Let's Play World Of Warcraft #76: Through The Dark Portal!


hey folks is reka here how you doing

welcome back to world of warcraft yet

that in the chat hopefully they sorted

my recording software wasn't activating

for some reason very very occasionally

it does a strange thing with warcraft

where it doesn't like want to work and

never been able to quite figure out why

but anyway i've managed to figure it out

now i've done something different so

yeah we don't need to worry about it but

what i wanted to do today is we're

already level 61 and we're still here in

the Blasted Lands we haven't actually

gone anywhere at all yet and this was

not part of our master plan I was

supposed to be going to Outland at level

60 and we're leveling faster than I

first thought we would so what I'm gonna

do is I'm going to turn into three

questio for the amulets and then that's

gonna be it and some people did suggest

that I go down here and we do this extra

bit down here maybe we'll do that on

another character another time but I'm

not planning to do it now I want to get

out land and I want to start the next

stage we've been yeah Siri like I'm

thinking you know level 60 to 70 should

be out land not level 63 because it will

be level 63 before we get finished all

that question is so so anyway the amulet

of Alice - Alice - lift a piece of

himself in that amulet even now I can

sense his evil Kasim Kasim Kasim Kasim I

think examines the amulet here was an

Archmage I can feel it I will hold the

amulet for you while you collect the


Sabine's amulets along with the others

we can summon the Defiler a warlock and

a powerful one of that i will hold onto

this until the time is right

the third amulets from Resnick's third

lieutenants he was a powerful warrior

this one I will keep the amulet until

we're ready to proceed I think we will

go as she will take that ring that ring

looks like it'd be pretty good okay

we'll take that one right there

deliver the discordant don't you watch a

Grumio at dark portal at the dark portal

Resnick plans to return the Blasted

Lands Juba and overwhelm Azeroth with

his demons even now he's preparing to

summon his legions to eliminate us with

these three amulets we have the method

to summon him but no way to destroy him

deliver this to grêmio at the dark boy

the gnome quickly draws ruin in the air

then hands it to you deliver the grêmio

the dark portal to the southeast he will

guide you quickly time is short and so

am i right he's going very very slowly

there isn't he so we've got this one

here which is taking us to that dark

portal which I actually want to go to

that dark portal anyway

so I figure we may as well use that one

and then after that I'm not really sure

what we're going to do I don't know if

we're supposed to go back to Stormwind

in order to get our quest line to sort

of kickstart things here into the portal

or if we can just pick it up from here I

think we can just pick it up from here

so this is actually where we want to go

over to the dark portal over here all

right if it's not then we will go back

to Stormwind and we'll pick it up from

there there is no other quest here let's

just check here a minute like be with

you the only reason you see me standing

aside horde soldiers is because our duty

outweighs our enmity

however slate we have in charge of

protecting a dark portal from

unauthorized travel and with the recent

Cataclysm we were particularly

susceptible to an attack we've already

heard reports of black dragons in the

area with my men focused on their duty

we may needs we need someone to keep the

area demons in check around the portal

you'll find three demon new tenants

Sladen go with honor free deliver the

discordant rune oh that one's over there

the legions end draws near do I know you

good human

no no no not calcium again this is

madness please remain quiet if my

commander learns that I still work for

the short one do you know how quickly

I'll be removed from to watch Ramiro

takes a ring from you presses it to his

chest close his eyes and sighs I see you

speak the truth

let us begin our business quickly so

that it may end even quicker I'm leaving

that one now no not not doing any more

of that we've got this here these three

demons I don't know if that is part of

this one or not

see at the moment I'm just not sure if

it's him I want to be speaking to or not

so we will go

we've got Jarek Sean wing share her

Dhamma and go migas I don't know if

those that we want to take we want to

have a look

Adventure Guides it's not in the

adventure guide well that's no good

either then we need to select one of

these I think we want to go with this

one I think we just want to take these

three demons out and then I think we go

through the Dark Portal I think I could

be wrong though I have thought oh okay

well there's there's go me gasps right

there where is our next one both chained

in for all this there's another one over

there are we gonna be able to get this

one or is this one also been slaying

nope this one we can go to we can fly

straight over all of the defenses and

you can take him down just like that

so we're quickly take this one down and

then I'm hoping against hope that we can

get through that portal I want to get to

Outland I really do I've it's time for

us to move on we will eventually one day

come back maybe I don't know I'm kind of

thinking it would be good to do some of

these but what I'm actually thinking is

that we're likely to come and do another

character eventually so we could always

do this on another character or we could

come back and do this

at a higher level they got both options

are actually available we know coming

back and doing this at a higher level

could be interesting I mean it's gonna

be a lot quicker because these things

this goes up to level 60 so we come back

here at level 70 and we would romp

through this in absolutely no time at

all so you may want me to try doing that

you may not some people do like coming

back through and doing stuff like that

others it's not really your cup of tea

and I you know I I can understand that

so we'll see dates Rob I haven't been

and seen the quest chains down in the

new village down the bottom so that's

that's new but there's whole other areas

in the Cataclysm in the levels 1 to 60

zones that I have not seen there's all

sorts of stuff that out and see so it's

there's loads of new stuff that I

haven't done and and I kind of thought

that it would be quite nice for us all

to do it together so maybe we will do it

then I reckon we've probably got two or

three characters worth to be able to

work through here so we can always come

back to that and you I want to go

straight over the top of everybody else

and go to that one right there now is

this the quests that we want sport is

this the just like another bit for the

blaster glands it's gonna be a big

question now see

pick some more and flame they'll strike

we can interrupt that one there and hit

you again

go on take you down I'm not struggling

at all with this it's just time

consuming that's all there we go

right another quest complete is go and

turn that one in there is a potential

pet around here isn't there just at the

south of us actually should we go and

look for that

now we've already we we do already have

the pet so we won't go and worry about

that right now we'll we'll go and attack

instead we'll wander down here and turn

this quest in drink solder friend the

work your work is appreciated soldier

the commander leans in close and

whispers human if you're still

interested I have one more small task

for you

watch commander Elle thorn nether Wayne

speaks in hushed tones I have orders

from the higher up you would seem

suitable sore for I've seen the Horde

periodically referring to a stack of

papers on that barrel over there I'd

like you to take a look at those papers

and find out what it is they're plotting

my duty in station prevent me from such

questionable tasks but a newcomer like

you you might be able to slip in

unnoticed for the Alliance I can slip in

unnoticed on the back of my massive

great big Drake over here like this see

completely unnoticed excuse me mind me

port portal sentry and I'm just

examining the notes remind me at all

examining looking around nicely examined

okay everything's examined okay

he got seen I didn't dream I landed

right behind him you're certain nobody

saw you good

never Wayne listens to your account of

the information you saw hmm

fairly harmless stuff the [ __ ] the

foolish enough to not be planning

something against us or they're hiding

their information better than I expected

either way well done soldier we get the

nether Wayne cloak oh and what you've

seen here the portals been surprisingly

quiet there isn't much more work I can

give you I'm afraid if you're looking

for trouble

you might try the Gil naen fishing

village to the southwest cirrage I think

it was I know it's supposed to be

friends with your hands but really

Morgan had enough trouble getting used

to the dren I look worse that's not one

that we want we're not able do anything

here now I don't know if you can just

waltz right through the air or if we do

have to go back to storm wind let's just

check the belt right there no that's we

won't put that one on and then the cloak

right there no I don't want the cloak

right let's go and have a look over at

the portal maybe we can just go straight

through and maybe there's a quest on the

other side we're through we can go

straight in so we don't actually need a

quest here we just go straight in I

think we pick up a quest on the other

side hellfire peninsula the stair of

destiny there's nothing here oh there we

have a quest and I can fly in here as

well fantastic

ladies and gentlemen welcome to Hellfire

here it is and the portal itself we need

to have a look at the portal we actually

need to we need to back out question

wait to see the portal this is a big

portal look at this bad boy look at this

bad boy told you it's a big portal it

does look pretty fantastic let me go on

a little bit further there we go now you

can see the portal

I love the portal we've had a look at

the portal there are only two pets in

his zone apparently um show captured an

adder and a score pit we've got green

levels of both them so maybe we'll be

able to do better in the future you have

a look here

massive great big area right here this

is gonna be us this is what we want okay

commander yurak I want you to speak with

amish Wildhammer and catch your first

flight on a hold when you arrive it on a

hold you'll be greeted by marshal

Isildur I have prepared a report dealing

our situation here give him the report

and tell him you're ready for duty you

have your orders soldier

move out and although your blood must be

burning to help us against the fiends

below waste no time here on a hold eat

on a hold needs you even neural right we

need to go and speak to him over here no


another soldier on his later honor halt

right Curtin good children's children's

I think that's Kurdran right children's

be it they can use the help it's all

you're speaking with your on over there

you must be on an important mission I am

naturally reports are on a halt no


we'll get you there fast and safe on one

of microphones when you're ready I'll

arrange a flight strict on a halt from

there speak with Marshall is sidled or

and give him Durant's report he'll be

happy to see another recruit from the

homeland and I'm sure the information in

that report is important stuff see you


it is it's it's very important right

take a flight to on hold how are you

send me down a hold right here we go

so you've got great big demons and stuff

down here we can generally just ignore

those for now we don't have to worry

about them they are busy fighting some

people over there who are valiantly

keeping them back from the portal what

we need to do is fly across all of this

lot here and get to on and hold which is

all the way over here over that site is

the Horde version of on hold up I don't

even know what that place is called got

to be honest with you it's been it's

been a while since I played here and I

genuinely can't remember what it's

called there's gonna be a number of

quests dotted around in Hellfire I would

like to work through all of the Hellfire

stuff and then once we've done this

depending on what level we are we may go

to either terror car forest and do some

in here this this by the way is

shattrath city which is the main city

and then you've got nagrand over here

this is my favorite zone I love nagrand

I always have to I don't know why

there's something very

very pleasing about playing the ground

but this right here is on a halt

we even have Christmas decorations up

because the feast of winter veil has


so we mustn't forget about that either

we could have gone back to Stormwind and

we could have had a look at the all the

decorations up there as well but we

didn't right Marshall it's Hilda can I

do for you thank the light you made it

here safely on a hold needs all the

seasoned warriors it can muster our

expedition to this forsaken wreck of a

world was almost ground to a halt

grundle we encountered more resistance

to embarking for as if facing the

Burning Legion again wasn't enough there

are Horrors in his land unlike anything

we've ever encountered Marshall if

silver spits in the dust well-timed earn

your pay report at once to force command

control bane within the keep he and his

advisors will no doubt be heartened to

see you Marshall Isildur salutes u s--

directly for the alliance justice mutant

back and head entitled there we go

for the Alliance sort honored friend now

before we go very much further it would

be prudent I feel if we just mosey on

into the in here and we got winter

revelers right there we need to go and

speak to sir Lombardi that's it not sir

CID Lombardi I wish to make gonna hold

my home what can I help with and then

have a look at your wares okay so that

when he saw bound that is so bound that

is not no the rest of this stuff is soul

bound is it right you know what we have

an excessive amount of stuff that we're

carting around that I'm gonna need to

get rid of a lot of this I'm gonna send

to my bank halt so I'm gonna get

rewarded a load of this we also want to

go to shattrath city so that we can get

rid of some of the stuff there that

would probably be a good idea there's

the jewelcrafting stuff over here

there's all sorts of things and then

you've got the heroes core Borean Tundra

howling fjord and xanga Marsh I don't

want to go to any of those just yet not

a single one of them and then we have

Christmas trees they seem a bit out of

place over here don't they

first of all before we do anything else

though we're going to go into the keep

and we're

go and speak to the marshal and I was

prefer to go into the keep this way it's

faster it's much much faster to just

walk in through the top because you go

down the stairs and not there okay

that's not much much faster it's

actually much much faster to go into the

correct one so we need to go the other

way straight forward rather than

backwards and then we go up here we will

eventually do it we will eventually and

then you go up the ramp and then around

into the room see here we go I told you

is much much faster to go in here now

you think you'd go here and do it but

you can't do that so you've got to go

round and sit on his lap in order better

space or of course and we must answer

well met my brother I'm glad you've come

I am Danna --the leader of the sons of

Lothar and Force Commander at this hold

we each must do our part

welcome to honor hold grundle it's good

to have you strong guard will stand

proud once more grunt on the sons of

Lothar have fought here on the hellfire

peninsula for two decades we are beset

on all sides by indigenous orcs and

hellish demons of the Burning Crusade

and though your hearts still are our

hearts your hearts as concerns failed

our hearts still beat fiercely years of

war have reduced our numbers you and the

influx of Azeroth new generation of

Heroes are a welcome sight indeed while

the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth there

were also they were also at work here in


we have tracked their movement over the

years but this latest activity paladin

well this is beyond anything we've seen

seek out sergeant Altemus near the

eastern supply caravan she has been

monitoring the invaders and may have

insights into their purpose be swift and

take care grand on the Burning Legion is

not to be underestimated

rumors have surfaced that some new breed

of orc is on the rise larger meaner more

cunning than the brutes were familiar

with if these rumors are true then our

forces already stretched may be taxed

beyond their limits I have entrusted my

lieutenant Ahmadi with the investigating

this matter if you would help us in this

dark hour seek her out she is stationed

at the broken tower just west of the

holt and grundel be careful out there

you're heading into a new dangerous

world for the Alliance who are the

Alliance right

we have danger all around on all sides

this is not going to be easy we need to

make sure that we do things carefully

and do things sensibly so we can go to

the supply Caravan or we can go to the

broken Tower I'm thinking we go to the

broken tower first you come out of here

like so and you can walk forwards we go

right up to the top as always and we

throw ourselves off and we rubble on the

way down now that great big thing up

there I'm just gonna show you that one a

minute let's just go up there and have a

look see that there that is from one of

the raids now I have been asked if I

could go and have a look at a raid now

that I'm level 60 unfortunately you're

not able to do the looking for raid it

becomes available at level 5 at 85 the

raid Finder group you can't go into

raids on your own and well unless you're

in a raid group but you can't do it as

like a random group dungeons are five

people raids are just more people it's

essentially the same but you've got more

people in there some raids still require

only one tank much like a dungeon and

you will have spare tanks as backup who

for like mobs in between some fights

require multiple tanks to pick up

multiple different targets and then you

have extra healers in there as well and

then just most people are just dps

though so ever you'll have a few tanks

and a few healers and then lots of DPS

each raid does tend to differ slightly

with what you have but it's essentially

much the same just with a bigger group

of people and

can be a lot of fun it can be a real

challenge as well it is quite

entertaining trying to work through a

trade that does require 20 people to

know what they're doing and it does make

for a quite an entertaining event now

I'm thinking before we go and actually

start our quests I want to go for first

of all I'm going to go over here and I

want to speak to the trainers in here

we've got a blacksmithing trainer and a

mining trainer right there see on a


you dressed yenna fights I'd like to

learn Auckland mining train right we've

learned that so earth shatter fire

sunder smelt fel iron and a few more

that we can learn in a little while now

where is the engineering trainer I don't

remember where he's hiding somewhere

around here is an engineering trainer on

a hold quartermaster ID right there

once you get exalted with on a hold that

you can pick up some of these different

items right here there are no mounted on

a halt unusually for a lot of yoga's

most of the reps in the different zones

there's at least one that you can learn

there's at least one watch me call it at

least one mount that you can learn but

there isn't that one which is slightly

unusual I don't know where the

engineering trainer is is he up here ah

there we go he's tinkering makes the big

guns up assistance

need assistance yes I do right I would

like to train I want to learn Outland

engineering see you only need

engineering level one to be able to

learn this 10 gold and then we got fel

iron casing fel iron bomb and flying

machine so all of the other stuff that

we're carrying around that is now not

going to do is any good at all so the

other thing that I'd like to do is just

come over this way and speak to the

Griffin area we've got one flight point

there at the Dark Portal we have one

more over here in shattrath city itself

so we can fly across

all of this great big zone and this we

will be doing a load of stuff in his

zone and we get all the way to shattrath

city which is here in Terrica forest in

that bit right there and then we'll be

able to go to the bank in there and

stash away load of stuff I won't be

putting a half stone in now I will keep

the half stone here on hold I think and

here we come in to Shattrath City it's a

very unusual looking city this one is

and it's although that it's a very

unique sort of place it's like quiet and

almost eerie and spooky I remember when

level 70 was max level this was the city

and everybody was in this city so you

had loads of people around here all the

time but it's still at the same time

managed to feel very spooky and there's

something that I really liked about it

it was very awesome that it was still a

really spooky place to go despite the

fact that it was you know this big

public city was there was something

about it that was like quite appealing

and it's not in there you've got Harris

Hilton in here by the way you got relic

the drunk right there

Oh Romick the drunk isn't what you want

isn't he the one in the badlands I can't

remember now but anyway you've got

Kylene there look see Harris Hilton

so she liked times will pass gigantic

bag 1200 gold for a 22 slot bag now we

got frost we've bags which are 20 slot


but these days 1200 gold gets you more

than 22 slots but that was like v bag

and then you're the port will hold for

three grands I think you even get an

achievement for getting one of those I

can't remember now and then you've got

these other various ridiculously

expensive items now you think back in

Burning Crusade time this was worth a

lot of money they'll subpoena course

huge amount of money that was absolute

huge match money was there a feat of

strength for getting that I cannot

remember if there was a feat of strength

to do it's not Louise mounts I know that


you got reputation here Chandra lar I

did that and and then you just got your

events and stuff at that so I don't

think in those nothing in there um

anything on there it's not on that so

it's not gonna be feats of strength

legacy maybe I could have sworn there

was one where you actually got an

achievement for going and getting the

bag from her I genuinely can't remember

now it doesn't appear to be expansion

features maybe doesn't appear to be

anything I I could have sworn there was

an achievement associated with it but

maybe I got that wrong well maybe that

one was actually removed but anyway

we're here in shattered City there is a

couple of things that you can do in

Shattrath one is you go to the bank and

the banks are up here but the other one

is you can if you want to take the

guided tour of the city which not

through her but there was actually I

think the guided tour of the city is

from the guy in here and you go into the

middle you've got a doll right there

oh maybe you don't need to do it anymore

can learn here

she got lady liadrin remember why lady

liadrin would even be in here

not sure but yeah you've got the the

light guys in there and that's a blood

elf scribes wait a minute we can't go I

I got a feeling that I can't go to the

bank until I've learned because what

you've got in shatters you've got the

Squires and you've got the aldor and

you've got to become friendly with them

in order to be able to go up onto those

tiers and I got a feeling that we can't

use either of them oh no we can do

polite right that's okay all right I can

use the banks that's it that's a good

thing okay so if I go over here to my

reagents I got thorium bars right there

I've got a solid blasting powder

elemental earth there mithril tubes

let's put everything down and I go

deposit all reagents and this is all the

extra stuff see how much I've filled up


I got clam meets and all the rest of it

said everything now I've just gotten rid

of engineering 275 275 that one I've

already know that one so I can sell that

recipe that one already knows so you can

sell that one to 60 to 85 to 75 and 275

so those are recipes that I can't

actually do anything with at the moment

because we're now learning Outland stuff

and that's not related to us in any way

shape or form there's nothing that we

can do on earth our guild Tabard we will

keep the guild Tabard we want quetions

thing there sin declare sir tailoring

right so I've at least managed to get

rid of most of the stuff in our backs be

kind to those less fortunate now what I

need to do is I need to go and find a

mailbox mailboxes are actually deep

inside the bank been flying around

trying to find him there we go right

carrying this around special duty

assignments quest item leave through

papers to select your next assignment ah

enter the Dark Portal so I need you to

go to that one

having made your decision you can now

set off in search of bigger adventures

in far-off lands I didn't even know we

had them right - outland go through the

Dark Portal in last glance alright I

kind of done that already

still we will go and do it just you know

so that we can say that we've done it

but I got a little bit of space now in

my bags that should help to make life a

little bit easier I'm gonna halfback two

on a hold mouse and we will just quickly

flap over to the dark portal we can step

outside and then we can step back in

again and we'll see what we got to do

once we've done that little bit one

thing that I used to love about coming

to Outland was when you first got there

and the same with any of the expansions

is as soon as you hate started doing

quests as you started getting quest

rewards and stuff like that and gear

that would drop and there's a

significant step between the old stuff

and like the level of sixty stuff and

then the new stuff and a proper a

significant step right I've done that

talk to sergeant Altemus at the East

supply - outland there click ticket it

won't let me click the complete but yeah

that was I so I don't know if I still I

know that they've done like a whole

loader rebalancing and stuff so they may

have removed that little bit which it

would be a shame if they have but you

know you kind of understand it I know

they wanted to try and introduce our a

whole lot more balancing stuff to it to

try to make things working a little bit

better but um yeah so we'll sort of see

what happens to that

now we're coming in land to out land

here we go strange guys charred earth an

endless army of demons stretch out

before you welcome doubt land and

there's no more quests so we need to go

over and speak to you a mature one I do

for you what can I do for ya good you

can send me to honor halt there it is I

see it I spy it over there the monstrous

fel Reaver now while you're busy

wandering around hellfire peninsula

between level 60 and level 70 that fel

Reaver is very likely to be your

untimely demise and it will be the

untimely demise of you many times over

asked Orville ask our goose man ex who's

in the guild what happens when you get

too close to the fel Reaver he'll tell

you all about it he loves to fel Reaver

he does really he does he pretends that

he doesn't like it but actually he

really likes it and then he got doom

Lord Kathak who is up there he's the one

that used to be in a blasted lands and

people would cut him all the way to

Stormwind but then they moved him here

into out land and it's no longer

possible to kite him to storm wind

because he would get the storm wind and

he would kill everyone and everything in

Stormwind it was absolutely brilliant I

got killed a couple of times by that I

used to love it I still absolutely loved


I really did ok I'm gonna leave that

fell Reaver over there so we have a

quest that we want to go and do we are

going to take to the skies and we are

going to head over this way and we're

going to actually start our questing now

we're going to come down into here we

have a pet over there we have an adder

that is all we've got here is adders and

score pits wait a minute oh maybe it's

under Tarek our forest it is the flare

younglings up here says that they're

part of hellfire peninsula but it yeah

Flay a youngling right there hellfire

peninsula but it's not actually counting

it as part of it though they're over

here and those things are very


they are very cool-looking

now come down here go in here lieutenant

committee good we need all the help we

can get the increasing fell auch

presence around the southern rampart

concerns me

I sent out a scout to investigate but he

hasn't yet returned scavengers walks to

the Bonjour clans skulk about the ruined

battlements overlooking the path of

glory we must assume that these fellow

ox are gathering war machine parts to

their masters within Hellfire Citadel

they must be stopped

fine Bonjour orcs to the north grundle

find them and slay them but use caution

for although these orcs are the lesser

of the fel orcs their strength is the

match of any green skinned or green

skinned auch we've faced thus far be

careful right we've got to get 20 of

them um hang on a minute

have a look here reward right there look

at that six armor one strength item

Noble fifty no that's not actually that

much for a jump up is it so maybe

they've maybe that massive increase in

gear qualities no longer in their which

is I find a bit of a shame to be honest

I still love that sort of jump up it was

really cool the sons of Lothar have been

fighting a war without ends I'm amazed

we've kept our equipment in as good a

shape as it ace reinforcements are great

but I don't see em haul in any wagons

loaded within get September take a look

around friend trees are in short supply

and the mines are overrun with Legion

scum I'm in a bad way for supplies and

I'm making what substitutions I can but

it's time to start reusing what we can

the southern edge of the path of glory

strewn with ruins of siege machinery

some pieces of them are still useable

feeling up to a bit of salvage operation

watch your back watch your back right so

we got some salvaging to do over here

and then we've also got some Hawks to

kill as well so that the orcs are fairly


we've got bone Achuar mutants

and we've got these scavengers here so

pick up three of them to start with uh

see what these guys are like it used to

be also that you had quite to step up

with the creatures as well but again it

doesn't appear to be a thing that all

seems to be in the past no sort of

noticeable jump in quality and gear and

everything yeah that these guys also

have a habit of running away when you

when you start to get rid good so if I

stun him he ain't gonna run anywhere

there we go we got some nether weave

cloth and we can start picking up some

of these salvaged items salvageable

words a bit more over here there we go

and then we've got some bone shoes over

here so I'm going to throw a shield into

that lock run one oops I meant to throw

the shield at that guy there him and

he's he's coming after us anyway okay

let's do this let's do this before I

throw that one down I'm just going to

pop that a minute and then pop those

very quickly there and now I can start

putting that one down and thinking that

I could do get that Bonjour evoker over

here so I do it like that

there so that should hopefully get him

to come in a little bit closer and I'm

about to bubble use the bubble oh that

was close that was entirely too close I

was a bit foolish then I did that the

wrong way round I tried to heal first

there was only pure chance that I

survived where are you going exactly I'm

not quite sure what he thinks he's doing

he's not going anywhere he's not leaving

the party earlier neither is that one

he's asleep in the party early so we'll

just leave him to it and these guys are

actually fairly dangerous okay they are

actually fairly dangerous we were taking

a lot of damage you up there I could do

with you not being up there right take

you down like that I got one more and

he's all the way up over there I'm out

of range I'm gonna get this a minute

because he's still running quite sure

what he's running from at the moment but

he is still running look at him

sniveling little coward that's what he

is a sniveling little coward come back

here come back over here I can't mount

until I've killed you I thought that

he's dead I thought they'd sort of

regained their courage quicker than that

and then they came after you maybe he

doesn't go back over this way we want a

head I love this mount this one's good

oh by the way I actually forgot it's

been quite a while since I've had any

good sessions on Warcraft admittedly and

I'm really sorry to those of you who

were in the guilt and I know a lot of

you join a guild so you could gain with

me and I've just not been on and I do

feel bad for it I really do so it's not

an ellic I don't think they're trained

men who stomper that's the one I got

this one

so it's not much but I did get this one

you mount that one right there and that

was from the garrison in Draenor so that

that's one new mountain that I got I was

only on for a little bit I have only

been able to be on for a little bit

lately and I haven't been able to do

more than that and I know it is a it is

a thing and I'd sort of knew this back

when I first started putting the guild

together and out that sometimes I just

wouldn't be able to play very much at

all and possibly for months at a time

and it just happens that way something

is there isn't a great deal that I'm

able to do about it

exactly um but I haven't forgotten that

you all exist right I'll just say that I

haven't forgotten

this I mean yeah I do come on I see the

chat I read back through the chats and I

see you all there saying well where's

Tripp he's obviously abandoned us he

doesn't clear anymore um no I really do

I would like to be back on and do more

I'm going to try and send everybody in

the killed a few pets at Christmas

whether or not actually see you at

Christmas I don't know but send me an

in-game mail telling me what three pets

you want from the bank actually one one

item from the fourth tab which is our

like the super prize tab and and then

any three other pets right I know we've

got several of us here in the guild but

there's loads of pets there so I'll give

a load out I haven't been able to do

what I said I was gonna do which was and

I have regular events and stuff so yeah

we will have a big Christmas thing I'll

give out a whole load of stuff so send

me an in-game mail telling me what you

want from the guild bank I'll see if I

can do something to get it to you and

before Christmas if at all possible I

think you know at least I could do

something I'm out of range and I will

hopefully be able to get on more

probably not going to happen until New

Year to be honest but I will I haven't

forgotten you I do check in I do check

in and just have like a quick chat with

people who are here but unfortunately at

the moment I'm not able to do a lot and

I know also Mick quite a few of you are

taking a bit of a break from Warcraft at

the moment and you play in the new Efes

19 instead and so um but eventually I'm

hoping that a lot of people will come

back the same as me I've just not had

the time to do it and I can appreciate

that it does take up a lot of time use

only so much gaming time people have and

I know a lot of you are really loving

efforts 19 at the moment so yeah it

could be a while before we start seeing

loads of people back online but still it

is fun being here and for those of you

that have stayed here and you're not

really into

farming simulator I haven't forgotten

about you I absolutely promise that I

haven't forgotten about you and I do

think about what you know trying to get

on at the weekends it's just

unfortunately I spend rather a lot of

time sort of I'm able to log on very

briefly but I've noticed I can't really

do a great deal once I've logged on I

sort of log on and say hello and then

that's about it

I then disappear again and I can

appreciate for some of you that may not

be quite what you were hoping for when

you first signed up to the gilt and so

yeah that it's just the way it is

unfortunately it's not a lot that we can

do about that let's wander over here

we've got one more piece of wood to get

right there uh nope this metal I thought

that was piece of wood we've got two

more bits of metal which is these two

right here we need three more orcs and

then we've got these quest or there's

the piece of wood that's what I want

right down there

three more orcs as well and then we've

done that our very first quest here in

Outland they are actually completed and

we all will also have run out of time

which is not quite part of the master

plan but still we'll turn in these two

quests in our next episode the very

beginning of our next episode and we are

firmly established here in Outland this

is our new zone here now we are going to

be here and we are going to be fighting

orcs and we're going to be fighting all

sorts of things

demons mostly it's mostly demons and all

but there are some other things here as

well awesome they are hidden nasty

surprise in here as well and

you got the broken now we've seen the

broken before and I have mentioned them

those of you who don't know it's

basically dren I is the broken but

unfortunately demons and nasty things

got hold of them and they are not the

Draenei anymore they are something

different and in large part they are

shunned by dren eyes society which is a

bit of a shame and doesn't speak very

highly for any society either

it's got to be say it's a good clothes

it absolutely does not right do that and

do that and we have completed our little

task well done and that's all done as

well so I don't know this 52nd track I

will ignore that and we will head on up

here and we're nice and green now I love

the skies in Outland my favourite bit of

outland is the moons and the skies and

all the tracks and everything it looks

absolutely beautiful it really does

although I think that ultimately it's

got sort of rather bad meanings behind

it so it's beautiful but deadly but

anyway if you've enjoyed this episode

then please head down below and give us

a like and if you really enjoyed it and

please tell your friends all about me

get them to come watch as well that

would be awesome and until next time

thank you very much for watching this is

rifka goodbye and see you later