The Corn Palace


now in 1993 I received this postcard for

my cousin on her trip here to Mitchell

South Dakota this magnificent building

known as the Corn Palace

I've actually you've been fascinated I

had a book as a kid I can't remember the

name of the book I wish I could remember

that but it talked about the Corn Palace

and how they they cover the entire

building in corn every year create these

murals on the outside and I've wanted to

see it my whole life

and here in just a second we're gonna

see this corn palace hay wall

carpetbagger here coming to you live

from the South Dakota and more

specifically Mitchell South Dakota be

more specific than that I'm outside of

the Corn Palace now let's see how the

Corn Palace has changed since 1993

apparently quite a bit she does he is

almost like as he aspired almost like

the Kremlin or something and it looks

like they've been replaced with almost

like this modern of art like bulbs on

top and it's still an impressive sight

to see over the years I've heard so much

about the Corn Palace and what a

magnificent thing it is but I never even

really stopped to think what is it aside

that the Corn Palace

find out follow me

that mural there you look closely you

can see that it is made of corn -

there's green corn right there red corn

right there yellow corn right there even

the farmer is made of corn now appears

the official name that they like to use

is the world's only corn palace but it's

not the world's first corn palace

apparently 1900s small like farming

communities would I guess try to create

these as tourist attraction a catalyst

would be like a great palette whatever

it would just be a way to show the crops

a way to bring tourism and agro tourism

if you will and encourage people and

promote their local product I think as

far as I know this is the only vegetable

Palace still in existence this is pretty

cool you can actually see work of art in

progress if you zoom in close you can

see that this is actually it's also you

know check that out it's like a church

scene I think those are like lightning

bolts or corn

see some murals here in different states

of repair and disrepair looks like their

name they're building or taking this one

down and then this fly guess is it's not

long for this world I guess it's been

picked relatively clean I think we got

some sort of country music star maybe an

Elvis notice John Travolta I think I

don't know who that is we will see what

awaits us inside the bowels of the Corn

Palace hey that looks like a piece of


yeah I really like these corn that

Pilar's see unbeknownst to me all these

years the corn palace it's a basketball

court have a basketball court inside and

actually had the corn murals inside the

basketball court I wonder yeah be

careful the basketball hit some of these

corn where else feel like knocks the

corn loose during game that would be

okay terrible girl of some hunters there

you got brush more got some sort of monk

over there

sadly I'm just really not that versed on

South Dakota history I do love this

what is it about corn that makes people

want to play basketball my grandfather

my uncle were featured on C vs as a high

school basketball legends sorry guys my

favorite mural the snake eating duck

Steph in the balcony and smile you're on

corn cam corn cameras located there for

the brown building across the street all

right there it is right there the corn

cam hey corn cam hey

apparently I'm streaming live on the

Internet as I speak believe it or not

the corn cam it's actually quite

controversial as it was U is created

using a grant from the Department of

Homeland Security you know different

states were allocated money after 9/11

to protect their landmarks

apparently they got a chunk of money to

protect the corn palace from terrorists

that's not what's right king of corn

does reside here in the Corn Palace

a little tiny bit of taxidermy here at

the Corn Palace there you go leaving a

Pokemon at the corn palace here's the

mascot - the official mascot of the Corn

Palace Cornelius the piece of corn you

know Cornelius I really like your name I

like how it has the word corn in it this

is kind of the before and after of the

corn pictures kind of the outline where

the corn needs to go and that's the fish

product this is apparently for drinking

melted butter on the go I just wanted a

gift shop and the woman inside said that

they actually replace the old spires

replacement the new modern spires only

two years ago apparently they did some

major renovations back then some brand

new postcards of the corn palace and

it's the different years

unfortunately the 1907 corn palace was

the Nazi Corn Palace all right we'll

give him a break because that was before

nazis were invented it still kind of

shocking to see you old swastika on the

corn palace


I was a good experience to have a near

lifetime bucket list item crossed off

the Corn Palace very cool interesting

it's a basketball court inside that's

not what I ever thought I thought it

would I know it'll just be a palace but

in a way like this part of the country

it's kind of fitting it's a basketball

course because people that grow corn

people that eat corn basketball is in

their blood

anyways appreciate you guys watch and

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