Top 10 Coldest cities in The United States. It's not all Alaska


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I've got an idea why don't we say

goodbye to winter and celebrate spring

with a video about the coldest cities in

the United States every winter like some

sort of ritual all the news outlets will

update us on the coldest places around

the country like almost every single

night they follow up the report with

some kind of lame joke like the female

host will say you wouldn't catch me

outside without an electric jacket and

those kind of temperatures then the male

host says or a dead tauntaun to sleep in

and for those of you under the age of 30

that was a Star Wars reference ask your

parents there were some really great

space movies from the late 70s and early

80s and they made some more in the late

90s and early 2000s and it got a little

gross I'll never understand how someone

thought Jar Jar Binks was a good idea

anyway as you can imagine most of these

cities are going to be in the northern

section of the country you know where

it's cold yeah so that's what this kind

of gonna be focused on and for those of

you in Arizona and Louisiana that feels

some sort of slight don't worry my next

video will be about places you sweat a

lot so why don't you get in your Snuggie

and watch my top 10 coldest cities in

the United States

number 10 Norfolk Nebraska Norfolk has

just about 25,000 residents and it's

coldest month is January with an average

temperature of about 12 degrees

Fahrenheit in the winter of 1989 it

dropped to minus 30 degrees that was a

record for the state now the city

receives an annual snowfall of about 30

inches and that's why the city almost

floods every single year during the

spring so if you're moving to Norfolk

you're gonna need some snowshoes and a

canoe norfolk is also the boyhood home

of Johnny Carson the guy who did the

Tonight Show

again if you're under 30 ask your

parents about him at least it was his

home from age 8 until he graduated high

school and actually hitchhiked all the

way to Hollywood most people think you

need to be in the mountains for it to

get really really cold as this video

will show you the great plains of this

country get a little crisp number 9

Helena Montana now this one I can attest

to I was in Montana City which is just

outside of Helena back in February of

1989 and I can tell you I have never

felt that kind of cold my life it was

horrible they also had a train

derailment that week and people were

talking about going up to see it we went

up there for like two minutes

turn around came back it was that cold I

don't know if the cold had anything to

do with the derailment but kind of a

sight to see for about two minutes

anyway Helena is Montana State Capitol

with just under 30,000 residents these

residents experienced an average winter

temperature of 12 degrees Fahrenheit the

residents here have to deal with 45

inches of snow annually and on February

2nd 1996 they hit their record low - 39

degrees Fahrenheit that's crazy here's a

not so fun fact the city is currently

under a serious flood watch because of

all the melting snow from the winter no

but works out for him number 8

Burlington Vermont if you're sitting

around City Hall Park in Burlington

Vermont and you get a series hankering

for french fries with gravy good news

you can get to the Canadian border in

just about an hour that alone should

tell you how cold it can get in

Burlington I mean they call Canada the

great white north for a reason and it

has nothing to do with the demographics

of the country Burlington is a small

city of about 42 thousand residents that

endure an average temperature of about

11 degrees during the winter months the

city sees about 80 inches of snow

annually and that's a steady amount of

shoveling Burlington is also where

Bernie Sanders started his political

career he was the mayor of Burlington

from 1981 to 1989 now he's the state

senator number 7 Waterloo Iowa Waterloo

is home to about 70,000 residents that

are bored most of the time Iowa's a

notoriously boring state but if you

consider shoveling snow fun I have some

really good news for you this place will

be a lot of fun most the winner during

the coldest months residents are too

surprised when it gets to the average of

10 degrees Fahrenheit thankfully the

average snowfall here is only 35 inches

that's slightly higher than the average

for Midwestern states but it's

definitely not the worst in the country

what gets Waterloo on this list above

others is the windchill it gets bad here

in 2016 they had a really harsh winter

followed by serious flooding saw videos

of it it was rough number six La Crosse

Wisconsin lacrosse has a population of

about 50,000 residents and is located on

the east side the Mississippi River

right across the way is Minnesota

another call

place the city has an average

temperature of about nine degrees during

the coldest months that's single digits

a single-digit average that's the kind

of number that while you're experiencing

that type of cold you start questioning

your life choices you know you're

sitting there scraping ice off your

window and the cold thinking to yourself

the whole time did I steal the Pope's

funny hat in a past life or something

what did I do to deserve to be this cold

you're shaking trying to scrape that

stuff off the lowest temperature ever

recorded in La Crosse was January 1951

when the temperature reached minus 37

number five Marquette Michigan Marquette

is a small city of about 20,000

residents during the winter the average

temperatures dip down to about five

degrees with a record low temperature of

minus thirty six degrees Fahrenheit Wow

Marquette is one of the snowiest cities

in the country and it receives a hundred

and fifty inches annually that means if

you have a regulation basketball hoop

and backboard the whole thing in the

street in front of your house they get

enough snow to bury it up right they

also have a dogsled race every year what

I mean you gotta have some serious snow

if you haven't dogsled races right it

starts downtown Marquette and here's a

side note to that they have one of the

most beautiful Main streets in America

which is called Washington Street there

but it's lined with older

well-maintained buildings leading to the

lakes like a postcard number four

Aberdeen South Dakota Aberdeen has just

under 30,000 residents and is located

right between the Standing Rock

reservation and the Lake traverse


now if Standing Rock sounds familiar

they gain some exposure during the

pipeline protests of 2016 but being so

close to North Dakota Aberdeen gets very

cold the average temperature in the

winter is just one degree fahrenheit in

February of 1994 it got ugly

the city experienced the record low

temperature of minus 45 degrees

Fahrenheit minus 45 degrees hold on a


I have to make a personal note to myself

never go to Aberdeen South Dakota ever

number three Fargo North Dakota if you

ever saw the movie Fargo you already

know this place is insanely cold I

mentioned one of my videos recently that

I would be visiting Fargo in February

and a subscriber from Fargo told me not

to because I would see how cold it is

and never go back Fargo is the biggest

city in North Dakota just about a

hundred and twenty thousand residents

called Fargo home the average

temperature during the coldest months is

zero degrees and with the wind at 11

miles per hour

it seems more like minus 17 degrees

here's a not so fun fact due to a

massive amount of snowfall over the last

few weeks from a winter storm the city

is currently in a state of emergency

declared by Mayor Mahoney since the snow

is melting and the Red River is flooding

get your canoe ready everyone

number two Grand Forks North Dakota

staying in North Dakota we have the not

so warm city of Grand Forks the type of

place you don't need to go hunting

because you could walk around the woods

long enough and find some poor animal

that's frozen solid Grand Forks is the

third largest city in North Dakota with

over 57 thousand residents and it

borders Minnesota the city gets pretty

cold in the winter with the average

temperature in the coldest months being

minus 3 degrees Fahrenheit however since

the city can get pretty windy the

average wind being about 10 miles an


it can feel as coldest minus 20 degrees

Fahrenheit that's the type of weather

that makes you wish global warming was

true and stop typing we don't need to

hear your global warming is a hoax tough

NASA and Chevron have said it's real

NASA because they have to and Chevron

well because they have to they lost a

court case and had to admit their

findings and

number one Fairbanks Alaska it took a

while for Alaska to get on this list and

I honestly thought it would be all over

it but now at least it's number one

Fairbanks is located in eastern Alaska

right off the Tanana River the city's

home to about 32,000 residents and the

average load during the coldest months

of the year is minus 17 degrees

Fahrenheit and the city sees about 65

inches of snowfall every single year

that's the type of cold that hurts when

you pee yes that's a real thing by the

way Fairbanks is the coldest city in the

United States

hands down sure you can find some small

towns in the upper portion of Alaska

that might be a little bit colder but

Fairbanks is the coldest city in the

United States and it's pretty much one

of the most secluded cities I mean

there's a little small towns but it's

pretty much the farthest city away from

any other major cities in the United

States right out there in the middle of

nowhere here's a fun fact during the

winter months the Tanana River will

freeze and get up to 43 inches thick

that's a thick River and you know what

else is real in extreme cold your blood

vessels will narrow because of what's

called vast constriction when this

occurs your body is trying to redirect

blood flow to your essential organs to

heat your core and because blood flow to

your extremities is consequently

restricted your fingers shrink a bit

that is why nobody gives anyone the

finger in Fairbanks with that littles

finger it just doesn't seem as serious

there's other things that shrink to an

extreme cold but we won't get into that

this is a family channel

all right that's my top ten coldest

cities in the United States hope you

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