How to get cool symbols (❃ ✩ ☻ ∞ ❁ ❤︎ ♛) (tutorial Thursday #1)

hey guys it's love to craft here and

today I have another phone tutorial for

you guys and so today I'm going to be

showing you how you can get these really

cool symbols right here on your phone so

these are just some of them and then you

can also get a ton more any others where

you can add them to a keyboard your

keyboard and then there's a way you can

just like copy and paste them so in my

notes right here I have a bunch of

symbols that are my favourites that I

use a lot and I just copy and paste

these and then there's a way you can add

some of these to your keyboard so what

you want to do is go into settings then

scroll down to general then scroll down

to keyboard then go up to keyboards then

go to add new keyboard and you want to

scroll down until you see Japanese and

then just click kana and then click done

now if you're typing let's see if you're

typing you just click this little button

down here with the little egg world on

it and go to the one with all the

Japanese symbols and when you get there

you'll see this sort of keyboard click

ABC then click the star one two three

then here are all the different symbols

so if I click one and hold it down I can

go to music note and it will give me

this option I can go to star and I'll

get all of these different ones I can go

to the arrow and there's all kinds of

different arrows and stuff so yeah and

those are only some of them you don't

get a ton on this keyboard but yeah and

then you can also click this little face

down here and you'll get all kinds of

different faces it's kind of insane

actually and yeah if you want to get


or cooler ones like these and stuff just

go ahead and click the link down below

it'll be the first sign it'll say click

this link in all caps and if you click

on that it'll take you to this website

and it has all kinds of copy and paste

symbols and as you can see there's like

a bajillion and then it has like these

like drawing things and yeah there's

just a ton of stuff and I guess I did go

through like every one of these and pick

out my favorites so yeah the top

probably has some of the best ones and

then this right here has some really

good ones this middle section and yeah

there's just I mean there's a ton you

can get and so I just copied and pasted

them into my notes and then if you want

to add these to your keyboard what you

can do is go to settings go to general

go to keyboard then go to shortcuts then

click the little plus button at the top

and for phrase you can put one of these

symbols so I'll just put this one and

I'll do copy and then for phrase just go

ahead and paste it in and then for

shortcut you can put like flower or

something like that you can just put

whatever you want and then click Save

but make sure something that's not like

an actual word it's like if you have

flower that's when you're going to be

typing try like at flower or question

mark flowers when you wouldn't really be

typing like normally and then just click

the Save button and it'll be saved into

your keyboard and then you can go to

notes and when you want to type

something you can go for me I have

flower one and as you can see it pasted

this thing in here or I can do stars one

I think is one of them yeah

and as you can see it gives me this like

those are what you can do if you want to

have them on your keyboard or you can

just copy

whenever you want so yeah that's

basically how you can get these really

cool some bowls and yeah I really hope

that you guys enjoyed this video so go

ahead and give us a thumbs up and

comment down below more ideas for

tutorials and yeah I'll see you guys in

the next video bye guys