Basic Pokemon Sun and Moon daycare guide

hey guys welcome to my very basic guide

for the day care center in Pokemon Sun

and Moon this guide is going to go over

just the basic things where you can find

the daycare and the locations of a

couple Pokemon that'll be really helpful

when using the daycare and also show you

a couple of tips and tricks that I've

been using myself when hatching a bunch

of eggs from the daycare so I'm going to

start off by showing you where on the

map the daycare is located so I'm going

to open up the Charizard glide here and

if you go to a cow island is where the

daycare center is and it's in Panola a

town so there are two locations you can

fly to in Panola town one will take you

right to the Pokemon Center and then

there's one a little bit more north of

that and if you fly to that location

that will actually take you right

outside of the daycare itself so we'll

see just as we hop off Charizard here

that we are going to be right outside

the daycare so this is it right here so

just going to go inside and I'm going to

show you there's a trainer in here and

he gives you some pretty helpful

information so he says I heard you'll

find Pokemon eggs more quickly if you

leave two Pokemon of the same species at

the nursery and if they have different

original trainers or OTS I think this

also works if you leave like a ditto

from another trainer and I don't know

like your starter or something like that

I think that also works I'm still kind

of looking into things like that but

speaking of ditto I'm going to go show

you now where you can catch a ditto and

then we're going to go look where you

can catch Magby and I'll explain why

Magby is important in a minute already

so this is where we're going to go catch

a ditto so I'm going to open up

Charizard here and show you exactly

where this is so what you're going to do

is you're going to want to fly to

Lula Island and you're going to fly to

route 10 here and this will take you to

right where I'm standing now which is

the Pokemon Center just outside the

observatory there and that's where you

would do the electric trial so what

you're going to do is you just going to

run down the road here and then there's

a patch of grass here there's a few more

patches of grass if you keep going

further down

Road any of them have a chance to spawn

ditto so you can just run around in here

it might take a few encounters cos ditto

is kind of uncommon but this is where

you will find one and then something

that I did is as soon as I caught my

ditto I went into the festival Plaza and

then what I did is I opened up the GTS

and in here you can put your ditto up

and ask for another ditto and that has a

chance for you to you're definitely

going to get a ditto from another

trainer but you also have the chance of

getting a ditto from a different region

another reason why that is important is

if you're familiar with the Masuda

method for hatching shinies

I believe that method still works in Sun

and Moon so if you're not familiar with

that basically what the Masuda method is

is if you have two Pokemon of the same

species or one Pokemon and a ditto and

they're from different regions then the

eggs that they produce have a much

higher chance of hatching into a shiny

so you don't need that if you just want

to worry about just doing some like

breeding for yourself but if you are

going to be breeding for shinies like

shiny starters or other types of shinies

that you want to breed for rather than

catch I would recommend catching a ditto

and then putting it in the GTS asking

for another ditto and hoping that you

get one from a different region okay now

I'm going to show you where you can

catch a Magby now the reason why Magby

is important is because Magby can have

the ability flame body now obviously we

know that flame body will burn your

opponent if they contact your during

battle but it also has an ability a

secondary ability outside of battle

where if it's at the if a Pokemon with

flame body is at the front of your party

any eggs in your party will hatch

quicker then they would if you didn't

have a flame body Pokemon they'll

require less steps so that can be very

helpful when you want to get through a

lot of eggs to get shinies or you just

want to hatch a lot of Pokemon for

wonder trade or anything like that

flame body is definitely going to be

very useful so what you're going to do

is you're going to go to the well oval

cano park now this is back on a cala

island so this

Island is the daycare and you're just

going to fly to route seven here and

this will take you just outside the well

a volcano park and then you can just

come in here and Magby has a chance to

spawn in the grass here this is also

where you can catch cue bones uh if you

want that a lowland marowak as well just

make sure that when you do catch the

Magby that it actually does have flame

body a really easy way to determine that

is just fall swipe it it gets it much

closer to fainted and it'll be easier to

catch and fall swipe also makes contact

so if you get burned then you know Magby

has flame body and you don't have to

worry about catching multiples to make

sure that you actually did get one with

flame body so we're back at the daycare

here I'm just going to show you a couple

quick little tips that will make your

egg gathering and egg hatching process

much easier now if there is an egg ready

for you then the daycare lady will stand

like that she'll kind of have like her

arms crossed she normally has them out

to the side so if you see her standing

like this with her arms crossed you know

she has an egg waiting for you so you

can talk to her and then you can get the

egg now in previous games if your party

was full you would not be able to accept

the egg until you went to the PC and

deposited a Pokemon or an egg or

something like that but what you can do

in Sun and Moon is if you have a full

party what you can do is you can talk to

the lady she'll give you the egg then

you have the option just to send it

right to your PC or you can just

immediately add it to your party by

switching it with one of your party

Pokemon and then that Pokemon will go to

the PC and you will have the egg with

you so it just it can just save you a

little bit of time from constantly

having to run inside and deposit Pokemon

at the PC you just don't have to be

going in and out of the daycare and

constantly opening up the PC it just

saves you a lot more time and then I

will just run around this area here

until my eggs hatch and then I will swap

them with her so whatever hatches I will

just swap that with the new egg and

whatever hatched will get sent right to

the PC

something else that's interesting if you

talk to this miltank here it will heal

your entire party for you so I think

that just about wraps it up so I want to

thank everyone for watching this is my

first guide so if you have any feedback

or any suggestions please leave them in

the comments down below and I will do my

best to take all that into account when

possibly working on future guides so I

want to thank everyone for watching and

have a fantastic day