A look inside the 'Downton Abbey' exhibit at Biltmore

welcome back a new exhibit for Downton

Abbey lovers opens tomorrow at the

Biltmore Estate so in two minutes every

tomorrow the exhibition gives guests the

chance to step inside the hit TV series

and film with an interactive experience

featuring set recreations costumes and

historic events we caught up with the

set designer at Biltmore Estate today

that Fox Carolina's Brickley Cromer

joins us in studio and sounds like a

cool experience for fans obviously but

even something we can all enjoy

that's right whether you're a fan of the

hit TV show or a history fanatic the

Downton Abbey exhibit has something for

everyone this exhibit showcases fashion

sets and history and really brings this

show to life sit against the backdrop of

Biltmore the Downton Abbey exhibit fits

right in there are so many parallels

between storylines that happened on the

series and even in the film but tying a

Biltmore's history Leslie Klinger is the

curator of interpretation at Biltmore


she says the exhibit gives people an

idea of what life was like at the

Biltmore at the beginning of the 20th

century it helps you really populate

Biltmore House and think about it in a

new way really come to understand life

at Biltmore in an entirely different way

the exhibit ties the hit TV show in the

homes real-life story together bringing

both stories to life this time period

the time period of the family when the

home was built is so in line with

Downton Abbey no Downton Abbey took

place from 1912 to 1926 and a lot of a

lot of things happen here these grounds

in those same years Tom's dollar is the

president of imagine exhibitions and

says his team stayed true to the TV show

focusing on fabrics food and fashion

from the era we wanted to create an

immersive experience really feel like

you're in a Downton Abbey episode

putting you in that space where the cast

could be walking right by you at the

same time and in order to do that you

have to focus on these little details

now you can see these costumes and over

50 others starting tomorrow now the

exhibit runs through April and is

included with general admission tickets

to the Biltmore Estate Cody and Tori

back to you