How To Hunt A Cold Front



last weekend we have a major event

happening in the whitetail woods called

cold front and if you followed my

ratings my books for the last many years

several years i strictly hunt cold

fronts now there's times I go in and

I'll look to harvest a doe even go with

the kids and try to harvest the DOE as

well then it really doesn't matter but

when I'm really getting into my serious

mature buck hunting I strictly rely on

the weather and the cold fronts to tell

me when to go take a seat even if you

look around this office like I don't

remember how many deer mounts are are in

here in antlers but all but two have

been shot specifically during a cold

front where I went into a stand

expecting the potential to harvest a

particular buck not just a buck but a

certain buck that we've been following

and and then go in and have some success

with that because of that cold front

Bucks already there but if you go in at

the wrong time you're probably not gonna

have that high-value set when that

weather actually changes so this weekend

we're gearing up we've been gearing up

for about seven to ten days and what I

mean by that is we've been taking trail

card inventory we've been lately hunting

with the boys on the outside so we can

change a card here and there when we're

hunting getting a feel for what box are

which area so we have three hunts just

three sits two evenings in one morning

that we're going in on specific bucks to

see if they're there see what they look

like in person see if we can even see

them but I guarantee if we hunted now

yesterday we'd have a very low chance if

we hunt four or five days from now very

low chance but this front is coming

through tonight tomorrow the

temperatures dropping thirteen to

fourteen degrees

we're gonna get our first frost

potentially of the year and for that

first 36 to 48 hours after the front

goes through when that barometric

pressure is rising and the conditions

are calming cooling and clearing out

then we're going to hit the woods hard

and we have some very serious sets

coming this weekend so I'm excited about

it and first we need to narrow down

which box were going after and we

obviously pulled some trail cards and

and I can't wait to get out there this

weekend so when I'm focusing in on a

cold front I'm looking for at least you

know right around at least a

double-digit drop in temperatures and if

you look on this right here this is a

great graph is from Weather Underground

this one I use often it you know shows

that temperature dropping and so I'm

looking at a daytime high of today of 73

and then if you look at tomorrow it's 56

it's we're 17 degree drop which is

significant I'm really excited about

that drop and in that drop you know when

that chance of thunderstorms there's

high winds coming through it's forecast

up to 30 miles an hour so there's a lot

of turbulence a lot of stress in the

woods and when you have stress you have

turbulence you have weather

dear me miss feedings they're feeding

five times in a 24-hour period

when they miss feedings they're hungry

when they're stressed it depletes energy

when there's colder temperatures it

depletes them energy so very important

that you recognize that major drop in

the more extreme the more windy the more

rainy snowy the more extreme the weather

then when it does finally clear and you

have that rising barometric pressure

then awesome opportunity to be in the

whitetail woods so if you and I we're

lost in the wilderness for a few days

and we survived someone rescues us we're

gonna be really hungry and so if you

look at that when the when the deer

stressed because of the high winds and

extreme weather when they're missing

feeding opportunities when the

temperatures dropping they're hungry so

they feed heavily in those first couple

of days and I say the first 36 to 48

hours after they're really on the move

and you can imagine when this gets into

the rut boy it really magnifies the

effects of the front coming through but

in this situation dropping from 73 to 56

awesome temperature drop you can see the

morning lows are going to be 50 to 38

and something to mention on this Friday

right here where it says the morning low

is going to be 38 that morning low is

actually Saturday

that means Thursday

where it says the low right here of 50

that's going to be Friday morning 38

it's gonna be Saturday that's just how

the weather forecasts work just trust me

on that one so you see this major drop

know when you get into Sunday so this is

dropping heavy Friday Saturday I would

say that Sunday mornings gonna be pretty

good maybe Sunday night by the time you

get into Monday even if the temperatures

stayed the same and cool it's just more

of the same

so you're really looking at change in

temperature change in wind speed change

in weather extremity looking for those

calming conditions it could be that the

winds are 45 and they dropped to 25

that's still great it's a 20 degree or

20 mile-per-hour drop it doesn't matter

if the temperature is dropped from 65 to

50 or 50 to 35 probably more of a value

of 50 to 35 but not much because it's

still a 15 degree temperature drop so

those are what I'm looking for and

that's what's happening this weekend and

I can guarantee you a 17 degree drop is

major we only get a few drops like this

the entire season on average you get a

cold front about every seven to 10 days

so try not to miss out on a cold front

the entire season and that's what we've

been gearing up for the last seven to

that ten days you can see these forecast

coming you can see the cold front coming

might be forecasted to be 10 degree drop

might be a 20 degree drop but you know

what's coming that's way the weather

patterns work at a pretty predictive on

that pretty you know if there are 10

days out there gonna be you know 70% 60%

accurate when you're three or four days

out they're gonna be very accurate so

that's what we're looking for

that's we've been planning for and we

have some bucks that we're going we're

going after specifically and we'll take

a look at those now now with this cold

front it's important that we're not

going after bucks that we expect to show

up here in the raw we're going after

blocks that are on the property right

now there are bucks that I expect to

show up in the next two to three weeks

during late October and there's there

are bucks that I expect to show in early

November during the peak of the rut but

right now it's early October and I don't

want to waste asset waste to stand waste

location going in on a buck that I think

might come in in four weeks or three

weeks so we have bucks right now that

we're going after on the one property

we named the one Hank and the other one

Diego they're both four to six year old


very impressive bucks Diego actions it's

the third year of pictures Hank we don't

have a lot of history with but he had

been on the property he was September

23rd shooting hours

so those are two bucks we're using dear

lab we're creating profiles of all our

bucks on deer lap and we're going after

these box we're using deer lab to

organize our box it shows us when

they're moving what days we were putting

pictures in there from years past to

there's several bucks that we have two

to four years worth of pictures of that

we're going after but at the same time

when those bucks moved in the past

whatever moon phase whatever temperature

whatever wind you throw all out the

window because those bucks are going to

be moving during this cold front period

that's when they move that cold front

will get them on their feet so a lot of

people get bogged down and you know what

moon phase is he moving moving on what

exact temperature was he moving on what

wind direction folks they're gonna move

when the temperatures right when that

cold front goes through they're going to

be on their feet after that front comes

through they need to feed they're gonna

be extremely active the entire deer

herds gonna be active gear social

creatures they're going to be moving and

this has worked for me since the early

90s this is something that I haven't

been doing just for two or three years

shot a couple bucks and say hey you

should do this this is something I've

been using for a very long time almost

three decades and it's not that I don't

believe the moon phase doesn't influence

deer it does pull moon phase I believe

it increases some afternoon or some late

morning feeding activities so if you're

on a balk and you're next to his bedding

area then there's a good chance you can

get on them if it's in a full moon phase

however if that deer is moving during a

good moon phase it's only because the

weather was good first and I've been

hunting this way for a long time I was

on the Michigan sportsmen forms for for

very long time since I think February

2002 it's a great hunting forum it's

still active

maika members between six and eight

years ago was quite a while ago quite a

few of the guys took some time off on I

believe was a Thursday was in October

and temperatures are supposed to be

around 80 25 Mon hour winds and it was a

great moon phase I urge people please

don't take that day off work don't waste

the time these are the guys that are

working 4050 hours they're not

self-employed like me they have to be a

really cheesy and how they take their

time off and they took that time off no

one shot a deer no one saw anything

there was nothing moving and it was

because the weather was very poor so if

you have a poor weather day it does not

matter how great the moon phase is the

deer it's there's gonna be a very low

chance of success if you have a great

weather day and a poor moon phase make

sure to hit the woods

don't ignore that great weather great

weather and the weather conditions

always Trump's anything else so they're

going to be moving of course you have to

have men around your property in the

first place which is why we're using

deer lab which is why we're creating

those profiles and which is why we're

going after box that we feel we have a

chance of right now on the two

properties that we hunt which is only

two or three bucks by the time that gets

into the end of October there'll be five

or six that we could potentially target

and during the rut who knows those

blocks might be on our property it might

be somewhere else but we're gonna have a

good chance that a random bucket that's

that time but when I'm hunting in

October I'm going into a stand with an

idea that I'm going after a specific

buck it should be rude moving at that

time during that cold front and we'll

see what happens you know it's it's

hunting I feel that you know this

weekend our odds are really good whether

it's that means it's a 20% chance or a

30% chance it's never 100 and so we're

gonna go in with the weather on our side

the conditions on our side and we'll see

what happens

that's better than going in yesterday or

waiting till Tuesday or Wednesday we're

probably have a two or three percent

chance maybe even just a 1% chance you

know it's about playing poker in the

deer woods and those odds are on our


we're definitely going in and hunting

were playing that whether hand that's

being dealt to us this weekend and we

can't wait so follow along that'll bring

out beyond our next show next week but

we can't wait we've done our homework

narrow it down to these box weave

non-invasively gone in and out of the

woods with the quiet cats have left any

scent did it very quickly and and we'll

see what happens I can't wait to bring

it to you