FINDING *NEW* Season 5 DINOSAURS in Fortnite: Battle Royale!


did you know we're now dinosaurs in the

fortnight map well myself and which took

it upon ourselves to hunt them down and

as always going for that victory royale

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far and let's climb down those dinos

looking for a llama

is one of this week's changes right he's

searched alarma I found a llama love my

second game of the day because I broke

it rather than searching it all in my

god really that's not fair at all why

would you land you when I'm clearly

right behind you easy oh they're gonna

be wild


excuse me bring the shield on what some

relative but someone else he was down

but know how yeah I hear him crawling

around sure the people down but no house

that means it teammates I don't know

who's got the wrong or hey mate you

should have gone that way show me I'd

kill them here make sure yeah who's that

on the tower I think

I've got the going metallus night PA

missed his chance a few shots I think it

was north-northeast right yeah I'm going

that way because I can see your chest as

well oh and a jump pad launch pad so

even better looks I see someone he's not

near like a buses in like a very

northern building yeah we can sit back

with a my friend cuz he's just losing I

think wait I just rushed him to backs

yeah this this one is to talking with

you is your nose yes to my last time I

story wise I'll gas them out here on

this one anything the gas grenades is

really good at like yeah you do they

think they know they can't stand and

shoot better either so you just get free

shots on them it is good I think you did

mostly I have one kill you know I'll

take the credit you know yeah yeah Ali I

melted the entirety Holly I respond

don't be too sure but dinosaurs actually

oh yeah is doing I've got one kill to

loose of toughen the palate

you go for me I'm not exactly sure where

it is so Dolph party maybe we'll just

take down again on tour lads on TV love

that it's gonna be fun I'm excited it's

on the road trip yeah exactly

yo so where'd you say the shopping cart

Oh y-yeah in front yeah I've never

driven with anyone else in it yet you

know I know if I yeah I guess scout

scout the area Mitch you know what I

should probably about this there we go

subscribe me makes me driving that's got

me jangles yeah in here right mountain

like dead West yeah isn't it it sounds

like it's up there maybe we should just

leave actually if we can find a pulse

Wingo name yo not bad shout you do it

where's the portal oh I see em I see em

I see one

nice nice he made but he's not always

mom all the way over there yeah far yeah

let's wrap around Oh popping off me yeah

there's a riff to your left but a bit of

a pain to get to yeah isn't the one

maybe one out here you never know so

difficult to get on top of these things

isn't it

I'll makes it all more wooden and they

could easily just shoot this yeah I see

him trying to help him

there's got to be a rift up here what's

your outfit traveler yeah guys know I've

got a nice launch that hey we could be

playing I literally didn't know what I

was aiming at it was so dark in that

little page

was it real a look like imagine landing

here okay so it was all cut off though

like yeah their shadow okay looks really

bright now I just imagine they're in

there they were highly mate I read

Rifton we to rift oh wait the buggies

right hey puppies here is now yeah yeah

they crash into the wall spare place for

a make it I do

do you have me Buddhist that I for six

overall I'm sure yeah

oh I've only got 30 a árboles oh my god

a split mine yeah yeah no it's not

won't find some that's cool um I'm sure

once you get over that won't be looted

can we break the car with all the

shooting no we do you wanna drive oh yo

they decide hold on let me take that

so I might make you sad a bit yeah all

right welcome to the Jurassic to I bad

boy out

and legend of a IRL t-rex so Triceratops

and deep within the brand-new dusty

mountains are you excited Richard I am

extremely excited exacto knife but isn't

me yeah I don't have anything like that

a carcass slows down here we go take a

look Lee there's a doc you loose oh my

gosh yeah he's here

they've broken and they've broken a

triceratops though I'm sorry I can't

show you that

what's the name of this guy again I

forgot oculus isn't it longnecker

Duckworth that's the one this is where I

said I'll be destroy service up to you

okay ah nice nice nice I know you

looking for I know I was gonna find it


how did you find it so quickly dude that

scary mate yeah I don't know how much ha

ha ha

they're like an actual car though no no

no no all end shots

no some launching

I don't know she made like trying to

land with him I don't really know what

what's going on there I don't know where


like I can't work out where those shots

came from that guy in his buggy off is

me yeah he's gone he's gone

so it's dark right now me I'm not you

miss me you must have been from below a

little bit maybe he's trying to

background thank you yeah he's either

wrapping around who's behind that

mountain yeah the long one like the Lord

just over the cords it's a standalone

one the stump a little stump using the

bush they have any materials for heard

enough oh come here I've got 250 feet

just dropped in just thrown down a hill

I'm gonna grab the chest on top of a

maze mom

I don't wanna thank you but I'm one type

of actually how many books you have or

chest yeah hey I have 40 if you like if

you have 100 that's the first thing

we're even thank you that's so I was

trying to launch on to his teammates oh

my god if he doing like some sort of

stone thing well you can bounce off the

top of it you know honey yeah yeah if we

steal cars yeah a loser

look at these dinos how sick I found

another knife I put it so let me share

half mine oh my god I did not know that

sick isn't it thanks to those British

bands rotten okay right I'm gonna have

to destroy tier X no one else if they

destroy Triceratops not getting any of

them I'm doing this by then if the

doctor I think it's dipped the doctors

I'm not too sure nine metal for that

nine whoa dinosaurs were very innovative

my leave

Oh Joe on the bag go on the bag to hold

down in your control stick apparently

maybe jump if you hold down

setting the patch notes you can make it

jump if you help down Daniel I can look

down your way I don't know like down or

less yeah they way they go and then I

don't know how you make it

oh so when you go over to jump I'll let

go of me and I think it gives us more

upward momentum like I'm ready I'm ready

we just do much dizzy are you just know

but look at that oh yeah

tiny [ __ ] way do you want to stop this

is a really yeah right truck truck and

no I seized I do not know

someone at some point bill sorry the

weird one I don't know what look

someone's loaded this but no one's

really around it's like 15 people left

we may as well go a little bit more west

I guess yeah let's be smart about it you

taste the boogie we just on foot

um I'm having fun in the but it's up to

you you choose I want to win this game

now though let's we need X winning okay

let's do with the boogie wrap around the

back you be let's do this do ya on the

edge of the map I don't think I've ever

been here before but it wasn't a desert

that's the thing that's why I like gives

you reason someone's just poured to

forted on top of the Chinese mansion

nice place I thought okay need one name

right tack into a drunken yeah I'll go

pump see Falls has been nerfed

apparently iím really got chance season

too much grunts orthotics or not not to

be fair they were outrageous I think it

was made just in alarma wait maybe

sideways okay time to check it may have

been a rock you know it's just gonna

over the horizon you can't really see

yeah yeah so good I want I can search at

the same time both get it you know I

mean I think okay he was opposed names a

post he was opposed it was a post yeah I

don't think Lucky's been looted yeah Oh

what oh it's above isn't it I never had


whoa whoa sabotage sabotage it's just

another make a moldy cheese if you need

one shout

I don't know cake a full shoot at top of

this mountain yeah just under here you

say no let me give you a mini first hey

might as well it's fine it's what I do

okay okay

amazingly full thermo scoped out and if

you like using it I've got a snipe on

what if I didn't have a scope weapon if

I could choose a tommy gun

I don't know Manny smg's a deadly at the

moment I'm gonna keep both I think the

purple one would be the best one to have

yeah but it's both close I'm gonna stick

with a tommy and a lesson

spam spam the other here nice you got

the Texas named but it's there's five

people where you don't know where they



I don't you mean does that guidance

behind this in the baggage en course

around hey still looking for us although

be great to fall all the way down three

mid kids oh I don't know

yeah who's that oh um just a slap a few

me thank you baby

oh okay this is their final four trying

to turn a search now let's go through

this go through it I seem a ready to do

big bass 3:30 yeah you know the fight

was yeah there's a mob thank you so

maybe less maybe there's the last people

and the people that will not fight 313

the people in the port for maybe that's

all full shoot up a fever what you crazy

lunatic maybe he's on the other side

that moves in possibly looking poor for

guys it's still there oh yeah I've seen

bouncing up there by what they've just

what would you mean they played

themselves it's us versus poor four guys

rich oh sorry I didn't realize that's

what he was what should we do how can we

mess with these guys I think there's

something's edited I think that may have

gone bad

I think it might just be one guy you

reckons we should be careful person yeah

nope no sir

the boogey guy I reckon that was a golf

con man wasn't God Bob won't build a

bumpy Joe he what it was Amy's behind us


I'm afraid you may be us get snipe on

that babe I can't see that issuing the

right one here I got five seconds and

then I'll try and strike him

are they safe aren't they yeah we need

to move I've already got a campfire

where babies why I only see him yeah if

you can line up there's no way I can

even get a shot on that I'll each

destroy his own thing these uncover and

they's gonna talk a little bit one thing

big calm down a little bit because we

have to move yeah

stay a little bit longer maybe he thinks

my son I know guy when you see it go hi

yes the name is placed in his base it's

not let me I'll just shoot it for you

say yeah I'm gonna flank around with a

blank round he knew that sniper I'm

trying to buy you tiny if he hears me

again that's it we won't be one I'm just

gonna shoot down for you mate

and if you need those watch your butt

story more you don't get the last tears


like a reward end I like it