USPS wants to close downtown post office

your local post office could be moving

as the US Postal Service continues a

national reevaluation of its facilities

that post office in question is the

ellicott station on the 700 block of

washington street in Buffalo if the

proposal is approved the post office

would be moved to another location that

has yet to be determined the postal

service is now presenting its proposal

to the Common Council take a look at

these numbers in 2005 the Ellicott post

office handled around 96 billion pieces

of first-class mail that number was down

to 63 billion in 2014 postive postal

officials say they just don't need all

that room anymore here is 7 Eyewitness

News reporter Jill Perkins to break it

all down for us yeah well thanks to the

Internet the Postal Service says the

volume of first-class letter mail is

declining and when it comes to the plan

for the ellicott station well it's about

right sizing the operation there the

post office is located in the 700 block

of washington street it's about 10,000

square feet and it used to house mail

carriers but those jobs were recently

consolidated with another local excuse

me downtown location officials say the

facility is just bigger than they need

right now and today they brought their

proposal before the Buffalo Common

Council the strategy at the moment is to

sell the ellicott station post office

and then replace it with a leased

smaller downsize right size retail on

the facility and we're told that

facility will still be downtown and no

jobs are on the line people now have 30

days to make any comments or express

concerns and when it comes to

distribution sites like the one we have

on William Street here in Buffalo well

it was back in 2011 when the Postal

Service was looking to consolidate

several of them but nationally those

plans were suspended Jill Perkins 7

Eyewitness News