Expedition DR Congo | Where Whites Can’t Date Africans

I'm in the DRC it is not easy to get here oh my gosh the roads are broken but

it's all about to be worth it the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DRC

so these are my taxi drivers all taking me the wrong place I refuse to go there

so I am now a rocky the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a different

world bad roads craziness corruption and

rampant racism I wanted to see the only wildlife sanctuary for bonobos the

closest related animal to humans it was only 18 miles away but took over two


this is in the capital city of the Congo you can just see the bad roads

it's hard to believe there are places in this world with no working roads

especially capital cities if you don't believe that a bonobo is the most

related animal to humans take some facts about them for example they're the only

ones besides humans that do tongue-kissing aka French kissing and to

quote Wikipedia they use sexual activity as a means of resolving conflicts

I guess humans really haven't evolved that much I met one DRC lady whose

parents won't allow her to become a doctor

because they thought she would never then marry

when I went on tinder to meet locals every single lady wanted to meet me at

my hotel room and refused to meet in the city or any other place which no other

place in the world was ever like that on one of my trips to the DRC I stayed with

a foreigner who had an extra dirtbike and we were able to drive dirt bikes

through the city taking dirt bikes was actually really fun through the capital

city due to the numerous dirt roads and off-roading we were able to do we talked

about dating in the DRC and I thought it must be really fun for him to be able to

pick up a lady on the dirt bike and drive her around the city he informed me

he couldn't do that because people would judge him if he was with a black girl

and so if he ever went to pick up a girl he was going on a date with he had to do

so in a jeep with tinted windows let that sink in good thing I have

incredibly high self-esteem and I don't care if other people would judge me

because I'm gonna live my life