Disney World vs Disneyland - Which One Is Best For YOU?

hey everybody it's AJ from Disney food

blog today we're gonna tackle a huge

question we get asked a lot here on DFB

what's the difference between Disneyland

and Disney World so I'm not gonna tell

you which one is better because they

both serve their purposes depending on

your family but we are gonna talk about

the specifics and the differences so

that we can help you make that decision

what's right for your family on your

trip okay so first up obviously

Disneyland is in California Disney World

is in Florida so depending on your coast

one or the other might be more efficient

more logical for you to choose to visit

because the plane flight will be shorter

and less expensive or you can drive

there etc so once you've figured that

out the main difference between

Disneyland and Disney World is that

Disneyland is much much smaller

Disneyland has two parks a Downtown

Disney district and three Disney owned


whereas Disney World is the size of

Manhattan it's huge

40 square miles dozens of hotels for

theme parks - water parks the huge

Disney Springs dining and shopping

district this place is massive so how

does that affect you when you're in

Disneyland you can walk from resort to

park to park to resort to restaurant not

ever have to worry about getting in a

car when you're in Disneyworld you're

definitely going to have to take some

sort of transportation whether that's

Disney transportation your your rental

car and uber lyft or minivan you're

going to have to get from here to there

via some sort of transportation so

that's a huge concern for maybe folks

with mobility concerns who are pushing

giant strollers around Disneyland might

be a better choice because it's simply

easier to get around and to get to

everything directly from your hotel that

said Disney World has great

transportation so a lot of people see

the trade-off is not that great since

it's easy enough to get around Disney

World even though you can't walk

everywhere okay next up let's talk about

cost basically Disneyland and Disney

World are both going to cost you an arm

and a leg they're both extremely

expensive and the other thing that's a

is similarity between the two is that

you can do it relatively cheaply or you

can do it

expensively for both coasts when it

comes to park tickets a Disneyworld

four-day park hopper right now when

we're publishing this

is about 473 dollars per person those

prices go up every year a little bit

Disneyland afford a park hopper which

takes you to only two parks remember it

doesn't take you to four parks is three

hundred and thirty-five dollars a person

those are for adult prices so you're

saving a few dollars on a Disneyland

ticket but remember you're also losing

to huge theme parks when you consider

that so that would make me say that the

costs for tickets are about comparable

for both coasts so ticket prices are

about a wash between the two because at

Disneyworld you're gonna pay more but

you're going to get more parks and

Disneyland you're gonna pay slightly

less but you only have two parks there

so other costs to consider Resort Hotel

costs again this is always going to

depend on whether you stay in a Disney

owned hotel or a non Disney Resort our

off property so to speak one thing we're

gonna have a whole resort section later

on where I'll go into detail on this but

in terms of costs again you're gonna

find it to be about a wash because

Disney World

has lots of Disney owned resorts lots of

different price points Disney Land only

has three Disney owned resorts and

they're all at deluxe level price points

however they've got a whole bunch of

good neighbor hotels they call them good

neighbor hotels because they're kind of

approved by Disneyland that are within

walking distance of the parks so they're

great hotels they're decent pricing like

a value resort price in Disney World and

they're within walking distance of the

parks which is crazy you just don't get

that in Disney world very often so

that's pretty awesome so I'm gonna say

this is a wash too in terms of cost for

your hotel because you can pay the high

prices and stay in the Deluxe's or you

can pay the lower prices and have a

Disney owned Resort Hotel in Disney

World or be within walking distance at

the park and Disneyland and finally as

far as cost for food again this is going

to be very comparable you can always do

super cheap stuff you can do the counter

service you can bring your own food or

you can do the high-end food both places

offer all those options so pricing on

these two options Disney World or

Disneyland are gonna be pretty

comparable and you can save a few bucks

here and there but always remember

you're gonna get you know four parks and

a lot more to do over in Disney world

than you are in Disneyland so that's

kind of where the cost savings will come

in so I'd say as far as costs the two

again are gonna be pretty comparable all

right so let's move on to Resort so like

I said you have three Disney owned

Resort Hotels in Disneyland you have

Disneyland Hotel Grand California and

Paradise Pier which I don't know if

they're gonna change the name of that

are they gonna change the name of that

now that it's changing to Pixar Pier I

don't know those are all Disney hotels

and they're all very expensive four

hundred five hundred and I easy but like

I said you also have a lot of good

neighbor hotels that are gonna be at

lower price points closer to those

moderate and value resort price points

that you find in Disney World so lots of

good options there except when you're

paying those prices you're not getting

Disney theming at those good neighbor

hotels so that's something to take into

consideration then again you're also

within walking distance to those

Disneyland parks can't be fat so over in

Disney World you have those deluxe

moderate and value resorts at all

different price points they all have

Disney theming some of them are within

walking distance to the parks but

usually you have to pay the deluxe level

prices to get that walking distance so

there's a difference between the resort

hotel options in Disney World and

Disneyland all right let's move on to

the food your restaurants in Disney

World and Disneyland so Disney World is

of course gonna offer you a lot more

variety if your goal is to go in a

Disney vacation and eat you want to go

to Disney World

Disney world's gonna offer you so many

options incredible chefs really amazing

table service

you know stellar quality just really

really good variety over in Disney World

Disneyland has many fewer restaurants

they're not gonna have as much stuff

because they don't have as many parks

they don't have as many resorts they

don't have as many locations to put

restaurants so Disney Land really

focuses a little bit more on their Park

food their Park food is usually better

than Disney World's Park food overall in

my experience that's my subjective

opinion you guys can are welcome to let

me know in the comments what you think

but Disney Land really focuses on its

her service as well a lot of its counter

service is very very good but again in

terms of variety Disneyworld is the

winner here because it just offers more

options there's much much more to eat

and many more choices and can suit the

tastes of a wider variety of people but

for some reason I've always thought

Disneyland's food had a little bit of an

edge over Disney world's food especially

that counter service and when it comes

to restaurants I'm not really even gonna

talk about the Disney Dining Plan over

in Disney World because it doesn't

really affect your costs that much when

it comes to what you're actually going

to buy and eat in the two locations but

if pre paying for your meals of the

thing you really want to do that Disney

Dining Plan over in Disney World is a

good option for you last thing I'm gonna

talk about here is rides and attractions

again Disney World is gonna have a lot

more rides and attractions Disneyland is

gonna have your classic stuff and

they've got many of the same attractions

on both coasts Splash Mountain Space

Mountain Toy Story Midway mania the

teacups pits a small world those are all

gonna be similar of course each Resort

Disney World and Disneyland are gonna

have their kind of standout unique

attraction from Matterhorn and

Disneyland mission breakout guardians of

the galaxy over in Disney California

Adventure Disney World now has pandora

with flight of passage that incredible

ride so definitely take a look at the

rides and see which ones are must use

for your family and that'll help inform

which coast you go to don't forget Star

Wars land is coming to both locations so

if your huge Star Wars fan pretty soon

you're gonna be able to go to either

coast and experience those Star Wars

attractions so the big thing when it

comes to attractions that may change

your mind either way is Fast Pass and

the my Disney experience system over in

Disney World they have the my Disney

experience app where you can make fast

passes 60 days ahead of time you're

staying at Disney World Resort 30 days

ahead of time if you're not you can make

those right on your phone you can also

change up to cancel your fast passes on

your phone right there in the parks

easy-peasy to use also many more Disney

World attractions have fast paths

available then Disneyland Disneyland

very few of the attractions have

Fastpass available and if you do want to

make those fast passes on your phone

which you can't do in advance at all you

can only make them on your phone the day

of and you actually have to purchase

that option right now through something

called Max Pass - it'll cost you $10 a

day to actually make your fast passes on

your phone so to me that's a huge huge

huge detriment to choosing Disneyland is

that you can't make your fast passes

ahead of time and you have to pay to

actually make them at all on your phone

and the other detriment is that like I

said not a lot of those attractions do

have fast pass so you're gonna find

yourself waiting in those long lines a

lot of times with your children because

a lot of those attractions were not

built to have covered queue systems so

you're outside you're with your kids

you're waiting hours to ride a 10 minute

rollercoaster so that's a huge drawback

to Disneyland for me but that's a big

difference to consider do you have you

know little little kids who aren't good

at waiting in lines Disneyland is

probably not the right choice however to

Disney World where you can make all of

those plans in advance and make sure you

have your Fastpass is in place for all

those rides your kids are gonna want to

go on the fact that you can't make those

reservations 60 days in advance or plan

your trip you're in advance may be a

benefit or a pro to you if you don't

want to plan everything to death and you

just want to go and have a great time

Disneyland is perfect for you so as you

can see there's lots of pros to both

Disneyland is easy it's so manageable

you can walk around both parks all the

resorts in one day if you really need to

and well maybe this isn't something that

has important to other people a lot of

us Disney fans who've been Disney fans

for a long time really love that there's

a sense of history in Disneyland Walt

really walked those streets he planned

that whole resort very carefully and

it's really fun to know that you're in a

place where a while to actually walk

however Disneyworld lots of variety lots

of options so much to do and an

incredible location in and of itself so

there's lots of pros to both hopefully

this video gave you an idea of the

differences so those are some of the

most important things to consider when

you are thinking about disney world

versus disneyland which place are we

gonna go rides and the Fast Pass system

the costs the resorts the restaurants

and the sheer size of these two places

so we hope that helped please let us

know in the comments your thoughts on

Disney World vs. Disneyland which one

would you choose and why

we'd love to hear from you this is AJ

for Disney food blog thanks for watching