Michigan vs #2 Vanderbilt | 2019 College World Series Championship Game |College Baseball Highlights

the voice of Perry Costello the home

plate umpire and the first pitch in

there for a strike from Mason Hickman

long the season McHale Thomas 370 and


that one in the left field that's going

to get down to it start for a cattle

Thomas that Michigan

this is 40 year run here in Omaha as

coach of the Seminoles now one is ripped

into right field it gets down Thomas to

third he will be there standing up

back-to-back kids for Michigan again

living with two out hits and two strike



traximus on the moon to put the brakes

on but three straight hits to start and

the Wolverines are up one than nothing


we see this home to be the outstanding

player for them if they win chases that

one and he's gone

based of hitman's come back and picked

up two strikeouts in a row chest is that

one not a bad job for Mason Tiffany

after he gave up three straight words in

the top of the first strike three at the

knees and Martin has to go back to the

dugout one miles now now that's ball

four to Ethan Paul he got the walk ran

away he goes throw from the knees

Bertram miss Donna base


got him swinging fourth strikeout of the

game for Hickman played live minute

Auburn won the outlet and Lombardi

Trophy this one is hammered to left by




we could see this coming yesterday

barold went on a lot and he's had some

really good at-bats a hanging slider

see this thing he sees it perfectly

right balance things right behind that

baseball no doubt about it as soon as he

did it seventh of the season for the

sophomore a Staten Island New York

blue rocker and that's about what you

get out of Tracy just sticks his paw up

there and sees chases a changeup then I

would doubt to see that fourth strike

Laden counts Oh to it he chased it top

and bounces back the back-to-back

strikeouts after the home run Kaufman is

inching away he got the last two pitches

Clark strikes and back to back to back

oh I have wheels in my chair and I just

move right here you're tethered you

can't go far be careful this place would

just become a wreck if you pulled back

real quickly that's on the corner and a


nice and hid coupon from right field in

this College World Series piece gone

CIRA Fort Mason Hickman locked in six

strikeouts the pitcher's duel Marik

Julia Infante is retired that's the

fourth one and two and that one is

pulled fair nice play over there by


when Nelson and Jimmy taking 10 steps

further back they saw the game plan that

we're not going to let JJ ledee and his

27 home runs beat us as wool up the

middle check the exit velocity I'm not

honest badeah pulls into second but

Ethan Paul hit that hard right by



therefore gender though takes a 2-1 lead


close was not pitched it was that one is

ripped out the melon food Deacon Paul

stores Philip Locke ray did Scott



Michigan warden


the meeting lasted DeMarco stuff was not


he knew he was gonna get a fastball

fastball was up

and it right where it came from at the

middle dragging into stack with another

big hit in this College World Series the

Everett's sandwiched around three watts


ray shallow and backing up but now

kidding underneath it is the shortstop

Jack Blomgren big mark go back I bet

they're decent next year again damn it

my goodness

better than turf there Sonny gray there

there Donny ever yeah has to be

impressive ten sixteen seventeen year

old runner goes bum grant steps this one

into center field it gets down that

nearly got fine

DeMarco Donovan right of the shortstop

to throw back to first safe not in time

heads up 3-1 runner goes that's outside

and they are loaded this went into left

and on a line it's caught by Stephen

Scott they will strand three Thomas

squared it up

Berdych ball pond Chris wall that's

another walk to lead it off then it

nation they're dry last time I

three to that mole was dropped boy that

one was fairly close to a cave in the

country and home runs this year one two

that's up the middle that's good for it

hit Duval being waved in by Corbin that

ball really slowed down wants to cut to

Franklin and JJ blade a delivers the

fifth one for Vanderbilt

we said hey even with runners just when

to left

Bullock in the Sun there to make the


tagging and scoring


there's Martin six-one Vanderbilt


this one shallow and that's going to get

down and again playing deepest Franklin

played a hell did third a lot of times

the thing for Michigan pitching tonight

five walks on the night for have scored

right-field Brewer just short of a track

he's there to make the play and then

before the Illinois final dit bat in the

stadium Chesney songs play they end up

rallying wing and a lot of them that the

message come from because back it just

said Tom Brady the goat another


he said Chesney Margaritaville like just

kind of chilling out all the above man

you just push go curl left field this

one's going deep Stephen Scott going

back right at the wall that makes the



Scott chases step to down two and two

tied to vol see you later good inning

for Chris walnuts in a cross or Lander a

spin rate guy have Mullin from me I tell

you this we it's it's pitch dependent

and so I mean you could be a sickie

offensive roles right that's when you

really have a chance to win a whole

thing strikeout of Infante wheels up on

in relief he's nearing the 50 pitch

count on the 2-2 called strike three

where they thought that was ball four

would have only been ball Houston Ohio

during the winter time one down as

Donovan strikes out that's speeding and

that's gonna be stopped over there at

third Nelson's long throw yet no chance

and they get a couple of guys backing up

are there different requirements on

these guys one thing we've seen change

the most

assistant college baseball in many ways

it's college sports and Generals coaches

that will adapt you can delegate but

you've got to make sure because these

guys are a little more prone to

activities that the major leaguers

wouldn't be here how would you compare

the two that ones in the left that's

going to get down

Marco steps on third he comes in to

score an RBI for Harrison Ray




and he found to be the most beneficial

it's all the other stuff that went with


strike three they're both these schools

providing us to get a bunch of real

mature players and as a result find

themselves leading seven a woman just

lady the second diving headfirst with a

double in a good way to show we're not

done yet


towards the seats good running catch

did it to get the uncle or not yes

he did on the transfer

combos on boys who stands first gone

that was an under to maker of swinging

rep let's go yesterday that ones in the

left field that's going to get down

that's going to bring in the second one

for Michigan there's nothing into second

base and a little life for the maize and

blue good to see from the see me right

there Blake Nelson good another


Norwich's God and Vandy he's three outs

away from the College World Series

championship at the bottom of the eighth

and the day walks

and this third time he's been on tonight

can tie a College World Series record

four games finished it would be his

fifth one if in fact he finishes this

one Ethan Paul gets a hit and they go

station the station this one into right

field that's going to get down in front

of Bru he slips fires it back in

the day touches home

in day out night time hey want to make

sure you know we're still interested in

you we're here in Omaha would you love

to be a part of this

demarco under it one down here in the


chases it strike three and then one out

press pause centerfield DeMarco


on top of the college baseball world





Don pile of Doras on the diamond here at

TD Ameritrade right in the middle of it

the freshman football rocker and all the

emotion and energy that went into this

thing for Tim Corden