hey guys we're back at a spirit

halloween right now guys and it's a

different one and look

they already have new animatronics man i

think this might be the scariest one yet

yeah so far as we're walking around when

we got inside here we're like this one


really creepy you want to try this one

out so you got to press the button and

then like

it goes on look it's on you see what i

mean this one is creepy

what is he going to do what is he going

to do

oh my god

oh you know what i know what this one


yeah it's like fog

yeah when she comes out like fog happens

oh my gosh she looks so creepy

i think it's over here somewhere let me

show you guys okay so this

is the box that the animatronic comes in

and look at this as you can see

in the picture of the box fog comes out

of his mouth so

fog there's no fog in like the tester

pond is creepy though

that is really creepy actually taking

her soul

yeah i mean look at that i think that's

probably one of the best animatronics

i've seen so far

yeah this spirit halloween is awesome

they have a lot more animatronics and a

lot more things we could see so let's go

around and see what else we can see

also if you guys like these spirit

halloween videos

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and we go to other places too like party

city and what other uh halloween city

halloween city but a lot of

other halloween stores so yeah let's

look around and see what else is new

right here but

like we said guys make sure to like the

video it does help out on youtube let's

go look for more animatronics oh yeah

let's go

all right so this is the next

animatronic that i see next to that

creepy soul sucking one look at this

it's like a zombie grandma this one's

pretty cool

yeah i know some people that look like

that yeah this was actually pretty cool


i could definitely see this in front of

your house it's a little bit realistic

yeah yeah it's so weird how different on

spirit halloween's like they have like

their whole different setup like this


they have like a whole little maze i

don't know it's so fun and look at this

we haven't really explored

any of these sections as well like look

at this giant all the skeletons pose and

stay skeletons i want a skeleton


yeah these are cool how much do you

think i guarantee like a hundred bucks

right there

i bet a hundred bucks oh close 89.99


would you guys pay 89.99

i'll probably stick with this one i'm

pretty sure this one's more cheaper yeah

okay how much do you think that one

let's see uh 22. you see what i mean

yeah but if you're yeah but if you're

gonna decorate your house you get like

two or three of these for the price of

one you know what i mean definitely true

yeah and it's weird right now too

because they look like they have like a

little like a maze look alike you know

what i mean

but it's like right now in this era um

nowhere like in the united states but

i'm pretty sure only in california maybe

there's no like haunted houses because

of a kobe 19 you know what i mean

let us know wherever you live is their

haunted houses i don't know but

california there's nothing

no so we so halloween is kind of

cancelled but

this is the next best thing going to

spirit halloweens yeah

yeah let's see what else is there come

on okay guys i really want to go

in depth on the mask section today

once again guys if you are going to

spirit halloween or any kind of

halloween star during these times would


um you can't try on the mask because but

i'm pretty sure people have tried the

masking tape

i saw someone wearing a mask trying it

on it's a little unsupervised

but you're not supposed to wear the mask

right now it's kind of like i don't know

if you do buy a mask try to sanitize it

maybe with some lysol

definitely wipe it down but um because

people are just trying it on still you

know what i mean

but guys what a lot of people don't

realize is that all

max masks are made out of different

materials so some of them are like

latex and they like stick to your face

okay which was the best one so far i was

like well i try to find the most

seriousness if you find a scary one up

on a scary one

okay okay let's see all right so what'd

you pick edward i don't know why this

one got my attention

really oh my god that is pretty creepy

this one is kind of creepy what do you

guys think

of them it's called infected man

infected metal it's probably like a

zombie then yeah what you got

look this is what i got this is the

texas chainsaw massacre

uh you're going basic huh no it's not

basic because look

look at it it's just so realistic that

one is kind of realistic like if you're

actually getting at the face huh yeah

yeah people's skin you know

yeah that one is a lot of creepy masks

here man

so if you want to like just like

customize your costume then you could do

that yeah like let's

feel this material here i really wonder

if halloween real skin

i wonder if like halloween is really

cancer where no one's really gonna dress

up because you really can't go out and

go trick or treat

so why dress up but i'm pretty sure

everyone's gonna break the rules which

we don't advise you to

yeah um maybe if you do it like in a

safe practice

but um like two of your closest friends

yeah at home and just like hide candy at

home in the backyard

yes that's what you gotta do that'd be

cool anyways guys let's go find the

other section of the spirit halloween

come on let's go

oh my gosh guys we totally missed this

one it's hidden i didn't even see this

one oh because the ac

unit yeah it's kind of it's kind of hot

in here guys

i don't know why because this one is

like an abandoned sears i believe

yeah this used to be a sears and now

it's abandoned yes they had to take out

all the ac

yeah so this ac unit because there's no

ac in here

it's kind of stuffy in here but uh to

test them out you have to like

move this kind of try it out what does

he do

oh oh my god

that's kind of what is it called sewer


130 we got like into some toxic waste or


yeah i know to be honest with the price

though i feel like there's cooler ones

but still not bad yeah i wonder if

there's any more animatronics that we

haven't seen yet let's go check

so i don't know if there's any more new

animatronics we haven't seen any so far

so i'm going to show you some new

products that i'm seeing look at this

really cool beetlejuice statue yeah this

one we didn't see last time this was

so much just oh that's not just a statue

though oh he does something

oh it lights up oh that's cool that is

really really cool look this is like the

little fake grass that he uh

lives on here's a little history behind

beetlejuice guys

at first the name was called beetle


yeah well it's spelled like that but

they still say it like noodle juice

oh yeah but everyone was calling it

beetle geiss right and then they just

ended up like

they just ended up yeah i ended up just

like changing it

to wait no wasn't it yeah they changed

the spelling

for only the cover of the movie to

middle juice but

in the movie it's still they spell it

like that really

yeah but what do you mean like on his

video oh yeah yeah there you go wait


yeah that's true because it literally

says it says right here beetlejuice yeah

and then beetlejuice and everyone

thought it was called beetle guys so

that's what i meant yeah that's what i

meant they spell it like that yeah in

the movie they spell it like this

so like get your movie ticket and stuff

they would smell like beetlejuice

because everybody was so confused

yeah there you go i was so confused

right now it's a really cool story

yeah look over here there's brand new

items too with jack and sally's freaking

cute dude

it's so cool it has jack in the middle

so like the more you drink it like the

liquid goes down and it shows him more

kind of like in the beginning of the

movie so that's really cool

it's a neat cup and then we got this

little doodad over here i think it's

just a little paperweight

really cute though this is meant to be

this is new as well

ceramic treat dish so this is like if

you want to lay out

some candies or cookies you know for

halloween a little halloween celebration

also this as well i haven't seen this

before this is what is this

it's i just know it changes colors and

it says it's perfect for any room

oh it's a mood light i guess it's a

little lighter look at this snow globe

have you seen this one yet

oh no i haven't seen that look at that

it's sally

oh my god that's so cool snow globe yeah

i haven't seen them have any snow globes

how much is this

seven bucks that's not bad not bad not

bad it's pretty cool

they have a little clock you've seen

this yeah i don't think you've seen that

either there's a lot of jack and selling

things right

now so like the merch really does change

depending on the spirit halloween

yeah monopoly operation i saw operation

but i haven't seen monopoly yet

oh that's cool look at that guys okay

how much do you think that is how much

are they

40 40 well board games are pretty

expensive it's a pretty cool one

over here guys you can actually see that


was once a sears so this is an abandoned

sears okay this is like

what's left of it behind this wall


yeah it is what's back there

look you could tell by the floor look

show them

that's so creepy they have all the

product right there

that is cool that's crazy i'm telling

this place it's creepy man

yeah it's weird to be in some place that

was abandoned you know what i mean like

i think they all just packed up and left


what look at this guys i think we missed

another animatronic

oh my god i don't think this one does

anything though what are you sure

oh no wait she's like made out of metal

she is

she has to do something look her teddy

bear is missing she does do something

you know what i think like

fog comes out of her mouth too maybe

it's like battery powered or something

what does it say let's see right there

rest in peace 1864

eternal life for these though for thee


join us in death wow that is so creepy

yeah but it's not plugged in i can see

it right here

oh actually it comes off look at that oh

oh she goes on oh

oh my god um edward

okay cool uh let's just return like you

didn't do that

okay i'm walking away now i'm walking

away over here we have some more props

like this is a poseable dummy problem so

i'm assuming you could just like do

whatever you want with this it's kind of

like a diy you could like make him into

a zombie

a goblin you could lay him out like he's

a dead body or something

pretty cool and then we got scary flying


a swinging skeleton boy he looks pretty

cool he's like a little

baby sized uh little animatronic and

creepy crimson girl on swing

nice big spider i see cats like this all

the time and i think they're really cute

honestly blackheads aren't scary guys

look at this

big boy no i feel like he's

looking at me through all six of his

eyes pretty big

oh my god he's huge he's hairy

he's really hairy oh does he oh it's off

apparently he plugs in maybe his eyes

like glowing

like that yeah he's creepy yeah he is

kind of

harry potter huh yeah over here we got

this really cool

clown slash scarecrow section and a

zombies here too this one is really like

imagine if you saw that from far away

wouldn't you

i was really scared what is that

handing up like that yeah that is so

crazy like a zombie with rope right now

yeah that is really creepy there's a lot

of creepy stuff right here

look at these clowns too comment down

below if you're scared of clowns and

they got this double-sided head over

here double-excited

one looks happy and the other looks kind

of happy sneaky he looks very sneaky

they're best friends

the best friends okay guys

and lastly i want to really show you

this little

cool maze that they have out here yeah

look at this it's called reaper island

let's go through it

they have like flames shooting out scary

it is

really scary but it's mostly the same

thing from like the other videos

so there's not really much new stuff i

feel like you know every spirit

halloween just has like a um

a map planned out of what we're gonna

have and this is the same

setup from the other they have a little

variety though so it is

it's pretty cool um honestly i forgot

what this guy does can you click on him

you know what i think he was working

last time oh really

he just jumps up oh my gosh well that

could really surprise somebody honestly

yeah pretty much it's all the same

animatronic from the last time but it's

a little darker here so it's a little

better though

yeah it is but it does this one has a

way better vibe from the last two spirit

halloween stores

definitely everyone's friendly there's

some different items here

and there's a lot of space yeah it's

really big yeah

okay guys and that was the cool

adventure for this spirit halloween man

because we went inside here before we

filmed and we're like we have to show

you guys

this spirit halloween this one was like

the most creepiest and coolest one so

far man

generally lit and it's big and also it's

in an abandoned

sears sear huge man it's like right next

to knott's berry farm

so if you come to this plaza you will

find it um but yeah this one's so far

been the coolest one but the only thing

the downside is that it's really hot in


it is and i get the feeling it's because

it used to be that sears and they just


everything out and left yeah and it was

kind of yeah it's weird but

it didn't give that vibe though man but

yeah this one's pretty cool man i like

this one

yeah so yeah so once again guys if you

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the spirit halloweens are kind of

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i just know like spirit halloween's had

like more variety and more animatronics

and stuff like that right but yeah

we could go explore maybe halloween city

has really good animatronics let us know

down below

our other spirit halloween probably have

different things we haven't we only

explored three of them so far yeah

maybe if you get out of this county and

you go to like los angeles or something

probably way better yeah so once again

guys make sure to like this video if

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nicole you want to say goodbye and thank

you guys so much man

yeah thank you guys so much for watching

and i will see you guys

very soon bye


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