How Far Should My Eyes Be From The Monitor When Gaming?

hello and welcome to FBS coach my name

is ron rambo kim and in this video i'm

going to share some research to help

answer a question that I'm often asked

which is where should I position the

monitor when gaming when taking a look

at the professionals we see all kinds of

positions from close to far too high and

low with various angles and tilts in

these positions matter because they

determine how well we can visually

register information on our screens

before we start the video I want to

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so just a quick disclaimer before I

share their research in this video I'm

not claiming to be some kind of expert

in vision or eyesight the purpose of

this video is to simply share their

research that I found and the

information that I think you guys will

find helpful in interesting so from the

research there seems to be a wide

variance of percentages of people with

nearsightedness between 30 and 60% and

farsightedness between 10 and 60% one

source states that Americans have

increased in nearsightedness from 25%

1971 to over 40% present-day another

research found that in East China almost

90% of teenagers and young adults are


compared to 10 to 20 percent 60 years

ago they found that students who

attended more years in school and doing

homework had a higher rate of

nearsightedness than less academic peers

while the evidence shows that

nearsightedness is largely inherited

from genetics the development of vision

can also depend greatly on how a person

uses their eyes for example if a child

from a young age spends a lot of time

indoors reading books on their computer

and on the phone it's more likely that

they'll develop nearsightedness

then a child who spends a lot of time

outside as for farsightedness

it's also inherited from genetics but

it's also something that's commonly

developed as people that past the age of

50 and that's because the lens of the

eyes loses its elasticity and its

ability to change shape to focus on

objects nearby this is why it's common

for older people when they pick up to

read a book or a magazine to move it

varying distance to find the focus point

or they just end up getting reading

glasses so just a quick 101 about how

vision works is at anytime we're viewing

an object in the world there is light

bouncing off that object and through the

intricate layer of our eyes which are

responsible for focusing that light into

our retina which then sends this light

to our brain which creates the images we

see every day when you have normal

vision the lightened image is focused

directly on the retina while nearsighted

people's light is focused in front of

the retina and farsightedness with the

light focus behind the retina so

basically the sharpness of our vision is

determined by how well our eyes can

focus light and the reason why glasses

work because they refocus the light

better so now that we have a basic idea

of how vision works and how it can be

different for everyone let's talk about

the second major variable to consider

when choosing the monitor distance and

that's which type of game you play for

example real time strategy games like

Starcraft Warcraft and Age of Empires

require a vision to be more spread

across the screen as a whole

compared to FPS games where a vision is

more focused and narrowed on the

crosshair radar if you're interested in

hearing my thoughts about the mechanics

of using the eyes I made a video called

crosshair focus how to use the eyes

which I'll leave in the description box

and in this video I discuss how in FPS

games our eyes are constantly flicking

across the screen to check the radar

health points em'ly available and back

to the crosshair which requires our eyes

to focus in and out all over our screen

for me this refocusing on the edge of my

screen and looking back to the crosshair

is much easier and less strained Philon

my eyes when the monitor is further away

compared to if we were super close

however if my eyes are just a few inches

from the screen I can literally see the

pixel details which for some gamers

seems to help them line up their shots

in the crosshair

like a magnifying glass but at the

expense of missing information on other

areas of the

screen in addition of creating eye

strain when doing research for this

video I noticed that a leash from

teamliquid and 2019 s fourth-best to CS

go player had his monitor further away

than most I asked him if he was

farsighted and he told me that he

started this a few years ago when he

read that the most ergonomic monitor

distance was an arm's length away which

is reliable measurement he still uses

today all right so with all this being

said here's a process I'd recommend to

finding your monitor position the first

step is to position yourself in your

ready position where your body arms and

hands are set up to the mouse and

keyboard as if you were ready to go live

in a match some players may have a very

neutral setup which means their monitor

is straight in front of them while

others may have some rotation in their

body and chest which requires an angled

monitor position with this in mind load

your game of choice in warmup mode and

let's do some distance checking now

because we all have our differences

we're nearsightedness to farsightedness

to normal I think the easiest way to

experiment with your eyesight is to

simply move your eyes or the monitor

closer or farther away as you're

experimenting with different distances

try to find one that provides a clear

view of the crosshair and player models

in addition to a distance you can

quickly flick your eyes at the edges of

the screen and back to your crosshair I

mentioned earlier about the research on

elasticity so if you're older in age you

may need a further monitor distance

while younger and nearsighted gamers can

get away with the super-close monitor

position the goal is to find that

perfect field of vision or cone that

allows you to see all those pixel

details in your crosshair and the player

models as well as allowing you to see

all the information clearly on all edges

and size of the screen in terms of

monitor height choose a height that

doesn't compromise your neck and posture

for example your monitor is too high it

might induce an S posture while tuliver

monitor might induce a hunchback the

experts recommend a monitor height that

allows you to sit with good posture with

your eyes around the same level as the

top of your monitor

as for the tilt how much you can tilt

the monitor depends on the panel

technology in your monitor for example

although Tien monitor panels have the

fastest response time the colors look

terrible when tilted more than 10 or 50

degrees whereas IPS panels maintain

their colors when tilted but have slower

response time well that does it for the

video hopefully it was helpful in some

way there was give it a thumbs up and

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