thought i had already taught fairfield

a couple lessons but apparently not

apparently these guys wanna wanna do the

tough guy thing

and uh [ __ ] with me


license check just refuse

what's the last card

[ __ ] cops

[ __ ] these [ __ ] cops

all right guys time to go get my sign

it's going to be a little hard to hold

the phone and hold a sign at the same

time and show it and all that stuff but


i might not get back on live guys

let me just go [ __ ] with gaylord real


we gotta talk to him he's got an

attitude problem

he's got a little attitude problem let's

get his name and badge number so i can

file a complaint on him

and uh

hey man where's gaylord at

is he here still they're arresting

somebody for no damn reason

this is getting clown crammed up here i

just want gaylord

here let me go this way fine gaylord

too many damn cars and [ __ ]


i don't even want to video the guy

getting arrested

see this is [ __ ] now they're all in

their car

now they're all in their [ __ ] cars

and [ __ ]

hey you guys you guys ought to be

recording these fools dude

huh i'm i'm on live on youtube right now

you'll see it bay area transparency


well they pull you over i mean they sent

you in here but now they're pulling you

out the car


transparency bay area at gmail

what uh what reason do they have to pull

you guys out and [ __ ]

all right guys we're gonna let gaylord

finish his job i'm gonna get his name

and badge number

and then i'm gonna go get get my sign i

probably could have

probably could have saved these guys if

i didn't if i had my sign up you know

but uh i can't get involved with them

when they're trying to search and all

that because that is obstruction so i

ain't doing that

but i will be here try to make sure they

don't beat these guys up or violate

their rights

he's got his hand on his gun right there

you could tell

yup look hand right on the gun

right on it

and now they're searching this guy

pulled the driver over not the


they they pulled over the driver

and now they're pulling out the

passenger the passengers can clearly

just refuse

everything unless they have reasonable

suspicion that they committed a crime

this is some [ __ ]

need to ask him what reasonable

suspicion of crime does he have of yours

see this is what it is guys this is why

i do this they pull over one driver

and maybe the driver didn't have a

license or something like that now

everybody's getting searched that's

actually a violation of rights

you had your license and all that you


so what's the reasonable suspicion

look that right there guys why

oh that's a good question that's a good

question not even in chicago

probation or parole if somebody's on

probation or parole they can search

that's a good question

reasonable suspicion is there are

tyrants yeah i know i hear you

i hear you

you find out what the reasonable

suspicion is

you're recording them i'll always record


why are they pulling you guys out

marijuana is legal

in his grandma's car so they smell


legal in california guys recreational

marijuana is legal it's not illegal to

smoke in your car

other things smell like marijuana the

courts have already ruled on that

this will get thrown out

so the courts this uh i believe i

believe and don't quote me because i

know i got a bunch of you guys that are

going to bash me for saying this but i

believe the court

said uh now that marijuana is legal

the mere scent of something that could

be marijuana alone

is not reasonable suspicion based on the


some incense smell like marijuana some

other plants smell like marijuana

some cologne smell like marijuana air

fresheners smell like marijuana so on

and so forth

so marijuana is not a real reason guys


to be pulling somebody out so

now they're searching the car

this is [ __ ] [ __ ] right here

made him take his shoes off that's

[ __ ]

oh be quiet and do your job bud

i ain't like these guys i'll cuss you

out because [ __ ] off


these dudes just want to go home that's

why they ain't saying that and i don't

care about going home

and we got gaylord guys look at gaylord

he is [ __ ]

on one look at him okay look damn

all right guys this is a firsthand

account of

tyranny fairfield california

and we got we got clown gaylord having

them keep their legs crossed

sit down with your legs crossed do what

i say

ah they said gaylord's g-string is too


i love it is that why he looks like that


well a little more action than i thought

tonight guys

tell gaylord he's dismissed oh i will i

promise you

just letting him do his job right now

i'm going to get his name and badge

number and then tell him he's

dismissed like a [ __ ]

not to plant stuff in the car yeah there

you go

i should get closer hey don't be

planting stuff in the [ __ ] car either

gaylord looks like the type that plants

some [ __ ] on you

all right gay lord

that was crazy

i mean they're doing a thorough search

guys they're just looking for something

on these guys

just looking for something

they're just looking for something

so that's what they said guys they said

they smell the sin of marijuana but the

dude said is his grandma's car

and so they they they don't smoke in

that car because it's grandma's car

grandma's gonna smell it grandma's gonna

get the chocolate out and give him a

couple little smack arounds for

for smoking in her car so they don't

smoke in that car but these dudes are

just looking for

a reason apparently they know these guys

and they're just looking for something

gay lord is searching for the lube

oh you guys are killing me


oh you can almost guarantee

what's that i know how to


it's actually real real easy i mean

oh you're on probation


yeah unfortunately if you're on

probation that search and seizure of the

car is it is what it is

if you're constantly getting harassed by

the same cops yeah you can

even if you're on probation


what you got to worry about is them

planting something in there

i have not identified this guy yet

they didn't even know he was on

probation and he just said something

that was dumb you should not have said


what the hell

yeah i wouldn't even said nothing about

that i would have just left well enough


news now ninja what's up what's up

what's up

apple valley what's up apple valley

sac town what's up with sac

the city what's up san francisco what's

going on

i see you guys man

yeah i'll get the sign up guys give me a

minute give me a minute i'll get the

sign up

i just want to make sure these guys

drive away safe and clear

i want to get gaylord's name

modesto what's going on modesto hey guys

let me know you guys think i should put

out some merchandise some

bay area shirts i'm going to put out

some shirts so say bay area on them bay

area transparency

so they're they're telling them right

now that it uh

his boy's not all there he's a little

bit loose

and these cops are [ __ ] with them

trying to make him do all kind of [ __ ]


maybe he just can't comprehend he's

chilling leave him alone leave well

enough alone to do sitting down


here we go here goes gaylord


so now they're trying to ask this guy if

he's on probation

why is he pushing about he ain't on no

probation he never i don't know

they're trying to push this guy about if

he's on probation guys and he's saying


you know you guys got my id go go look

at it go look up

actually it was a hypothetical thing he

was saying if

i if somebody was on probation and

they're they were being harassed could

you file a lawsuit he never really said

that he was on probation he never even

really said that guys but gaylord's

trying to twist it around

yeah i agree he should just be quiet

but they could also look it up i mean

you think he's on probation go look it

up put

[ __ ] with them well i don't know why

they're [ __ ] with them so much


yeah sometimes it's better just to stay

quiet when you're around the police

you know especially if they're detaining

you for some reason

uh fresno

what's up fresno i see you guys oh well

i just got to finish this one up get

gaylord's name and badge number and then

i'm down

to the sign guys let's go put that sign

up i could have been saving a lot of


actually there ain't even been no more

cars pulled in here so

probably would have been good

san antonio san antonio texas what's up

what's up

lafayette oh that's the rich area are

you a female

lafayette what's up

if you're a woman hit me on my email no

i'm just playing

i'm just bored out here guys

what am i being detained for i'm on


he never said that he never said he was

on probation

right they could just look him up they

got all his name [ __ ] go

search for it you find it you find it

you don't you don't

straight lops guys these are fairfield


these are just lops



searched the whole car ripped the car


about to let him go and then gaylord had

to fire back up

no we'll see you guys so i'm standing

right here these guys might have some

some uh you know backup they might have

some help in court you know because

somebody was recording it

you know that's why i'm staying right

here i want to see if they drive away

or if they get taken in i mean that's

the important thing


right give them some backup in court

because there really was no reason to


based on the scent of marijuana or the


sin of marijuana right that's what it is



another argument getting loud this might

get interesting guys


there you yeah



what's happening


oh boy this one should already be done

and over guys

i don't know man so they they pulled

them in there and said they smelled weed

searched the whole car and now they just

won't let them go i mean it's done

in my eyes i've been out here for like

30 minutes it should be over

and the cops just won't let it go

they're just [ __ ] with them

and wanting more information


and they're saying that i guess that's

their friend's grandma's car so there's

no way they

yeah they can't oh so it's your

mother-in-law's car yeah so they can't

smoke weed

in that car that the cops are just

[ __ ] with them and in all honesty i

believe it was ruled that even the

the center marijuana alone is not enough

for to get searched right

so but these guys are [ __ ] man

um because it's who it is that guy right


that that one yeah he's the he's that

he's being the [ __ ] right there

so these guys they got it recording in

their car they just say can you stay


stay here for a minute they keep [ __ ]

with us keep recording it let us get the

video but it's live

on on youtube right now so right on


yeah yeah i do this all the time i got a

lot of views on youtube so i put out

videos like this all the time


let them go



the driver was over there he's across

the way

yeah whoever was driving the car he's

over there talking to that other cop

uh it depends it depends that they

the thing is you never said you were on

probation you said if you were getting

[ __ ] with and you were on probation

could you file a lawsuit it's a

hypothetical question

is that brandon

yeah you're supposed to meet his mom

yeah they're over there talking to him

right now i think he he's all right

for some reason they just if this guy is

just dragging this this thing out these

guys should have been gone


or anything right no they didn't find

anything they're just they're just

looking for a reason

looking for it there you go guys nice

little corvette


oh could have saved another car look

another motorcycle cop pulling in guys


i got a there's 175 people watching

right now that what we're doing

before it was up to i don't know what it

was up to actually i have to go back and

look at the video

yeah this thing should have been over i

don't know what they're doing why they

even still got them here


yeah i gotta i'm gonna go find a piece

of cardboard and

here in a minute and go down the street

and ride on i got some sharpies

just right on a police ahead and hold it

up so people can turn before they get in

here if they want



and this is the longest live i've ever

done guys i had another channel i've

never done it live this long

hell yeah bay area in the house so let

me know guys in the comments i see

there's uh we got 185 people watching

let me know in the comments man do you

guys want me to put out some merchandise

some bay area shirts and uh

cups or something like that if you guys

think it's a good idea let me know man

i'll do it



now they're breathalyzing the driver


there you go your dismissed mask yes i

like that

i like that

the only thing that's keeping me here is

this [ __ ] clown's name and badge




can you make a right turn to the punch


that's what it is taxpayers money just

going to waste

like as long as they've had them here

this is ridiculous man

especially you know some of these guys

aren't even detained just being a

passenger in a vehicle just pulled over

doesn't mean you're detained

they've been keeping them 20 30 40


yeah he's talking to that the other crap

right there

the thing is is these guys don't give a

[ __ ] guys

they're they're they're tyrants they

like this [ __ ]

a lot of the times people that are cops

got picked on in high school

got beat up in high school beat up in

their neighborhood and now they're cops

look at that one right there you know

you got picked on


don't i you don't have to do field

sobriety tests i don't even know why

he's doing field sobriety tests

all you got to do is blow and draw blood

that's it

so they got them doing every every

[ __ ]

field sobriety test under the sun guys


[ __ ] guys

no he just got his hands


i like his friend right here he's

voicing his opinion for sure

yeah so the what the law says is that

the field sobriety test

you don't have to take them right all

you signed up for when you got your

license is to do a breathalyzer or to

draw blood that's it

and you can even refuse that but what

happens is

they'll take your license for a year

exactly and then they have to if they

want to take your blood they got to get

a warrant to take your blood so that's a

supreme court case that came out not too

long ago so

all the little stand on one foot and all

that [ __ ] all that's doing is giving


uh giving them more evidence or or you

know giving them a way to twist

what happened to find you guilty right i

mean it's simple

so i ever get stopped they want me to do

field sobriety tests i tell them no way

get the breathalyzer out

that's the only thing you have to do is

a breathalyzer

so after all that [ __ ] now they're

blowing them

so after all that stuff guys now they're

giving them a breathalyzer

there you go guys he's being let loose

or is he being handcuffed

oh no now he's being handcuffed

oh they're putting them on there was no

handcuffs on now they're handcuffing


straight [ __ ]

get your property you're walking i'm

going to tell the car now

i would rather fight go talk to their


and tell them who you are they might let

you go

they might let you take it uh i think is

that one right there not the one in the

hat but the one next to them well

it's just private property just let's

swap well i was just

on here you can go on here you got to be


oh towing it from private property yeah

i when i think that what it is the owner

of the property let them pull people in

here as their secondary so

they kind of got the leeway to do that

[ __ ]

there they go guys they're gonna tow

their [ __ ] car breathalyze their

friend and

on some [ __ ] guys


huh i wonder what they're taking this

jail for

driving under the influence of marijuana

probably some sort of a dui

that's the thing too is doing all them

doing all them uh

field sobriety tests probably didn't

help him at all

because it then you know you get a you

get a blower and that's the one answer

right there

lock the doors man

probably going to tow it

oh look at look at gaylord guys he's all

over them



yeah gaylord loves this part guys

that's [ __ ] [ __ ]



yeah it's [ __ ] up guys

uh maybe they won't tow it so i need to

go hold my sign up

just one more second i don't want to

obstruct this [ __ ] clown's



hillville oregon penneville i can't read

it sorry about that organ i see you

201 people watching right now guys

all right [ __ ] gay lord i already got

his name i'm gonna uh

i'm gonna go ahead and get my sign

what's up that was right right here yeah

i think all this boys just walked

there's all this boys that right there

oh who's your cousin bro the one that

went to jail the one that was driving

i think he's sitting in the car i think

they said they're going to sight release


but that's his boys right there they

were walking with them those three dudes

walking right there they were all in the


with them that was some [ __ ] right


they said they smell weed and pulled

them out and all of a sudden

they're just all on them they

breathalyzed them and then threw cuffs

on them and put them in the whip

put them in the car


all right guys let me go get my sign

going [ __ ] all this [ __ ] i already got

gaylord's name that was enough action

for me

i'm gonna turn this live off guys i

appreciate all you guys watching

saw the first part where i told them

cops to stick it up their ass

i don't like when they come at me like

that guys i don't really

like to even talk to them like that if

we could just be professional

it would be better but uh they can't and

so i take it there too

so anyways guys thank you all right i'm

turning this live off i'm gonna go get

my sign

i'm gonna come back