GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Location (PC, XBOX ONE, PS4 ONLY)

hey guys it's gods baron here today we

are gonna show you where the casino is

and that it will be opening soon so

you're gonna want to go over to the

racecourse of a horse track over here

just around there it doesn't really

matter as long as it's in the general

location and we're gonna head over there

so as you may have guessed that I think

just over a week ago Rockstar have

announced that the center will be

opening so this is gonna be quite

interesting to see if we can actually

buy a casino maybe not and that

everyone's probably gonna start selling

off some assets and vehicles so they can

actually start gambling there because

I'm gonna be guessing there it's going

to be quite popular so people can

actually go there spend a bit of money

probably make a lot of money I'm not too

sure but it's gonna be interesting to

see if it's actually a social

environment where people can actually go

first obviously they'll be able to boost

other players I guess and yeah pretty

much see how the entire operation works

so interesting so if you go to the

casino you got all these construction

props here and yeah pretty much I'm

guessing when it's finished it's all

gonna be a little bit spruced up for you


for everyone so yeah hopefully it's not

too far away and hopefully

it's gonna be a good it's gonna be a

good update there's gonna be a little

bit more to I know I haven't actually

looked into the notes but I'm gonna be

getting there's gonna be quite a

difference to this update a little bit

added few changes and yeah so if you

guys are interested in playing you know

my gamertag if you want to play

add me and I'll be more than happy to

play so thanks for watching guys hope

you enjoyed and that was the location of

the casino if you want any more GTA 5

content let me know down in the comment

section below but anyway guys thanks for

watching leave a like comment and

subscribe peace out guys but be enjoyed