Skyrim Special Edition: How To Start Dark Brotherhood (Walkthrough Quest Remastered Gameplay)

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my name is ESO and welcome back to the

channel in this video I'm going to be

covering a beginner's guide on how to

actually start the Dark Brotherhood

quest line in Skyrim because it is quite

hidden away if you're new to the game so

for those of you that don't know the dog

Brotherhood are an infamous kill of

highly trained assassin so their quest

line is pretty awesome if you like

killing people and getting rewarded for

it and to start this epic quest line we

must first come to winter and if you've

not been before guys you can just take

the carriage outside of wet road to this

location it's a very good way to stop a

quest line from a low level but windhelm

itself is located just here on the map

in the far north reaches of Skyrim so

coming straight here is the forces way

to actually start the quest and once you

do enter the city you're going to come

up through the town just to the right

here and then go left for this alleyway

up ahead you'll see a child talking to a

dark out and we can listen in to that


then it's true what everyone is saying

that Aventis RT knows doing a black

sacrament trying to summon the dark


Oh grim bah always with a nonsense no no

of course not

those are just tales fine then I'll

invite him out to play he lives right

there I'm going to knock on his door no

child wait boy that house they have

cursed ha then I'm right I knew it he's

trying that somebody killed all right I

won't deny it child

what you heard is true but event

Authority no walks a dark path his

actions can lead only to rule now enough

he will speak no more of us I am the

only friend you need and now he was

picked this lock on the door in order to

discover what's actually going on inside

this hat for our cell oh very tired


sweet mother sweet mother send your

child unto me for the sins of the

unworthy must be baptized in blood and

fear Soho very tired


sweet mother sweet mother send your

child unto me for the sins of the

unworthy must be better you've come at

last I knew you would

are you all wrong it worked I knew you'd

come I just wrote it I did the black

sacrament over and over with the body in

the things and then you came in assassin

from the Dark Brotherhood yes of course

the black sorrows it took so long so

very long but now that you're here you

can accept my contract contract

my mother's she she died I I'm all alone

now so they sent me to the terrible

orphanage and Rifton on her hall the

headmistress is an evil cruel woman they

call a crowd the kind but she's not kind

she's terrible to all of us so I ran

away and came home and performed the

black sacrament now you're here and you

could kill grow up the kind sorry to be

honest I'm kind of lonely here as much

as I hated getting sent to Honor Hall I

really miss my friends they're assassins

don't come cheap boy I have a family

heirloom you can have supposed to be

sort of valuable I hope that's alright

please hurry to be honest I'm kind of

lonely here as much as I hated getting

sent to honor and all of you doesn't

shouting good boy just exit the house

and the next thing we need to do is fast

travel to rift it because that's where

we're going to find our first target and

if you've not yet discovered drifting

guys you can simply take a carrot from

outside of the city gate all the way

over to rift it and once you do arrive

guys we're just going to head straight

through the town and if you haven't

already guys make sure you check out the

description of the video because I'm

going to put some useful guides down

there on how to level up your characters

artery one-handed skill and also your

sneak skill very quickly that will

really help you out with this quest line

I've also got some guides on the best

weapon you can use for assassins as well

so make sure you check that out soon

you're going to find the orphanage

though in the corner of the city just

over here

those who shirk their duties will get an

extra beating do I make myself clear yes

yes girls groan and one more thing

or talk of adoptions none of you with

rappers getting adopted ever nobody

needs you

nobody wants you why you will always be

until the day you come of age and get

thrown into that wide horrible world now

what do you all say love me girl that's


now scurry off my little guttersnipes

I'm we're just going to deliver in a

swift hour or death and this doesn't

count as murder guys because nobody's

actually seen me kill her and to be

honest judging by all these children

reacting to her death

you're somewhat of a hero grilling the

kind is get at last received I'm rather

interestingly guys if you do search her

core you will find the pig children book

which is a racist novel enough also no

regrets are getting this racist and now

we just need to exit the orphanage and

fast traveling back to the boy in wind

hell and once again guys just head on

inside his house so we can talk to it

well bro odd the kind is she

you know haha I knew you could do it I

just knew it I knew that our Brotherhood

would save me here just like I promised

this should fetch you a nice price thank

you thank you again it's a job well done

indeed and he's going to give us a

crappy family heirloom worth 100 go it's

basically just a play I grow up I'm

going to be an assassin that way I can

help lots of children just like you and

now guys you're going to want to come

outside and fast travel to Whiterun just

here on the map and when you reach

jueveron you'll see a courier appear in

front of you and this is just a good way

to make that happen then the courier

doesn't appear for you I suggest that

you just wait at the entrance to the

city just where I am now for a few day

and then

we'll eventually show up but basically

guys we just want to get but look as

serious less or something I'm supposed

to deliver your hands only let's see


yeah got this note don't know creepy

fella black robe couldn't see his face

paid me a pretty some to get that into

your hands though looks like that's it

got to go so now you can take a look at

this letter it's just got a black hand

on the to word we know and now we need

to find a place to sleep so I'm going to

go to white runs in and get up there and

if any of you are familiar with the

previous Elder Scrolls games you'll

recognize the significance of the black

hand right away and what it me if

basically represents a high bottom of

the dot Brotherhood kill and definitely

look up the law and background story on

that have you are interested so yeah

we're just going to come in the impact

paper through anger to famines come and

gone if it's work you're looking for

they did just doesn't know when to quit

oh [ __ ] so just come over to your bed

and go to sleep and as soon as you'll

have here's a pillow you'll get a

loading screen you've basically been

kidnapped in the middle of nowhere

sleep well what where am I who are you

does it matter

you're warm dry and still very much

alive that's more than can be said for

old grelod you know about us half of

Skyrim knows old hag gets butchered in

her own orphanage things like that tend

to get around oh but don't misunderstand

I'm not criticising it was a good kill

old crone had it coming and you saved a

group of urgence to boot but there is a

slight problem problem you see that

little arity no boy was looking for the

Dark Brotherhood for me and my

associates grelod the kind was by all

rights a Dark Brotherhood contract a

kill that you stole a kill you must

repay you want me to notice someone else

Hey well now funny you should ask

if you turn around you'll notice my

guests I've collected them from my hell

that's not really important the here and


that's what matters you see there's a

contract out on one of them and that

person can't leave this room alive but

Oh which one go on see if you can figure

it out make your choice make your kill I

just want to observe and admire

am I to take your silence as acceptance

then you know where we stand

make your kill and we're square

repayment of your debt is but a discreet

knife thrust away and now you can go and

interrogate all these prisoners if you

get all free right you'll get free

speech skill point and also their

backstory so let me just show you how to

do that whoever this is clearly we got

off on the wrong foot

but no worries this is not the first

time I have been bagged and dragged who

are you ah

Varsha at your service obtainer of goods

taker of lives and Defiler of daughters

have you not heard of me perhaps I will

have my people card my name in your

corpse as a reminder will somebody paid

how you kill me are you serious

Ultima or I'll take this room with your

blood don't you get it I live in the

shadow of death every day and I fin

every doorway a not arrow on every

rooftop if one of my enemies would not

pay to have me killed I would take it as

a personal insult tell you what you

release me and I promise my associates

will not cut you down like an animal and

butcher you in this state it is a


get these things off of me you are you

none of your damn business who I am if

you're going to kill me just do it

already as Mara is my witness if I

didn't have this hood on right now I

would spit right in your face will

someone pay to have you killed

excuse me what kind of question is that

it's right just tell me what I need I'm

a woman living in Skyrim with six

children and no husband I don't have the

time or the patience to be nice do some

people look down on me

have I made some enemies you're damn

right I don't have time for this

nonsense I've got a home to keep and

children to feed

uh-huh I can hear you talking out loud

I'm here please let me go

I've done nothing to you is this about

that raid last week I told hole groom

there was no honor in killing sleeping

men but they wouldn't listen it wasn't

my fault I swear you you my name is

full-time I'm a soldier

well mercenary really you know a South


I've lived in Skyrim all my life that's

all I'm a nobody Greely so can't you

just let me go

where somebody paid to have you killed

what oh god I don't want to die answer

me or die please I I don't know I mean

I'm a soldier I've killed people when I

was ordered to maybe there was sometimes

sometimes I got carried away but war is

war right

nobody could blame me for that could


ah what did I do

please whatever it is I'm sorry so those

are the sharpest among you may have

realized that their sound pretty beauty

if someone they've done something wrong

so just to be sure

let's kill all of them then you can't be

wrong and then we're just going to talk

to Astrid once again well well aren't we

the overachiever three possibilities

three victims must have been one of them

right so why take chances

so who wasn't you actually have the call

tracked oh no no no don't you understand

guilt innocence right wrong irrelevant

what matters is I ordered you to kill

someone and you obeyed so I'm free today

of course and you've repaid your debt in

full here's the key to the shack but why

stop here I say we take our relationship

to the next level I would like to

officially extend to you an invitation

to join my family the dark brotherhood

in the southwest reaches of Skyrim in

the pine forest you'll find the entrance

to our sanctuary it's just beneath the

road hidden from view when questioned by

the black door answer with the correct

passphrase silence my brother

then you're in and your new life begins

I'll see you at home and now guys the

point Paul to actually go and join the

secret killer cell we must now fast

travel to Prague which is in the far

southwest tired

as you can see the guilt is hidden away

in the forest at 40 knots on your map so

once you're right from the main entrance

to progress just head towards the

location through the Train step this is

where you'll find the secret entrance of

the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary and go

ahead and you want a full walkthrough on

how to get all the unique quest rewards

for each contract mission you're going

to do make sure you check out my full

walkthrough of the Dark Brotherhood

quest line and you can find a link to

that down below in the description but

we'll find the door just in

respond silent my brother and this

option is only available off to somebody

dear to artwork so you can't just come

straight here at the start in your game

guys and now let the adventure begin

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