Windows 7 - Where is the download folder

welcome to the official windows 7

channel and this is a little video that

will actually explain to you a little

thing that people don't understand much

very often people tend to download files

for example and say well where is it I

can't find the download folder where I

can't find some of the more specific

folders basically in Windows 7 when you

click your Start menu what you have is

the basic folders which are documents

pictures music games you've got one

that's called computer and you've got

one with your user name here at the top

it says learn computer ABC which is the

name of my user account in Windows 7 so

you have your own name there maybe it's

your name maybe it's a company name

maybe it's something like admin or

administrator or user simply user that

is often there so where do I get all the

other folders including the download

folder well you simply click on your

Start menu and click your username at

the top of the list and there you'll

find all of your user files so that's

the contacts desktop downloads so this

is where everything going when you're

downloading from Internet your favorites

are there links My Documents my music my

pictures my videos and save save games

in searches so if you can't find a file

in some of the folders or you can't find

your download folder well that's where

it is it's in the user name so you just

click on the start menu and click on

your username directly and you'll have

all those folders that are in your user

account another way to find it is of

course you can simply click and here are

the search programs and files at the

bottom you can start typing download

and it's gonna show you a download

folder for example or if you want a

video create Al and I just say it's

gonna bring you your videos folder also

so um your sample videos no I think it's

my videos or something like that that's

the folder so if you start typing at the

bottom here you go my videos is there

just start typing this search option is

very important for finding out something

that you don't know where it is another

way of actually accessing your folder

going by the Start menu you can go into

the computer click your C Drive your

users and then click your username and

then you'll see the same folders that

you actually had when you were clicking

your username in the Start menu so

that's where everything is so that is a

quick little way to see where your

folders are if you download something

and doesn't a download folder that you

can't find remember that clicking your

username will bring you to all the

folders that are available in your

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