Desert - video for kids

hello friends I am your friend

stormy today I am going to explain about

desert when anyone speaks about desert

don't you start thinking about boring

dry and hot places well it's not like

that actually there are so much of cool

things about desert you guys are going

to learn today with stormy oh nothing is

visible here deserts are full of miles

and miles of sand dunes because the

desert is so dry the wind will grind

pebbles and sand into dust occasionally

a big windstorm will gather up this dust

into a huge storm dust storms can be

over 1 mile high and so thick with dust

you can't breathe they can travel for

over a thousand miles to many deserts

are rocky with speckled shrubs and

plants there are some deserts that are

icy and cold like North Pole desert and

desert of an Arctic the Sonoran Desert

can be very hot during the day and very

cold at night the largest hot and dry

desert in the world is the Sahara Desert

in northern Africa the Sahara is a sandy

desert with giant sand dunes it covers

over 3 million square miles of Africa

there is Starr desert of Rajasthan that

is situated partly in India and partly

in Pakistan it is considered to be 4,000

to 10,000 years old

other major deserts

include the Arabian desert in the Middle

East the Gobi Desert in northern China

and Mongolia and the Kalahari Desert in

Africa Patagonian desert in South

America and Great Basin desert in North

America deserts are primarily defined by

their lack of rain they generally get 25

centimeter around 10 inch or less rain

in a year they have dry soil little to

no surface water and high evaporation

they are so much try that now and then

rain evaporates before it can hit the

land imagine you're in a desert and

you're lost you've run out of water on

the horizon you see a giant glittering

puddle of water you pee you shout but

when you go near you don't find any

water actually it's a mirage mirages are

optical illusions that have fooled many

thirsty explorers this Mirage is a

reflection of light caused by bending of

light oh don't get sad look at this

beautiful place this place has plenty of

water and greenery this is called an


Oasis is the area within a desert where

there is sufficient water for permanent

vegetation to grow they also provide

habitat for animals and even humans if

the area is big enough in the desert we

see very less animals camel is the main

animal we see in a desert camels can go

without water for a week a thirsty camel

can drink 30 gallons of water in less 15

minutes animals that live in the desert

also have adapted to needing little

water desert animals prevent water

leaving their bodies in a number of

different ways some like kangaroo rats

and lizards live in burrows which do not

get too hot or too cold and have more

humid damp air inside these animals stay

in their burrows during the hot days and

emerge at night to feed other animals

have bodies designed to save water

scorpions and wolf spiders have a thick

outer covering which reduces moisture


ah be careful this cactus plant may hurt

your legs

do you know only certain types of plants

can survive the harsh environment of the

desert these include cactus grasses

shrubs and some short trees you won't

see a lot of tall trees in the desert

most of these plants have a way to store

water in their stems leaves or trunks so

they can survive a long time without


today you have learned so much about

desert now it's time to remember this

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