Fortnite WEEK 1 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - CROWN of RV’s, Forbidden Locations (Battle Royale Season 7)

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for today's guide I'm gonna be showing

you stuff like the different Forbidden

locations that you need to dance in

these stages challenge that requires you

to find a crown of our V's and stuff

like that and then tips and tricks for

the other ones as well like how to deal

headshot damage pretty easily and also

tips for the other ones as well so it's

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it here first of all with the challenges

for this week in case you're not home in

order to see them or want a quick

overview of the challenges for this week

we're gonna be going through the main 7

I'm trying to put this video out as soon

as possible so for the star location or

banner location or even if there is one

I guess we don't know for sure 100% yet

be sure to check the pinned comment down

below or something like that at the end

of the video but as for the rest of the

challenges here let's go through them

you've got play matches with at least

one elimination and then gotta do that

five times you've also got dance on top

of a crown of rvs a metal turtle and a

submarine I'll show you the locations of

those super easy

you've got deal headshot damage to

opponents and search ammo boxes in a

single match stages they'll show you

tips and tricks for those dancin

different forbidden locations I'll show

you the locations you need for that and

also pick up an item of each rarity and

eliminate opponents in different named

locations but the first challenge I want

to talk about in this video is a pretty

interesting one and there is some tips I

can give you guys to help you get it

done even faster because you know some

of these challenges do take a little bit

of time but the first which the deal

headshot damage to opponents because I

know this can be a little bit tough


how you play the game but there are some

fast ways to do it in case you want to

get this one done as fast as possible

now there's a couple of different things

you can do but the first tip I can give

you here is to actually try to do this

with a couple of other challenges as

well we have a couple of other like

elimination challenges coming up that

we're gonna talk about but coupling this

with those definitely can save you a lot

of time if you're trying to you know

knock out two birds with one stone maybe

even three birds with one stone again

I'll talk about those more in a little

bit but it definitely can be very

helpful on top of that though if you

have a tough time just getting

eliminations or getting headshot damage

specifically there's one way to do it

super easy and actually there's two ways

the first of which is to do one of the

limited time modes whatever it is at the

time like right now it's team rumble but

if it switches to something else where

there are response that's definitely a

very easy wait you know rack up some of

that headshot damage and specifically

aim for that without risking you know

getting eliminated and not responding on

top of that though you could also play

in like squads and with your team when

you knock somebody you can go up to them

and get the headshot damage that way

because there are a lot easier target

they're slower and it can definitely be

a very quick and very easy way to do it

that way and then after that guys let's

go over a fairly quick one and then

we'll jump into it with the dancin

different forbidden locations got a

bunch of locations to show you guys for

that one but first of all the challenge

I want to go over before that is the

pickup an item of each rarity I know

that sounds pretty straightforward and

honestly it is pretty straightforward

but there's still tips I can give you

guys especially unlike getting a

legendary which is definitely the

toughest part like the ones before that

the you know common uncommon and rare

rarity the grey green and blue is pretty

straightforward you'll pretty much be

able to find that just when you're going

to loot anything but the epic and

legendary rarities can be a little bit

more tough but what I would recommend is

actually going into team Rumble and

that's the beginning of the match you

want to go towards the circle and try to

grab some of these supply drops that

drop around the map I believe they drop

inside of the circle and I'm not 100%

sure when they do but since you have gly

to redeploy in that mode you can you

know grab some materials build some

ramps up and if you see one fly over to

it and that should be able to help you

get I believe the legendary items I'm

not so sure about the epic but you know

you might just have to go around and

loot in team rumble just normally go to

somewhere where your teammates haven't

landed at and just open every chest you

can you'll eventually find something in

that nice purple color and it'll help

you get this challenge done but then

keeping it going here guys with the

dance in front of different forbidden

locations this one is a little bit

confusing because what exactly are

forbidden locations and where are those

locations don't worry I've got a bunch

to show you here but the forbidden

locations are actually these signs from

like way back when but if you go up to

these in dance in front of them as you

can see it helps to complete the

challenge so these are the forbidden

location things that you're looking for

now again that's a little bit weird

because these have been around for a

long time like through a bunch of the

seasons some of them were removed from

the previous season so don't worry I'll

show you guys some locations right here

but yeah you just go up to them use an

emote that's I do the challenge at least

that's the basics of it so as you can

see here with this first one this is

actually at the llama the metal llama at

the junk Junction location or actually

like right outside of it so if you go up

on top of that hill and dance in front

of it that will be your first one done

you don't have to do these in this order

you can really do them in any order but

yeah moving on to the next one then this

is actually on the hill near wailing

woods and tomato temple and also I guess

risky reels it's sort of like in the

triangular position between those but

it's the one with the quad Crashers on

top as you can see just go ahead and

dance in front of that one now on top of

that and also for a couple of these

coming up here thanks to real eclipse EO

and Diego hooray a 64 on Twitter so big

thanks to them but you've also got one

that I found at the lake so if you go

there right on this rock as you can see

there is one next to the boat so just go

there dance in front of it that's a

pretty easy one to get and then you've

also got one next to salty Springs on

top of this mountain right here on the

sort of like 2nd to the top level as you

can see next to some of the zip lines so

that's a pretty good one to land at the

beginning of the match unless you want

to build up there but then you've got

one in the desert area on top of this

mountain as you can see right here so

that's another one you may want to land

at at like the beginning of the match

but it should be pretty easy to get now

on top of that you've also got one at

the mountain over here where you usually

tend to find like a ton of shopping

carts and stuff like that it's near the

soccer field

if the soccer field thing is still there

I guess I forgot to check but you guys

remember what I'm talking about and then

you've also got a final one for the

seventh one that you're gonna need it is

near frosty flights it is at this

campsite on top of this little icy hill

and as you can see it's right out in the

open so that should be a pretty easy one

as well but if that's your last one it

should get you all of these done for the

challenge but keeping a go in here with

the next challenge and also we have the

RV ones coming up and also like the

metal turtle stuff like that but first

of all I want to talk about the searched

ammo boxes in a single match and that's

just one of them I think three stages

and unfortunately as of right now I

don't know what the other stages are I

just haven't gotten to that yet I've

been trying to rush through and find the

other things for you guys but I'm pretty

sure it's got to be like chests or

supply drops or something like that but

for ammo boxes I do have a way to get

done with that fairly fast but

unfortunately they removed my go-to spot

to get these challenges done the greasy

Grove Durr burger location it's covered

up so unfortunately we can't go there

for this challenge so the other thing I

would recommend is to just go to like

locations with a bunch of houses near

them there's actually this one house

that has like five ammo boxes that they

all decide to spawn but basically guys

just go into any game-mode try and land

somewhere like with a bunch of houses

that not a ton of other people are

landing at and you can even do team

Rumble which will be perfect for this

because you can go far away from your

teammates and stuff like that and try

and find a location with a bunch of

houses by yourself and that'll help you

get this done because you can look

through the houses for the ammo boxes

and like for example this house right

here in Pleasant Park and I believe it

might be elsewhere on the map as well

but in this house there's an ammo box

behind the couch some time again they

sometimes spawn randomly there's one

under the steps and if you go up there's

one behind the bed then I believe

there's one in here and there can also

spawn a fifth one in the Attic so this

house is amazing for this and even if

you don't find five here you can just go

to the houses next to it in pleasant

Park and you'll have this one done and

then again if there's chests for the

other challenges there like supply drops

supply drops as we said can be easily

found in team rumbles so that's the best

way to do it but honestly those should

be pretty straightforward and then after

that guys you have a super-simple

challenge which is to play matches with

at least one elimination so basically

get an elimination in different matches

this one is super straightforward but

the main tip I can give you guys is to

try and do it when you're going for some

of the other challenges if you're going

for some of the dance a forbidden

location things maybe get in a pig axe

battle with somebody and trying

get in elimination that way or there's

another challenge coming up which has to

do with eliminating opponents so you can

just do it then as well but yeah try and

do it with some other challenges as well

to save a bit of time but then after

that guys one of the most important

challenges is the dance at a crowd of

RVs a metal turtle and a submarine and

I've got all of the locations to show

you right here now real quick before we

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notifications turned on boy yeah guys

getting back into it this is a stage

challenge so you will have to do them in

separate matches but they are pretty far

away from each other anyway so it

doesn't really matter and also thanks to

a few people on Twitter for pointing

these out to me such as childish Tino 9

real eclipse eel and also wolfy so big

thanks to them but let's get into it

here with first of all the crown of rvs

now this one is a pretty weird one but

it's actually near the pueblo area near

paradise palms are more specifically the

desert biome as you can see right here

I'm flying towards it it's on the

southern portion of the map again near

that like village but on top of the hill

so go up there simply dance at the crown

and that's how you get the first stage

done now after that then for the metal

turtle this one is pretty weird as well

these are all pretty much close to the

edge of the map but this one is live

right on the edge of the map alright so

it is near wailing woods and also lonely

lodge it's on the very eastern portion

of the map as you can see again near

those two locations and it's pretty hard

to miss it's a pretty big metal turtle

so just go there land there dance on top

of the metal turtle and that will be the

second stage done it's really not that

hard to do guys um again you'll need to

do these in separate matches because the

final one is way across the map in the

new snowy area and that is the submarine

now the submarine is actually pretty

interesting because it's like this new

model I have no idea how it got to this

location but it is a pretty crazy

looking thing so in order to find this

submarine again you need to go to the

snowy area but it's kind of near where

flush factory used to be as you can see

it's at this location right here sort of

near that you knew well name the

location can't quite remember the name

of it

happy Hamlet

and in between frosty flights near those

areas so go on top of this hill right

here probably at the beginning of the

game because it is pretty tall but dance

there and that should be the final one

for this stage challenge honestly guys

not that hard overall and then for the

final challenge I want to talk about

this one is a pretty easy one in a

pretty quick one it is the eliminate

opponents in different named locations

honestly guys that is so straightforward

you just need to go around the map

getting eliminations in different names

locations however as I've said with

previous ones definitely try and do this

one with the other ones as well like if

you're dealing headshot damage with this

challenge that's two birds with one

stone you can also do the play matches

with at least one elimination and get

that one done as well it's super easy to

mix and match these and try to get them

done at the same time so definitely do

that guys it will help you out a ton and

in the long run you will get these done

quicker but yeah guys that is going to

be it for today's video I hope you

enjoyed it and found it helpful and if

you did be sure to hit that subscribe

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you in the next one