all right this is the Honda Civic 2016 I

am going to show you how to defrost your

windshield on it okay so you're down at

the cooling and heating controls okay

you have a whole assortment of things

what you're going to do is first I like

to do is either press it on or just

press it auto so once you press it on

auto it automatically comes on and stuff

starts to come out right now

it is just blowing at 59 degrees but now

we want to defrost the windshield or the

both windshield and the rear rear view

window okay so I'm gonna press this

right here you see this icon that

represents defrost station so the

defrost is on if it is cold outside you

want might want to turn it up to a hot

temperature all right so I'm just turn

the fan down so you can hear my voice a

little bit better now to defrost the

rear view menu window you press this

button right here and that defrost is

the rear window that's how you turn on

the defroster in the 2016 Honda Civic

please let me know if you have any

questions thanks a lot