Sprint Has Finally Shut Down// Stores and Website

hey guys i'm going back to another queen

form video in today's video i think it's

some important information that i need

to share with you and these guys always

do a really good job that's why i

share their content and bring it to you

guys and give you my opinion on it

um so yes guys it finally has come i

know i've been making these videos for a

long time where i've been telling you

that sprint is shutting down they've

been bought out

but it's official guys sprint will be no


pretty pretty soon um

if not already um because

you know i'm gonna read it to you guys

but now if you switch

i mean if you research or you look up a

sprint it will take you to the

you know t-mobile website so let's go

ahead and well let's read it and then

we'll try it out but

this is brought to you by it says sprint now

part of t-mobile

so sprint the sprint brand itself has

came to an

end and even here in my hometown where

the sprint store used to be it's now a

t-mobile store so

all the sprint stores are turning uh

magenta or basically turned into a

t-mobile store so it says

after its merger announced on april 1st

like i said these news have been going

on for a long time guys

and finally i think it's finally coming

to a close it says t-mobile has finally

put an end to the sprint brand

prior to the merger the two brands have

always been separate entities to offer

separate or competitive services and

this is true because a lot of people

before the whole merger

before timo william bought spring out

were very worried

that you know because they've always

been competitive

to each other you can get better rates

on one or the other

but now that you know basically their

competitor their biggest competitor i

would say

with you know uh within each other

has finally been bought out by the


um a lot of people are scared that well

you know they're not going to really


anything because you know i would say

verizon and

18t they're both top dogs and then it

was sprint and t-mobile

which were on the bottom fighting for

you know the cheaper price points

so they were good in big uh cities but

you know rural

rural communities it was kind of hard

for timbal or sprint and

hopefully that will be even better but

it says

uh for a while after its merger uh last

april it looked like the two brands were

still working individually

which is true i mean once t-mobile

officially bought

um you know sprint you could still see

sprint stores they were still having


kind of like you know nothing ever

happened it was just spring was starting

to use t-mobile's network

but now um that has basically ended


sprints uh with sprint shutting down

so you know you could also think about

all the employees

um hopefully you know they'll keep their

job and just you know get training on

t-mobile because i'm pretty sure

t-mobile's in sprint's

um you know system and everything is a

lot different so

from what i read you know they were kind

of letting go a lot of sprint employees

and then they could apply for the

t-mobile position

so it says according to t-mobile's evp

of consumer market joe freyr whatever

share to the post

uh momentum uh monumental day in

t-mobile's history has arrived

in reference to the iconic yellow lights

turned off

one last time so everybody knows sprint

is yellow and t-mobile is

pink or magenta whatever um everybody

calls it pink honestly

the executive also shared that this move

makes way way for one powerful united

brand which is which is kind of true


being separated i think they were kind

of weaker but now that they're merging

which is the whole point it's going to

give you it's

supposed to give you better coverage

faster speeds and all that because

everybody knows

sprint might have better coverage in

some areas than t-mobile

but the upload and the download speeds

were way

way way slower and t-mobile's uploading

down speeds were like

light years ahead of them you know um

so uh basically this says this is a

reference to the number of sprint stores

that were rebranded and given a fresh

magenta paint

that is iconic to the t-mobile brand so

like i said a lot of

likes especially here in my town a lot

of the the main

corporate sprint store which was the

corporate store

now it's a t-mobile store which like i


does make a difference as spring

customers can walk into the newly

rebranded store to make changes to their

account pay for their existing service

or just pretty much

anything they would typically do at a

sprint store so

especially saying that you know if you

have sprint you can still go into the

t-mobile store and pay your bill and


which you know they probably had to

merge their systems to get payments for

sprint as well

then here you can watch that but it's

basically just saying that it's

t-mobile's not unstoppable it's a big

thing you know

um and it only happened within 123 days

since the spring t-mobile merger

happened so

and then this is the one thing we're

going to test out it says in line with

today's news sprint's website's no


online so that's a big telltale guys

that sprint is basically dead now

um their websites i mean their website

you could order phones

check your account it's no longer

available it says when you head over to

their website you will be redirected

to the t-mobile site if you have an

account and you're trying to access it

um you can head over to do

that so basically like i said there

that's pretty cool that they're trying

to migrate all the sprint customers to

the new t-mobile

website and the stores because you know

that's going to give you kind of mindset

that hey

it's going to be t-mobile now so let's

go ahead and try it and see what happens


all right guys so let's go ahead and see


there we go so i put and i

said forward

and sure enough it forwarded me to the


website so um so there you go sprint has

joined t-mobile we're so glad you're

here if you're a sprint customer tab

continue to access your account and

more wow so i'm pretty sure their main

goal is going to be

to make you want to merge over or switch

over to the t-mobile

you know full network and everything but

it's cool that if you have a sprint

account you can still pay your bill you

can still check your account

which is nice they just didn't you know

give sprint customers the boot or

anything which is pretty great

but overall it's pretty cool what do you

guys think about this i think you know


honestly spring was kind of dying um

and like i said uh sprint did sell boost


you know off to dish network and that's

a whole nother story they're working on

but with the whole springtime

merger i do like that you know they are

kind of working together

to give customers a better service and

better experience and everything in

plans even so

it's pretty cool but let me know in

comments below what you guys think and


yeah let's keep researching more on this

because it's fun why not another cool


uh that i must say before i end this

video is

um if you're a current sprint customer

or would you be thinking about maybe


your full service over to t-mobile or

you just got to kind of ride the wave

and just

you know keep sprint and let it kind of

just start using the t-mobile network

are you going to port out maybe to you

know someone else like cricket

or metro i don't know pcs or you know


usl or verizon 18t or you're going to

stick with

your current carrier let me know if you

have sprint if how that's going if

you don't have side affected your

coverage or anything like that

i've had some complaints where some

people have said that you know they get

worse coverage now with the whole


network than they did with sprint so

that's kind of interesting to kind of


that you know people some people are

having issues and some people are

saying that it's gotten better so let me

know in the comments below

what you guys currently have and if you

have sprint let me know how the whole

merge is going through and if you've

experienced any kind of drop calls or

anything so yeah