A Homesteaders Shopping Paradise -Tractor Supply Company

hi everyone Rainey here with why am i

Green Comm

and today I'm going to be going into a

special store it's called tractor supply

company this kind of is the I guess you

could say the supply store for anyone in

the home studying or gardening type

industry they have virtually everything

so what I'm going to do is I'm going to

walk through here videotaping it with my

hat cam and the cool thing about the hat

cam is whatever I see you see so let's

go ahead and get started


starting out they have all kinds of

trailers as you can see here in the

parking lot

trail is pretty much for every size

everything you might want to deal with

down there it looks like you have


let's take a look at the fencing to

start with a lot of people like to use

this kind of fencing for their gardening

be able to fence up your tomatoes and

cucumbers and tall things

so these are 4x8 fencing here wow these

are big ones buh-bye what would that be

twelve probably

unfortunately there's no prices on it

we're still early this is April it's

actually April 18th I believe today

looks like they have parts for kennels

and everything line via garden there

pretty much anything you need from mulch

to peat moss

two cubic feet nine dollars you can see

so quite a bit of things topsoil Reds

raised bed soil I didn't know they had a

special kind of soil for raised beds so

pretty much any kind of soil you'd need

this all trees what do we have here

different kinds of flowering trees

Oh fruit trees



so quite a few different things here

look at some of the prices here

so $26 seems to be the going price

they've got plants out already

tomatoes patio kale lettuce all kinds of

things Oh

the peppers are Oh

I have to come back here to get some

later I have some peppers growing just

germinating now you haven't come up but

if they don't come up I know where to

get some small peppers for only 378 each

okay so let's go in the store

hi good

a lot of western clothing hats while

we're more here for the homestead he

thinks let's see what else they got

chicken wire fencing

looks like there might be sold out of

there birds

unless I did completely sold out of

herbs so I get pet food

now for gardening there's all kinds of

buckets for those big buckets you could

use for trees up there

I'm gonna it for us and so I like

to see all the different buckets they

got metal ones big plastic brute up

there a lot of feeders every kind of

animal feeder you can think of a hen

hydrator I haven't heard of that before

food for goats and livestock and

plastic sheathing chicken wire different


when it comes to fencing against but

every kind of fence post you need

well so this is boating supplies Oh PVC

I don't see whether they have the PVC

piping itself the long pipe but they

have plenty of fittings that's good to

know if I can't find what I need I was

looking for one of these the other day

just to open and close


they probably have that you tell them

what you need and they probably get it

pull you off pack or something don't see

what they have a lot of room for storage

in here for the long pipe pumps

close up more for the big sub pumps


all kinds of

law and statues and ornaments and things

Oh pudding Stan look at that

a washtub that's kind of neat

that's an interesting planter



organic a lot of organic seeds that's


those are all organic seeds

all the small trees

twelves all the trees

cherries Apple

here plum and peach

more seeds


tools on the other end something here I

found interesting last time should have

been fine to begin for you there it is a


interesting little tool

so if you don't want to make your own

compost is you can come here and get one

I know when I was here a few weeks ago

they had a couple choices they had one

it was a dual composter so split in half

oh here it is choose to to up there dual

tumbler produces compost in two weeks

compost tea collecting based no assembly

required wow this is pretty cool

and that's pretty much it hope you

enjoyed it

thanks for watching and remember you're

not growing you're not green I like