the boys are back in town the boys are

back in town well at least that's what

they say anyways on the commercial

anywho we're getting ready to go into

pep boys for a walk around see what kind

of tools they have in there and what

kind of killer deals we can expect

spoiler alert I have never been so

disappointed in any store that I've been

to so far this week then I have Pep Boys

o-m-g I've never been into Pep Boys I

had no idea what to expect this is kind

of my post-mortem if you will I

literally walked out with three things

none of which cost me over two bucks a

[ __ ] piece I bought three goddamn

magnets I spent six bucks and got the

hell out of there oh my god talk about

the cheapest most poorest made material

you've ever seen the worst overpriced

made in China made it what's worse than

China I don't even know but they were so

[ __ ] bad

they made Harbor Freight look like

[ __ ] snap-on this place

absolutely [ __ ] blows donkey dick

there's no [ __ ] way in hell on this

God's green earth would I ever ever ever

buy any [ __ ] thing

from pet boys but all right that was a

spoiler alert let's go for a [ __ ]

walk and I'll show you what I'm talking

about let's go all right starting off

with the Kawasaki heat gun okay 10 15

bucks stuff like that I don't know at

least I said Kawasaki on it look at this

cheap ass [ __ ] here's something from

Goodyear or something else made by

gearhead it just looks like garbage

I mean Black & Decker looks

better than this alright let's go over

here let's take a look at their ratchets

at least they offer you a comfort grip

I guess that's nice not fifteen to

twenty dollars nice but whatever here's

their gearhead pliers

Genki things that they are think they

wanted to sell these for like I don't

know eight to fifteen bucks apiece that

looked okay but not for the price they

wanted love the knurl II hate the price


eighteen dollars so here's a ratchet

that I just picked up for less than

seven bucks from O'Reilly for eighteen

dollars from this place my god here's

another little ratchet they had here and

I'm like alright well square handle

tougher grip not for fourteen bucks

who dropped it alright coming over here

checking out their extensions and

adapters oh my god Lewis you don't even

get a full set you're lucky if you get

four or five pieces yours are individual

sockets they're individual extensions

you're paying anywhere between ten and

twenty bucks apiece

look at this extendable ratchet thirty

freakin dollars forget it

coming down here looking at our mechanic

sets whether joke they're just a joke

look back over here boo this not even a

full set just shallow is not even a full

style of [ __ ] thirty eight bucks

ten fifteen bucks apiece for each wrench

and they all looked poorly made I'm

trying to be optimistic this is just not

happening alright here's some nut drive

some Torx drivers some screwdrivers six

bucks a piece not even for a set piece

here's a full set performance tool sure

that was outrageous you have thirty

dollars double the cost of O'Reilly

here's the mechanics tool seller this

cheap [ __ ] so you get some shallows you

get some cheap ass made pliers a couple

of cheap wrenches that I've ever seen

that's it that's all you get look at the

channel lock set even these look like

crap and I thought channel lock was

supposed to be pretty good this looked

like crap Harbor Freight starting to


about now I don't even know why the hell

I'm in this damn store alright so

looking at some of the sockets yeah yeah

overpriced again

let's wrench that thirty bucks that's

the cheapest poorly made wrench as I've

ever seen

locking clamps and just pliers in this

plier set twenty six bucks for three

pieces yeah right

seventeen bucks for a five piece set

where do you get your numbers from

here's a chair fifty bucks

okay the one I'm sitting in cost fifty

bucks - same thing not winning me over

there specialty tools here's a vacuum

thing forty bucks yeah I don't think I'd

spend that for that it's OEM tools they

do offer some Lyle at least at least

they're offering some Lyle but the

prices just seem increasingly more

expensive than anywhere else I've seen

so far three jaw pullers they come in

handy but I don't know again you got the

play at the price made by OEM not sure

what the quality is like on those I have

different ones

I just I'm trying to find something

something worthwhile and Sherin okay

forty-two bucks for this compression

host style thing maybe maybe I don't

know that still seems a little

outrageous that's almost Cornwall prices

there okay I did buy this but not for

$11 think I spent eight bucks at

autozone here's another thing okay

eleven bucks for these spark plug wire

pullers I have a set of those I'm not

sure how much you paid for them I guess

that's probably a fair price for those

how they got tests lights of wire

strippers okay we're pretty fair on the

test lights so that's nice I guess

this comes in handy I'm not sure if it

was twenty-two bucks to that bad but

that comes in handy when you're

soldering wires down here got some

scrapers punch of chisel set thirty-two

box come on man come on there's a

grabber tool 13 bucks Jesus Christ

that's five dollars more than I've seen

okay they do have the actual scan tools

pocket readers I haven't seen these in a

while autozone stop carrying them

I guess they still carry the act ron's

if you're hip to that kind of thing go

for it 20 bucks for a test light I don't

care for this one I like the OTC branded

one even the craftsman ones for the same

price I like them better because they

have an alligator clip borescope hundred

bucks that's okay that's a fair price I

guess tightening lights yeah we're

pretty competitive in that one

compression fuel okay super clean and

power clean nothing had the price let's

forget about the price for a man but

this chemical stuff is good degrease

this is good [ __ ] I'll actually like the

super clean and perfect our hardware you

can never not have enough hardware

laying around the house you absolutely

need it

it's just that stuff that's just comes

in handy Oh rings Oh rings are the same

thing this kind of stuff comes in handy

as a mechanic and a DIY er you're gonna

want these laying around the house for

seals and everything else they did have

some interior trim tool stuff some for

Ford some for Chrysler you're when you

lose one or one breaks you're gonna want

one on the fly so ignoring price for a

minute just saying that they did have a

nice assortment of this kind of stuff

and it was separated by manufacturer did

make it likable I liked it because of

that all right they also had hardware I

love the color code schemes here where

they can break things down they put it

big embossed letters for you to see what

you're looking for but they absolutely

had a very minimal measuring device here

that you can use but they absolutely

just had so much high prices it just

made it hard for me to really look at

this stuff to know for sure if it was

even worth buying I vaguely looked at

the price of this stuff now I did walk

away with a few magnets that I'll show

you guys here towards the end these are

the only thing in the entire store that

caught my eye

that's only thing that I saw in the

store that I liked was the magnets

that's pretty goddamn sad alright coming

back over here they did have some

Edelbrock's so at least if your

performance guy or doing a muscle-car

build at least they had Edelbrock they

offered Edelbrock they had a lot of

things for Edelbrock

on the shelf they did have some mr.

gasket stuff they did have some Holly

stuff they did have was it Magnaflow

they did have a Flowmaster and they also

had thrush thrush was something else

that I hadn't seen in a while so I was

glad to see that that was still on the

shelf going over to their air tools

which I haven't really seen hardly any

air tools yet all cordless really let's

see what they got for air tools all

right kind of skimpy here all made by

Goodyear all overpriced pieces of god

dang China garbage [ __ ] Harbor

Freight is half the cost of this [ __ ]

looks the exact same and it's not even

the good Harbor Freight stuff it's the

poor Harbor Freight stuff the worst of

the worst look at this [ __ ] why would

you waste your money on this crap

alright guys so yeah you want to see the

magnets like I did pick up the Dinoco

blue I thought that was pretty cool

two bucks 250 something like that I did

pick up the genuine Chevrolet service

magnet as well as the Mopar service and

accessories magnet I spent all of six

dollars so outside of their cool magnets

for your toolbox at least they offered

the military discount that's all I got

for this video guys look as you if it's

a last resort and you absolutely have to

go to Pep Boys I mean [ __ ] it's a last

resort but [ __ ] man

if that's the only store that I had in

my neck of the woods and I could wait

two days I would buy everything off of

Amazon because [ __ ] that store that's

all I got for this video thanks as

always for watching we'll see you guys

next time