How To Clean Your Dryer Vent - Ace Hardware

even if you clean your dryers lint

filter after every use lint still builds

up in the duct that vents outside when

it does it can take longer to dry your

clothes and there's a real danger of it

starting a fire cleaning your dryer vent

can help prevent this and it's pretty


unplug your dryer if it's a gas dryer

turn the supply valve off while you work

to prevent gas from leaking or

accidentally igniting pull the dryer

away from the wall and disconnect the

duct lint tends to collect in the

exhaust duct on the back of the dryer

loosen up debris with a flexible dryer

vent cleaning brush and vacuum out

excess lint do the same thing where the

dryer vents outside

check your ductwork for damage if it's

punctured dented or kinked replace it

lint can collect their vinyl and foil

ducts are easy to install but they can

droop and trap lint on their ridges

rigid metal ducts offer better fire


if lint ignites in fact your local code

may require it

the vent hood screws in place over the

exterior opening choose one that lets

air and debris escape without letting in

critters cold drafts or weather measure

the length of the duct you're replacing

from the back of the dryer to the

outside and get a replacement vent pipe

that's the right diameter four inches is

usually the standard but check your

owner's manual smaller ducts could

restrict the airflow and larger ones can

increase the amount of lint that builds

up disconnect the dryers vent hood use

the metal collar from the old vent as a

guide cut a new collar to the correct

length using tin snips connect it to the

vent hood and slide it in place from the

outside back inside one elbow will slide

into the vent hood duct like this and

another on to the dryer exhaust connect

the duct lengths between the elbows

tighten the clamps or zip ties at the

connection points and seal the seams

with foil tape if your dryer vent has a

lot of twists and turns or longer runs

you may want to call in a pro here are

some more helpful tips to help prevent

dryer fires clear the dryer filter after

every load of laundry clean your ducts

twice a year more if your dryer is put

to heavy use don't run the dryer when

you leave the house upgrade to rigid

metal ductwork attach a safety alarm to

the dryer vent it can warn you when lint

builds up for more helpful tips and

advice visit your neighborhood ace and

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