How to Find Control Panel in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Features

welcome to tech brothers in this video

we're going to learn how to find control

panel in Windows 10 in this demo we'll

be looking at settings application

versus control panel setting application

has taken over most of the part as a

control panel of what used to be control

panel in other versions of Windows but

if you still wanted to use control panel

panel and you're used to using control

panel and you wanted to find it in

Windows 10 I'll show you that where to

find control panel and we'll be learning

how to use settings application if you

still wanted to continue using setting

application in Windows 10 so let's go in

my personal computer right here as you

can see this is Windows 10 and there are

multiple ways to fire up settings first

is if you click on start and you will

see Settings tab right here you can fire

up settings application from here or you

can if you take a look on your taskbar

and go to Action Center and there would

be all settings tab right here you can

use that as well so let's click on all

settings as you can see that it will

give you a look and feel of the old

control panel all the icons are same all

these modules can be accessed just plate

by clicking on them let's go in system

and if you wanted to go back you can

click on back arrow right here and you

can look at the detail of these modules

just like you used to look in control

panel so this is a how you would use

settings application in Windows 10 but

let's go ahead and it let's say that you

still decide you decided that you wanted

to use control panel because just

because you're so used to it you can go

ahead and ask a catana right here so you

can type control panel so it will bring

control panel desktop application right

here so you can go ahead and click on

control panel and there it is and it's

back it's still there in Windows 10 but

again if you wanted to use control panel

this is how you would get to it and you

can go ahead and change the category and

all these things that what you used to

look like in other versions of Windows

but this is not

you find the control panel and we went

through different settings setting app

can also be fired up using Start menu

and click settings and if you wanted to

take a look side by side it's not much

different really skilled en system this

will can contains system and the

security part in here right here update

and security and programs uninstall

something if you wanted to uninstall

something you can use settings app or

control panel but choices your I just

wanted to show you that where the

control panel is it's not gone it's

still there all you have to do is search

for it and Cortana will help you if you

can you can talk to her and tell her

that you wanted control panel

application and she will go and get it

for you and I hope this little demo