The Colossus of Rhodes - 7 Wonders of the Ancient World - See U in History

the Colossus of Rhodes was a gargantuan

bronze statue built near the entrance of

the city of Rhodes the colossal statue

depicted the Titan Helios who is a Sun

deity of Greek mythology its

construction happened after a massive

military success the citizens of Rhodes

fought against the Macedonian domination

which had established an isolating

blockade around the island of Rhodes the

Macedonian invaders tried to siege and

subjugate the population of Rhodes to

conquer them the Macedonians invested a

fortune in siege equipment but to no


with the support provided by the Pharaoh

Ptolemy of Egypt Rhodes endured the

siege and expelled the Macedonians

during their retreat the invaders left a

fortune in more equipment than was

promptly sold by the Rhodes governments

and the money was used to build a

colossal statue of Helios the city's

patron God in 292 BC the Colossus his

construction began on top of a 15-meter

marble pedestal the statue had a stone

filled brass structure but its lining

was made of iron and bronze most of

these medals had once been weapons

shields and armor of the Macedonian army

after 12 years the statue was ready and

the colossus of rhodes about 30 meters

high stunned the sailors from distant

lands as they approached the port of

rhodes the precise location of the

statue and its stance are still a matter

of debate between experts yet regardless

of its stance and location the Colossus

of Rhodes was indeed an imposing

edification nonetheless the gigantic

statue collapsed after a powerful

earthquake in 226 BC

the ruins were so massive that people

visited roads just to see the Fallen

Colossus in 653 when the island of

Rhodes was under Arab domination the

Caliph ordered the dismantling of the

Colossus ruins and his medals were sold

after that the Colossus of Rhodes was

confined to people's imagination like

the Lighthouse of Alexandria there are

now plans to rebuild the splendid

Colossus in honor of the Sun God the new

Colossus is envisioned to measure

something between 120 and 150 meters of

height five times greater than the

original one and it will cost close to

300 million dollars the new Colossus is

expected to have the same impact as its

predecessor which could amaze all those

who saw it for the first time