Clemson vs. LSU: CFP National Championship | College Football Highlights

we are ready for the college football

playoff National Championship game

presented by AETN C in collision of

unbeaten LSU unbeaten Clemson put a

quarterback showcase cover Lawrence tall

and soften 2500 is a college starter Joe


the landslide winner of the Heisman

Trophy also perfect as a starter pup

said the defending champion seeking a

30th consecutive victory and LSU on home

soil opened a gap a perfect season empty

backfield five playmakers flanking


and he's going to scramble and stays


and Chuck's it downfield and it's cut

the 43 but a tight end fattiest mouse

that's part the Burrow Stephanie plays

but there is




dozen fans are laugh

from the end zone gets it out quickly


heavy traffic just to Jefferson is going


and scored opening drive touchdowns in

six consecutive games puffeth only once

this season that was against Auburn not

seen him

a quarterback spot yet

my actions Ipsen across catch man

vibrating Galilei and the Tigers

Thailand - will going

if father comes into the tack


the legal blindside block offense number


second down

Lawrence is still gotta tease

stand up touchdown and the Clemson

Tigers draw first blood in the Superdome

LSU loses their badge sit area that

they've really challenged Sutter

Lawrence is making the right green low

center of gravity a nice we're saying

he's very short yeah

but very effective Navarro

field for choice who's got touchdown

those offenses joined the party

Rogers mostly across Dixon is the back

and Lawrence's pusher takes the ball to

Dixon at the last minutes

dangerous play but it worked out caught

but three yards short of the marker at

the 35 beat see Potter try this from 52

which will be a career long is it from

51 twice LSU's field goal team ran on

very late that kick is away and it is

good from distance as the sophomore

delivers a new career lon

24 yard gain and a handoff the et and it

bounces it Scotty TM tight-roping

LSU territory Delpit finally forced him

out shows of yardage in de Dixon on in

Reverse it's Higgins learn shows apply

Pegasus up and running breaking tackles


touchdown Clemson stretches the lead Wow

36 yards the trickery is one gets so far

for negative one yard

jeomsun brings the pressure it's picked

up and now Burrell is launching downtown

and it's tasty gathers got the cats

turn around was beaten again he did save

the touchdown say if you're gonna

pressure Joker it's just gonna come down

did you get to or not because you're

gonna leave Jamar chase and Justin

Jefferson they're gonna continue to go

down field

Tigers have yet to convert on third down

tonight one of those big four-point

plays Baro within Iran escapes and

scores well they got the help they run

the play and that would set for sit out

of the flat stop and go lowers the

shoulder hammers down inside the 15

the Tigers offense is rolling there and

they share hard to get the ball quickly

everybody on the same page

burro from the pocket launches to the

endzone touchdown

chase and LFC who takes its first lead



burro takes all that gets any clearer

gets up there makes a cut and is not

deaf at the five

that's gutsy without a timeout but it

works if he's throwing us out in less

than 2.5 becomes pressure gets it out

quickly touchdown

daddy estas just standing still and LSU

stretches the lead before halftime

95-yard touchdown drive

Morris and they pick up the pressure

classes scramble free they grab

it'll be an LSU kind

he's going to be knocked down at the 30

and it'll move to 15 yards closer to the

goal line che son grabbed a mass chase


you'd see it again muscles touchdown


they slice into the lead a perfect start

for the second half for the Tigers only

one defensive lineman but skull ski

comes streaming through and I can chase

get there yes he can

sir except attack there's got a cowboy

down into the



and how he kind of dissed turns the

defender to the inside LSU was deadly in

the red zone three red zone trips to be

touchdowns in the first half wowed as

Jefferson pay the prices skal ski is lay

in the lumber tonight pick it there but

great focus and concentration by

Jefferson after review personal foul

targeting disbelief

Meadows flips and parser catch bait

is the end no signal touched


the answer

swings back to the

hesitating taking off

this flips it off in Jefferson in space

static inside the 30 sometimes it's just

not fair but he can make a play like

that of the road between 40 and 49 other

automatic who's just 5 for 9 from this


when this for a 13-point lead drives it

but it's going to slide


LSU cannot add to the lead he come up

empty it's a big stop work medicine

without skal ski on the field they fake

it to Umbro wanting to throw downfield

now just buying time still scampering

around and delivers her throat Amash to

the tight end makes another big play

inside the Clemson 40 Randy's kids

heaven tonight he surely you just can't

you can't hit you can't cover a guy that

long look how long he's keeping this

play alive

in second and nine

bringing it

burro's that time watching for the

endzone touchdown

Terrence Marshall

that was a crucial planet stretch the

lead you can see by the reaction dropped

a dime again he's gonna he's gonna find

that match up and hit mark so resident

many chances they've been going to Jamar

chase we just saw both saying that he

can come to that spot this time it's

Marshall it's six four he puts it up

adjust back to the ball

McKendrick just never had a chance on

the play now clemson goes with his 15

Lawrence has plenty of time and launches



touchdown a flag is down

will it come back for offensive pass

interference yes that's the signal

Benson it was just guilty of passing the

courts on the other side says I got



flushed again as room makes it cut page

the poster boy

LSU's get the football and they got one

hand on the trophy Darren Stingley jr.

continues a group

dump it knocks it down that's the risk

you take you know

Lawrence for competing can I take selfie

he sees things open up open up

competitor burrows going to go away and

he'll be tough to replace

his fourth down play burrow flips it in

the flat Edwardson arrows going to get

it and a lot more and they'll stay in

bounds again down inside the 15 and Joe


speak at the state of Louisiana coming

down here and racing this state and

these people spelling his name with an e

aux punch Senior Day Kirk he won't be

able to walk across the bio without

getting wet for the rest of his life

perfect season national championship as

they say in the bayou

there's an app on tumblr

let the good times roll

su sits on the throne at college



they knock out the defending champs then

I'll kitchen onslaught 620 in



it's my honor to present the national

championship trophy to coach ed oh sure

on and the LSU Tigers

what's up thank you so much for watching

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