Where is the driest place in the world ?

Scot are about throwing down the

challenge tonight yeah thank you have

the answer to this question yeah it's

what it's the driest place on earth yes

that's what we're looking for the driest

place on earth right okay I'm gonna let

you have it I'm pretty sure it is the

Antarctic or or the Arctic which BALCO

North the Arctic North Antarctica south

driest place it's gonna be yeah it's

where they don't get any rain at all

right that that would that would be true

Michelle would you agree that this is

probably the case I know difficult let's

take a look here's a map of the world

well it's a little bit disputed

depending what you're looking for so

let's take a look at the numbers here to

see what's going on South America so

this is where one particular website

says yes this is the driest place we're

talking about this town right here we'll

take a closer inspection here as far as

cities go Oh Rica would be the driest

city on the globe as far as a town or a

city goes and precipitation here is not

much at all just a few hundred seven

inches really all we're talking about

but you go a little further to the south

here along the coast of Chile we're

talking about these mountains that come

up the desert here this ad at the Kama

desert I think we'll get it right in

here this is 10,000 feet above sea level

and it is so dry because there's a huge

ridge of high pressure this cool water

offshore there's just no way to get

moisture the mountains bringing more

when you have wind coming from the east

it dries into this desert here and so

we're talking about the driest place on

the globe kind of show you a picture of

what it looks like in here this is it

right here ten thousand six hundred

seventy feet some parts of this desert

get no rain at all and of course that

would make it dry it is so dry

the cactus won't even grow here and if

you put metal out here at one oxidize it

will not rust because there's no

moisture and you could take meat and put

it on that rock and leave it out there

for days and it would not spoil because

there's no moisture to make the meat

spoil we're talking Rover going across

there very good observation Roland he

says he expects to see the Mars rover go

across this this is the closest analogy

to what the surface of Mars looks like

on the planet so that's good

the driest place however and this by the

way is the view if you look towards the

South here towards the water there's

plenty of water down here look at the

cactus growing is to come up the

mountains when you get to the desert

there's no cactus other sights say that

Antarctica we're talking the South Pole

will be the driest location you get some

of these places here that are very high

no precipitation coming in and hasn't

rained or snowed of course and some say

20 million years when you look back at

the records this is the new weather

station here at the South Pole at least

in 2005 anyway that is one cold location

to work so hey not bad there with your

guesses so it's either South America

or we could even say Antarctica well

you've made up for a few misses in the


interesting I like those pictures of

Chile looks like ours yeah thanks

alright stop me if you've heard this

before but