Dr Phil Has Officially Ended After This Happened

now are the Aruban police accusing dr.

phil of doing something untoward yes I

mean the short answer is yes but before

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first of you what future film focused

content we give you number 10 the todd

Herzog incident now making a first

appearance on television in 2007 is

former survivor China winner todd Herzog

would make an eventual return to reality

TV as a guest on dr. Phil in 2013 the

visit was intended to help cure Todd of

his severe alcoholism and depression

which was the case for a brief moment

Todd would eventually suffer a relapse

and was reportedly admitted into a

hospital with a blood alcohol level of

0.5% and performed an update segment on

dr. Phil in 2016 for the sake of getting

those ratings up nearly two years after

the former survivor winner openly

accused dr. Phil and his production

staff of endangering his health by

leaving a bottle of vodka and xanax in

his room prior to the appearance on the

show - apparently calm his nerves

so Todd Herzog was on dr. Phil show

because he had an alcohol addiction and

he claims that after he traveled to Los

Angeles to be on the show he went into

the green room and found that there was

a bottle of vodka there he also claimed

that he was given drugs right before he

went on air any of these allegations

were quickly denied by a spokesman of

the show but it's left everyone

questioning the possibilities of other

guests as well

Linda who wants to know how she can

convince her husband at his time for

their dog to get out of their bed number

9 the lawsuits dr. Phil's no stranger to

the odd lawsuit or two or even dozens

yeah there's a good amount of them out

there one case out of 2011 between him

and his wife Robyn along with a woman

named Janet Harris found accusations of

Phil's dog biting her arm and hand

causing infection and injury in a suit

from 2014 former guests Matthew Barasch

was going after dr. Phil for 100 million

dollars for purposely making him look

crazy during his segment I don't doubt

for for one second I don't think he's

part of a conspiracy I don't think like

that I respect every single thing that

he probably did to come here but he's

not but what I'm trying to say is like

he referred to that wire which really

bothered me that wire was never supposed

to go to you it's in a law it's an alarm

system wire okay so I know that where

he'd talk about him being stalked by the

police one of the more bizarre cases

though comes from 2009 a civil suit

between Phil and Shirley ray do a 56

year old woman who had accused the

psychologist of attempted brainwashing

and sexual assault after her experience

at the short-lived dr. Phil house one of

the more well-known lawsuits however

comes from Thomas ratio who sued phil

mcgraw for defamation making him look

bad after their talks of the 1995 OJ

Simpson case on the show dr. Mike Moreno

has a number 8 false advertising now

it's hard to remember a time when dr.

Phil wasn't a common household name

which to be fair really helped him out

in the case as dr. Phil's talk show was

gaining momentum back in 2003 he also

endorsed numerous products including


supplements for the first time in 10

years I have written a weight-loss book

it is called the they were nothing short

of a gimmick to make a quick buck and

when the FDA began to crackdown in an

investigation of the product Phil McGraw

took him off the market immediately now

pretty suspect if you ask me the

self-proclaimed doctor learned his

lesson two years later when in 2005

customers would file a lawsuit against

the TV personality for wrongfully

promoting a useless product that had no

benefit and charging people a $120

monthly subscription fee the group

eventually settled on a ten point five

million dollar deal but the damage had

already been done the man got lucky

though just imagine the outcome if the

story had come out in the last five or

so years family is very very important

extended family is very very important

and I think what you do is you start

taking small steps number seven the

doctor on demand now it goes without

saying that what we can do online

nowadays with just the push of a button

is pretty remarkable

yet all we do is order food online for

delivery anyway one concept which was

touched on in 2013 was what if we could

visit a doctor from the comfort of our

own home basically what doctor on-demand

does it's an app and it allows you to

push a button and within a matter of

seconds you are face to face with a

board-certified physician the idea was

there don't get me wrong but it holds a

lot of unanswered questions and overall

just poor execution along with several

others dr. Phil would launch and promote

on his show doctor on demand a website

and phone app where patients could

communicate through FaceTime or webcam

if they couldn't make an appointment but

it did have its quirks namely the

chances of being wrongfully diagnosed

were off the charts

pun intended then there was the money

grabbing $40 charge per visits plus any

other fees which turned away users and

basically made the app obsolete to other

countries with universal health care

like Canada your brilliant doctor not

exactly what I just tell people to get

real I'm not even a psychologist I'm an


number six he's not an actual doctor

now don't let the name fool you while

dr. Philip McGraw has done his fair

share of work to earn his doctoral

degree in psychology he still remains

unlicensed so legally he can't really

prescribe or practice medicine or even

be a psychologist off screen it's kind

of a stretch really to allow him to do

what he does on television already

because sure he studied the material for

several years and we shouldn't doubt his

knowledge but it's clear in his segments

that he doesn't have much of a clue on

how to speak react to and connect with

his guests it's all for show literally

to get a rise out of people berating

patients on live television isn't what a

trained psychologist would do and in the

end though dr. Phil has successfully

helped some people a proper licensed

doctor would probably be the healthier

alternative for serious medical care

if you did not do it you push an

equation I'll ask you is it tension show

if it was and if you guys were hardened

you know somebody had given her a big

drug I'm sure number five the kaupo

controversy now it's been noted in

several lawsuits against dr. Phil that

he's been known to edit in or edit out

certain parts of the show to make it


suspensful one of the more popular cases

comes from 2005 and six when two

brothers Deepak and Satish kaupo were

fraudulently made to look like the two

main suspects in the case of a missing

teenager Natalie Holloway

now while the video showed and analyzed

during the segment makes them out to be

active criminals the original copy held

by police would say otherwise


she all had sex with Lord she did in the

dr. Phil Tate the Dutch tape however if

you listen closely and according to them

she says the answer is no she didn't in

other words the Noah's clipped off and

the iddyn is clipped off so she no she

didn't is converted to she did the

Reuben police say the cowpoke's heralds

don't I beg the chief investigator told

me eventually a ruling was made in favor

of dr. Phil though and he wouldn't have

to pay any charges there is somebody in

this audience who doesn't think this is

wrong then somewhere there is a village

missing their idiot number four

controverse the mentally ill not

everyone can always find the right words

to say but when it comes to dr. Phil

there are times where it feels like he's

not even trying in 2013 during a live

episode dr. Phil read out loud a letter

that was mailed in by a viewer looking

for advice in the letter it also read a

concern that they could be perceived as

insane for the way they're obsessing

over another man sandy I am thankful for

my health and everybody that stood

beside me through the years when I

didn't know if I would see the next day

well Aileen as Claudia says too bad you

didn't drop dead now I guess as a way of

sparking conversation on the topic dr.

Phil proclaimed that insane people suck

on rocks and bark at the moon and in a

way it kind of worked

people began talking more about dr. Phil

just in a negative way his doctorate was

called into question seeing a psychology

as a skill and should be really more

sensitive toward these types of terms

and granted Phil has learned to be more

let's say accepting of some of his more

recent guests but there are still times

where he's referred to them as crazy and


ah the beautiful vegan Messiah number

three the exploits it takes about one or

two episodes to get the gist of what

it's all really about problem discussion

discipline humiliation and then we see

in about a year whether Phil segments

helped the guest or not it's a simple

premise but with such an inhumane way of

psychologically evaluating a person you

really have to wonder how does dr. Phil

maintain such high ratings because all

of it is made for our own amusement

that's why the guests are made to feel

shameful and embarrassed of their

situation to add some type of shock

value and allow the audience to laugh it

isn't the most ideal example but it's

like that freak show that you go to see

at the circus dr. Phil exploits this

because it's what works even if it's

morally wrong and doesn't really help

anyone on today that the meeting was

meant to stay private that's wrong with

dr. Phil's statement is that he made a

statement the family basically extended

an invitation of trust for him to come

in as a resource to support them not to

go out and make public statements let me

be clear I certainly do not apologize

for trying to help this family or this

girl in trouble if I had it to do over

again I probably wouldn't say a word I

wouldn't make a statement to anybody

about anything

number two helping Brittany

confidentiality man never heard of it

said dr. Phil if you were a fan of pop

drama or the news and so on in 2008 odds

are you heard all about Britney Spears

frightening state of health following a

public meltdown and while dr. Phil

appeared to have good intentions and

helping Britney and her family at the

time from the public's perspective it

was anything but that experts considered

Phil's methods to be highly

inappropriate and was subsequently put

on watch by the board of psychology for

his alleged exploitation of the

situation dr. Phil has of course

defended himself however many continue

to question whether

his priority was publicity or genuine

help everything has to be by Ryan's wear

I know it Shoko after me like if I'd

sober like I hate me shows try to hate

me and I got like Dodds

number one catched me outside when it

came to the demographic of free teens

and young adults dr. Phil wasn't exactly

popular or even really known that was

until Danielle cashed me outside how

about that burr goalie came around at

least she prominently became the next

big meme and social media sensation and

we have dr. Phil to thank or to even

hate for it depending on how you look at

it and while the meme did drastically

boost dr. Phil's ratings for a moment

the latter is also a reason for the

recent drop in the same ratings now

there was another spike with Danielle's

reappearance but otherwise the hype has

faded and with that said that concludes

why dr. Phil's career is basically going

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