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Crimea is opinion Salinas tan Europe

surrounded by Black Sea in the South

between the Crimean mountains and the

sea runs a narrow coastal strip which

became so-called crimean riviera famous

but it's mild Mediterranean climate

yacht is located on the deep bay facing

towards the Black Sea

surrounded by the mountain ridge a pear

tree and by numerous vineyards and

orchards the Sultan Cole's sheltered by

mountains has many exotic plants it's

Cypress only on the almond and natto

together with bumps and others of

tropical flora Yalta is one of the most

popular holiday and health resorts but

many hotels and sanatoriums including

the one established in nineteen hundreds

at the instigation of the Russian writer

Anton Chekhov we lived in Yalta and

created his novels including the famous

one the lady would adore


this well honest is a decorative car

Salerno Gothic style which was built in

1912 from the top of 40 meter high

Aurora claim for the Baltic German

businessman were on bunch tangled the

first building on the Cleve was

contracted for Russian general in 1895

the structure was a wooden cordage

romantically named the castle of love

in 1911 but on one Stengel bought the

timber cortege and within a year

replaced it with a current building the

castle is compact in size measuring 20

metres long by 10 metres wide and has

only two bedrooms on two different

levels pal chesare is quite a remote

mountain area in the northern part of

crimea like it 820 kilometers from Yalta

and it took but an important role at

medieval history of Peninsula since 1830

Crimea has been colonized by the Greeks

the Persians the Romans the Byzantine

Empire the Crimean wards that generates

the Ottoman Empire and the Russian

Empire for over two centuries Russia and

the Ottoman Empire were engaged in the

series of wars for control of the Black

Sea region in one of those conflicts in

1783 Crimea was absorbed by Russia but

recognition the rights of all connect

noble families by the Russian nobility

medieval cape town of jihad Calais is

located 3 kilometres from bakhchisaray

on a mountain plateau with precipice one

in heart kilometers above sea level the

town was created as a fortified

settlement in the 5th or 6th century on

the periphery of the Byzantine Empire

in the 15th century the first crimean

khan realizing the fortress advantages

join the old section of the town into

his fortified residence after the defeat

of the golden horde the crimean khanate

became considerably stronger after the

crummiest conquest and its inclusion

into the russian empire the footrests

and habitants were permitted to live

anywhere in the crimea but the time form

jihad color was deserted however you

still can find around 200 caves that

were used by locals for household and

defensive needs by the end of our

kilometers truck passing by the ruins of

the old cemetery and finally it's a

lunchtime at a beautiful local

restaurant over viewing gorgeous

mountains as I mentioned before the

history of Berkshire sorry I was named

in Crimean Tatar means a garden palace

begin in the 16th century when the token

Sahib started building his residence

here the fellows complex design and

minarets were constructed by Ottoman

portion and Italian architects the boat

enclosure contains a mosque a harem a

cemetery living quarters and gardens the

palace interior has been decorated to

reflect the traditional 16th century

crimean tatar style it's one of the

best-known muslim palaces found in

europe bakhchisaray fontaine often tale

of tears is a real case of life

imitating art the fontaine was built in

honor of the Khan's favorite wife Maria

who was killed by the Germans former

wives Arunima became attached an

expression of moon and a symbol of

eternal love the sad story inspired the

famous Russian writer Alexander Pushkin

and he wrote the loan narrative form

titled different n approaches arrived


Masson trip Ellis is one of the most

interesting monuments of 19th century

architecture located in mas entre one of

the most beautiful places on Crimea

souls and coasts the palace was built in

the style of French chateau of the

Renaissance and surrounded by Park which

is declared as a monument of landscape

architecture in 1899 then finished

palace was bought by the Treasury for

Emperor Alexander the third who died

before seeing the finished project in

his father's memory nicholas ii

completed the construction of the palace

the Romanovs never lived by even spent a

night in the palace it was used for

shortstop during hunting trips the

elements of different styles Renaissance

Baroque Rococo neoclassical style were

used in the interior decoration

nikita botanical garden is one of the

oldest Botanical Gardens in Europe it

was founded in 1812 and named after the

settlement minute in Crimea the total

area is 11 square kilometers

it is a scientific research centre and

producer of saplings and seeds in a

tourist attraction

it's collection counts over 50,000

species sorts and hybrids its scent if

you quote consistent study of natural

flora collection of gene font and

selection of new agricultural plants

Liberty is a settlement insulting Crimea

and is known for its healing climate and

became a popular resort town in 1861

tsar alexander the circles both the

london Livadia and him the grand palace

built there as a gift to his wife not

long after that the minor palace was


Alexander the third the next hair to the

throne well visited there many times and

eventually died there the new Italian

Renaissance style building with the

palace was designed as a summer

residence for the last Russian Tsar

Nicholas the second in 1911 but he and

his family spent just four seasons here

before their arrest by Bushwick troops

in 1917 an execution the following year

the palace was the site of one of the

most important political events on the

Second World War the attack on France

this time it was attended by the three

heads of state from the anti-hitler

allied forces by roseville Churchill and



France of peles is one of the oldest and

the largest palaces in Crimea and it was

built for Russian prince Mikhail

Vorontsov also construction was begun in

1828 it took 20 years to build out of

green dollar eyes the volcanic origin

stone in a mixture of Scottish English

gothic and Moorish revival it was

designed by Edward blower well known

therefore completely design of

Buckingham Palace and London Mikhail

Vorontsov was a Russian prince and

filled marshal renowned for his success

in the Napoleonic Wars in Caucasian war

he was a great general who insisted on

fair treatment for his soldiers in the

even sold out one of his property to pay

his soldiers deaths when troops were

live in Paris after Napoleon War the

palace consists of a total of hundred

fifty rooms but only eight are open to

visitors the design of the palace was to

highlight the traumas position is a

place where the east and the west meet

Virant of desire was to incorporate my

Chi from Islamic and certain

architecture into design of the palace

it can be seen that the northern

entrance facade which has a pool of an

open mosque like vegetable the grounds

were nice but the addition of three

pairs of white marble lines went way

Italian sculpture Giovanni bonanni the

furnace is surrounded by gardens in a


this grounds consisting of 40 hectares

one lead out in the form of ugly theater

featuring wide open spaces in gardens

blend it alongside the walkways Tamla

was introduced from various locations

throughout the world

including the Mediterranean the Americas

in the station flora imported over 150

years ago still numbers almost 200

species Crimea's coastal highway runs

through the park dividing it into the

upper inland portions the upper park is

demanded by the mountain springs and

sultan caused by forestry and clusters

of fallen tree grow


my battery's a mountain peak and the

legendary Massif of 300 square

kilometres spreads for 25 kilometers

from east to west the name has Greek

origin and translates the st. Peter

there are two ways to get to its 1200

meter high peaks to see the

unforgettable views which is to take the

minibus so use the cable way we decided

to explore both ways

minibus makes few stops on the way to

see in shunted Lake looks like a

fairytale gorgeous and then amazing view

over the whole southeastern coast of

premier I built a is one of the Windus

places in Crimea the wind blows 425 days

a year which in his be 250 meters per

second at the top of IP 'try were

reached a birlstone plateau with many

covers and places were good to stop for

lunch to try national totaku scene and

treat yourself to eastern sweets


you can get the delicious soup freshly

grilled trout honey walnut cake and

humble to you for less than $10 so try

it by mini bars for about 10 minutes and

hiking for another one and a half

kilometers by styptic is slow to reach

the main point i petra peaks in addition

to tramble some wings the high peak is

also one of the foggiest places in

peninsula given the heights an air of

mystery and danger the cable breaches

were built in the recent years and

allows for safe passage to cross over

the Luna goal-directed rock formations I


Petra has everything for adventurous

getaway you can do ziplining ride horses

mountain bicycles indoor motorcycles

quad bikes and even paragliding there we

rented a quite by for about $80 to

explore the amazing scenery surround


last few of the gorgeous.i petra peaks

and fast tracked down to the coast with

the cable car the coast football's

minibus and cable way similar for about

$7 each yusupov palace was built for the

Prince Felix Yusupov in 1909 he was a

Russian aristocrat Prince and count from

the Europe of dynasty one of the most

distinguished influential and rich

families in Russia he is best known for

participating in the assassination of

grigoris Putin and Marilyn Denis of tsar

nicholas ii in 1945 during the elta

conference Josef Stalin made the palace

by his residence to commemorate this

event three palm trees were planted by

participants of this conference by

roseville Churchill and Stalin the

palace eclectic architecture features

some fine examples of Renaissance and

romani rival style all the interior is

designed in the art noir style not so

much left in the interior of the palace

from the previous decoration it was

reconstructed for Stalin's needs during

his stay in the palace

the book covers an area 17 hectares one

seven and a half thousand species of

plants trees from hundred to five

hundred years old as well as 200 species

of shrubs


there are countless Fontaine's in small

pools all over the park with stages of

cordis mermaids and memes the park area

its inferences and niches are protected

by marble and terracotta lions which are

the hallmark of the yusupov palace and

they were brought from Venice if you

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