How To Connect a wireless Xbox One controller to your console

hi my name is Vince from my mate Vince

comm and today I'm going to show you how

to sync up an Xbox one controller I was

using this controller on my PC to play

Lego worlds and since then when I

brought it back to my Xbox one it no

longer syncs up so if I turn it on here

normally you would get a yeah number you

would get a steady steady steady light

but it's lost its sync so I'm going to

show you how to sync it up so where

there's three different ways of doing it

you can do it via a micro USB cable

which is one of these you probably have

one of these to charge up your phones

these micro USB xur are very popular

nowadays ok so that's just a USB to

micro USB or you can use your connects

or you can just use the Xbox now I

haven't got to connect so I'm just going

to show you using the Xbox one so

basically if you have a look down the

side here you will see a little button

here so you press this button down and

then within 20 seconds you need to just

turn itself off you need to press this

button here ok so press and hold this

button until it starts flashing like

that and now it's searching for a

console and there you go now it's synced

up so if we have a look here you can see

it's now moving around the place so

that's how you do it nice and easy ok

another even easier way really is just

to where plug in your USB so plug the

USB into this side here where you've got

two USBs at the back and then that's

just new sink ok and then plug your

micro USB and so here and again that

syncs it up

ok I hope you found it useful I'm about

to do a video now on how to use your

xbox one on a different TV so for

example if you've got your main Xbox one

in the main room and you want to put it

onto a second TV

you don't want to buy another Xbox one

you'll be able to use the existing Xbox

one using their HDMI leads and also USB

extenders so you can use your controller

in another room for example in your

bedroom in the back room or something

okay I hope you enjoyed the video thanks

very much bye now